Sorry for the downtime – was moving servers

Hey Friends,

My apologies for the ~4-5 hour downtime. You see I have been in the process of moving servers and the lack of quick DNS resolving on my ISP’s part forced me to turn a blind eye to dotTech’s new server for a couple of hours. Moving servers itself is a challenge, but my goal was to move servers with no downtime; that in of it self is a whole different challenge. Apparently I failed the second goal =(. However, everything should be up and running just fine now!

That being said, as I mentioned, I have moved dotTech to a new server. The hope is this new server, which has 2-3x as much processing power, will make dotTech load faster for most, if not all dotTechies. Now the new server is located in Flordia, as opposed to Pennsylvania, so people living in or around New England may not necessarily feel a speed increase. Overall, though, most everyone should be able to connect to dotTech more quickly now.

That being said, while moving servers unexpected things happen. So please if you see any broken links, screenshots, posts, forum threads, etc. please post below and let me know (Yes I know “About dotTech” is broken; I just haven’t got around to writing that page yet =P.) Similarly, data lost is inevitable when moving servers. When I say “data lost” I am mostly referring to dotTech’s comments and forum posts. If you made a recent comment or forum post yet you don’t see it anymore, unless it warranted being deleted (I hardly delete things unless spam), chances are it got “left behind” on the old server. For this I do apologize; simply re-comment or re-post. On the same note, if you sent me a recent e-mail, it probably got left on the old server too so feel free to send it again.

(P.S. Enjoy the new server; it costs me almost 2x a month more for it, but money well spent, right?)

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