Highly-anticipated shooter Titanfall is now in open beta for Xbox One and PC


Titanfall is perhaps 2014’s most highly-anticipated video game, and it’s also being pushed to become one of the biggest franchises of the next-generation. With so much excitement around this game, people rejoiced that last weekend would be the beginning of a closed beta test ahead of the game’s release. However, only some gamers got into the action via a carefully distributed wave of beta codes.

Fortunately for everyone else, game developer Respawn has decided to “break” the game by turning it into an open beta that virtually anyone can join. If you have a capable PC, all you need is an Origin account and you’ll find the game’s beta client in the store. If you have an Xbox One on the other hand, you might see a “Join the Titanfall Beta” tile on your dashboard. But if you don’t, you can also search for the game on the store.

The open beta will run up to this Wednesday and presents gamers an opportunity to try one of the year’s biggest titles for free, and developer Respawn to stress their servers to prepare for the actual launch.

Titanfall releases on March 11th for PC and Xbox One. An Xbox 360 version will release two weeks later.

[via Vince Zampella (Twitter)]

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