BitPay releases open source library to help bitcoin app developers


BitPay, a major bitcoin company, has just the released an open source library that it hopes will make it easy for developers to create apps for the digital cryptocurrency.

The company, which specializes in processing bitcoins, are calling this initiative Bitcore. The goal is to allow those who are more into designing apps access and allow them to create ones that make it easier for the average person to use.

“Developers starting with Bitcore will have to spend less time working on the low level protocol details and can focus on building more user friendly tools and services,” said Stephen Pair, who is BitPay’s CTO to The Verge. “We hope that this will result in easier to use and more secure Bitcoin software for the average person.”

It will be interesting to see what app developers do now that they have this library.

[via The Verge, image via antanacoins’ flickr]

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