Windows Phone 8.1’s much requested ‘Action Center’ leaked in screenshots


To Android and iOS users, the Notification Center is a fundamental aspect of their phone. But for Windows Phone users, it’s one of their most requested features. The upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 is set to address that concern, and leaked screenshots have revealed what it’s set to look like.

Instead of calling it the Notification Center, it appears that Microsoft is instead choosing to name it the Action Center. Making a short swipe gesture downwards from the top of the screen will reveal a section of the Action Center dedicated to quick toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth and others. Swiping downwards even more will reveal the full Action Center, complete with all the notifications that can be addressed or dismissed.

In addition to the Action Center, Windows Phone 8.1 will also bring with it separate volume buttons for the ringer/notifications and media/apps, as well as a rumored personal assistant akin to Siri called “Cortana.” Windows Phone 8.1 will be officially unveiled at the Microsoft Build conference in April.

[via WINPHOLLOWERS, The Verge]

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