Out of town this weekend (12/19/08-12/22/08) – no reviews

I will be out of town this weekend (sort of). I should be able to do the review on Friday’s giveaway, but Saturday and Sunday I most likely will not be able to post reviews. Just thought I should give you guys a heads up.


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  • GAOTD Lover


  • It looks good, but I personally like the way it is now. Thanks though =D.

    BTW do you have some anti-googleads plugin or something? o_o’

  • GAOTD Lover

    Are you sure?
    I kind of like it:

    It looks nice…

  • GAOTD Lover

    Ah yes, the old color scheme problem.
    It would make a nice button though, you’re right.

  • I don’t think it will fit into the color scheme of the blog, but I would like to try it as a button for PMnet.

  • GAOTD Lover

    What do you think of the logo?
    Will you try it before the weekend?