“How are you going to last here if you don’t even know that?” [Humor]

well played

Well played sir, well played. Two things will happen after this, he either gets a raise or is fired due to insecurity.

[via Reddit]

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  • jayesstee

    In years gone by, the central processing unit was a whole cabinet of electronics just for processing. The memory, the data storage (disk and/or tape drives) and output devices such as printers and displays were all separate peripherals.
    Since (before) the introduction of PCs, the CPU is all on a single chip so the basic computer box (desktop or laptop or tablet or smartphone) now contains most of these except the printer (give it time!)
    So for some time after the introduction of the PC, the base unit was referred to as the “CPU”. ¬†This died out in the mid 90’s, so anyone using the term is either old or was taught by someone old and has not picked up a computer book or magazine, or looked at a computer website since.
    Pity the ignorant, ‘cos the give employment to the rest of us!

  • JMJ

    I volunteer at several local junior/high schools as a tutor, substitute teacher, IT support person, athletic coach, etc., etc. I consulted for TWO, government funded computer-repair training schools that prepared students for A+ and Network+ certification where instructors *insisted* that a desktop computer case is, indeed, called “the CPU”. A recruiter at one of them, in her introductory speech, even told prospective students that an HDD and RAM were interchangeable items!

    Ignorance is not reserved to the uneducated.