Free DiskAnalyzer Pro!

DiskAnalyzer Pro is a hard drive management tool that helps you manage your hard drive by analyzing your hard drive, and listing for you the largest files and folders. You then have the opportunity to delete files or folders that you may have but not need. Here are the “major benefits and features” as per the developer:

  • Detailed disk space consumption reports

Manage and view disk space consumption with the help of disk space usage reports grouped by file types, file size, attributes, file date and file ownership.

  • Search for unwanted files with your own search criteria

DiskAnalyzer Pro allows you to specify your own search terms while looking for unwanted files and folders consuming your disk space.

  • Find and delete junk and temporary files

Over a period of time, hard disk space becomes cluttered with useless files (junk, temporary, internet files, zero size files etc.). DiskAnalyzer Pro can find and delete such files and regain gigabytes of hard disk space.

  • Locate biggest folders and oldest files

You will be able to see a list of biggest space hogging folders as well as old unused and big size files from your hard disk drives. You can delete these files and regain big chunk of disk space.

  • Find out duplicate pictures, compressed files, videos and audio files

Network computers are generally filled up with files such as videos, images, audio files, compressed files duplicated all over hard disk. DiskAnalyzer pro can locate these files and help you to remove not required files.

  • Scheduling and Command-line scanner

The new command-line scanner can be used to perform a disk search from the command-prompt and create a saved disk report archive. This can be later opened with DiskAnalyzer Pro for detailed disk space analysis. You can use any scheduling program to schedule the disk search using command-line scanner.

  • All folders and subfolders report sorted by file size

This is one of the essential reports in disk space management. This report consists of a single list of all folders and respective subfolders sorted by file size. So now you can quickly find out how many folders consume most of the disk space.

  • Integrated File Explorer and Viewer

Whenever you need to drill-down to file level from any disk space report, you can use File Explorer (Viewer). This tool lists all the files for a particular disk space report and allows you to further filter the list using multiple criteria such as file name (with wild cards), file size, date, file type, file path etc.

  • Export disk space reports to external file formats

You can save all disk space reports to HTML, CSV and XML file formats. This is useful for comparison of disk space reports over a period of time

You can watch this short video by the developer for some show and tell on DiskAnalyzer Pro:

To view the video click above. If you have JavaScript disabled you will not be able to view the video by clicking above so instead click here.

Thanks to another promotion, everyone can get DiskAnalyzer Pro for free! To get DiskAnalyzer Pro for free, simply download it from the following link – there is no need to register it besides entering your name after you install it:

Version being given out for free: v3.4

Free updates: I don’t know

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 or Windows 7

DiskAnalyzer Pro promotion homepage [direct download]

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  • alan

    Windirstat takes about 1 minute on my 160 GB laptop which has 4 off NTFS partitions and 2 off FAT32 partitions.

    DiskAnalyzer Pro may be twice as fast,
    but I only analyse the disk perhaps twice per year.

    If I analysed much more often then DiskAnalyzer Pro would be more attractive to me.

  • Mike

    Windirstat just takes eons (ok, maybe it just feels that way) to analyze on my 250GB laptop–I just ran it and it’s still not done after 5 minutes, now at the 91% point …

  • alan

    I tried it. In comparison with Windirstat :-

    1. More modes than Windirstat.

    1. Less Bang per Buck – i.e. installation uses 10 times the disc space;
    2. Has to be installed – I much prefer Portable;
    3. Does NOT un-install cleanly.

    I am sure I fully closed it, and saw no evidence on the task bar before I un-installed it.

    I was warned that un-installation had failed to remove something.
    I guessed it would be the desktop short-cut.
    I can’t always be right – it was the main *.exe.
    I could not remove it so I rebooted to clear any temporary permissions issues.
    Would not reboot – its *.exe process was still running and I had to zap the process before it could reboot.

    It is now gone and must not darken my doorstep again ! !


  • OldElmerFudd

    Nice one. It reminds me of three of my favorite freeware programs that fall into this category.

    Folder Size

    Useful for reminding me to clear stuff off a drive!

  • Software very helpful.
    It allows me to see that some poor or not used softwares take a lot of space on the HD to put specific and enormous databases. (eg some “duplicated” media players or other converters softwares).
    In a few minutes I make a lot of free space when deleting these softwares and “accessories”.

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    Thanks Ashraf

  • kingpin

    Is this S/W really useful?What’s your take?

  • Lamont Cranston

    thanks very much for this, very useful tool indeed.

  • Sandeep

    Thanks Ashraf and Softland for the offer.


    …never mind…saw the movie…silly me…


    Yay! Thanks Ashraf! Now what? I’m thick as a brick.

  • Sounds interesting, first freebie in a while I’ve actually thought of getting, hmmm.

  • Ashraf

    @Aang: I kinda don’t really “review” freebies o_O. While sometimes I may give an opinion on a freebie (if it is really worth praising I will praise it), usually I just, um, tell about freebies. Software I review will be found under the reviews section.

  • Looks like I’m missing something important here, like Final Verdict. But that’s okay, may be tried first before concluding.
    Thank you.