Get 1 year license of VIPRE Antivirus Premium for free!

VIPRE is the “new kid on the block” in the security software arena. While I have not personally used or tested it, VIPRE has received fairly good praise from multiple well known and respected sources. So, it may be worth your while to continue reading this post to learn how to grab 1 year free license of VIPRE Antivirus Premium! For those that don’t know VIPRE Antivirus Premium includes antivirus, antispyware, and firewall features.

To get the 1 year free license, you need to have a Twitter account. If you don’t have one, register one – it takes about 30 seconds. With your Twitter account you must:

  • Follow Sunbelt Software on Twitter.
  • Post the below announcement on your Twitter page the day VIPRE Antivirus Premium is released to the public.
  • Email your Twitter username after you post the announcement to and Sunbelt will email you your free VIPRE Premium subscription.

Take note that the announcement you have to post has not been announced yet nor has the date that VIPRE Antivirus Premium will be released to the public. However, speculation is that VIPRE Antivirus Premium will be released to the public on March 2, 2010 so be ready to post the announcement on Twitter then. Keep in touch with the VIPRE Antivirus Premium Twitter promotion homepage to find out what the announcement you have to post will be; the announcement will probably be announced on the same day as VIPRE Antivirus Premium is released to the public so be sure to definitely check the page on March 2, 2010.

Good luck to everyone!

Update: The promotion is now live! The announcement you must post is @RT SunbeltSoftware #VIPRE 4 Released Today! Get the only antivirus that won’t slow down your computer here: This promotion is open only for one day – March 2, 2010.

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  • AleX

    VIPRE Antivirus is the antivirus software with high performance that will not slow the PC as other rivals to traditional security products … The press loves him, and was VIPRE VB100 and ICSA-certified, which means that you have protection class “No. 1 in the world.” VIPRE: provides antivirus, antispyware, firewall and web filtering dangerous new technology-new generation of high-quality antivirus protection for your home PC or a small business, without burdening the operating system-Advanced anti-rootkit technology-complete protection against threats from email-ideal netbook / notbook who need protection from viruses. Two anti-virus engines. It has two different scanning engines, GenScan and Cobra. Working synergistically provide good protection to 100%. From personal experience, I can really recommend this product to anyone seeking the best antivirus solution.

  • Well, I have found that Sunbelt’s software to be amongst the most reliable and rock solid internet security programs I have EVER used. :D

  • yourpalal


    And I just saw that you & he are in the top 3 posters:

    Top Posters:

    Ramesh Kumar – 327
    karen – 258
    Ozzie – 240

    Let’s see, I….have….10, so watch out!

  • Ozzie

    @madalpal: Hee hee … he’s easy spot: smiley faces everywhere and posts the size of novels!

  • madalpal


    Well, glad your busy. Guess we’ll all have to “look after Ramesh, ok!”

    Uh, er….seems we’re a just little distance away…. in cyberspace, & don’t….ya know…..have a picture of him. But he sure is an active man on the forums!! Maybe we can catch up to him there.

    Kind regards to all.

    [(AKA) yourpalal]

  • madalpal


    WOW! How cool is that?

    Guess they realized that, yes, you had done everything required. Maybe they even visted here too & saw the conversations we’ve had.

    Life’s like that sometimes; just when we’re about to give up, something comes through for us after all!

  • Caleb

    Yay, they finally sent my license!

  • Ozzie

    @madalpal: I hear you about the backing up! And really glad you managed to get it all sorted. What a mess.

    As for my “little brother” … well, aren’t we all brothers and sisters in a globally transcendent way? ;)

    Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit too busy of late to come into this lovely space much. And it looks like being that way for a few more weeks to come. So you all look after Ramesh, ok! :)

  • madalpal


    Thanks for the info. Actually, Windows Onecare, that works in strange ways by disabling (or supersedes decisions/warnings, etc.) most aspects of the Windows Firewall, & overpowers all programs (sometimes without my knowledge), I can still work with it on almost every download I’ve had over 2 years. Except other comprehensive suites (Avira) or installs that I cannot customize (i.e. disable features like shields, auto updates). In the Vipre case, it was all or nothing, disabling wasn’t good enough, it wanted uninstalls of several programs that I’ve trained to work well with each other. But as I tried to accommodate, warnings came from several programs that simultaneously all wanted immediate action & it turned into the Big Chill.

    Therefore, to me, if there’s any moral to this story, it’s what I’ve learned the hard way, & from the help of others: to always, always backup 1st!

    BTW, I noticed on the jokes forum, “Ramesh Kumar said:….I am missing Ozzie very much….Baaaaaaaaah I want my Ozzie. Hey big sis where are you? Lil brother!”

    —“Hey there, little brother! Don’t worry – all is well……….”.

    So, are you & Ramesh related??

    Have a great week.


    Al (pal)

  • madalpal


    Oh well. I have hunch that, just maybe, there will be another such program offered in the next year or 2.

    Make no (Dr.) bones about it!

    Have a great week.



  • Caleb

    @madalpal: I’e decided that it’s not worth it to wait for this, so I just reinstalled avast.

  • Ozzie

    @madalpal: Hi madalpal. I installed it without any problems – and I’m happily running it on my comp. Did you note that at the beginning of the installation it said to disable all other firewalls? I guess you missed that part. But that would be from where your problems originated, I imagine. Moral of the story: it pays to read the messages that come up during program installation. Glad you got your comp up and running again.

  • madalpal

    Hey All.

    1st off, I appreciated the offer, even when things don’t always go right.

    I have others that thankfully installed & work well. That’s all part of the thrill of having a new program…..& the agony of one that bit the dust.

    However, after all this I almost got Vipre installed…. but something conflicted with/between my uninstalling OneCare’s firewall & the Vista firewall, in order to accept the Vipre firewall config–then all heck broke loose.

    Fortunately, I did a full backup with Vista, & then one with my new free edition 10.1 Paragon Backup & Recovery (From an Ashraf review/suggestion). Also, I did a rescue CD in case I needed to boot from there.

    Honestly, I’m disappointed, & not being tech savvy, I have no idea what happened; but I’m not even going to try their support ideas & risk losing my PC for good (or actually for BAD)!

    Did everyone else get theirs up & running?

    Anyway, I DE-Twitted that account for good (which is actually good)!

    So….Sorry Dr. (Creepy) Bones,

    I’m outta here (closed twit for good), so you can’t follow me anymore…..& I definitely won’t be following you…..& your “strange” activity…& your dark forces, bent on world domination…. through the mindless devotion of your helpless slaves, of wild-eyed throngs of twitter-infested Frankensteins!

    ([:– {)

    Warm Regards to everyone else,


  • madalpal


    Caleb, FWIW: Here is the email info I got so that, if you want to, you may be able to use this direct contact info.

    “Thank you for helping us announce the launch of VIPRE 4.0 on Twitter.

    We will be confirming that you posted the announcement in Twitter, that you are a Sunbelt Software follower on Twitter, and sending out 1-year, 1 PC VIPRE Antivirus Premium licenses within the next 24 hours. Thank you, Kara K

    727-562-0101 x392 ”

    Hope this will be of some help


  • Caleb

    @madalpal: I just checked twitter again, Dr. Bones’s account has been suspended for “strange” activity.

  • Caleb

    @madalpal: When Dr. Bones followed me, he was only following 503, it’s strange. And no, I have no idea who Dr. Bones is.

    I haven’t recieved the license yet.

  • madalpal

    @ Caleb, & all

    How unusual is it that both you & I got followed by this Dr. Bones (assuming you don’t know who it is either)? Did anyone else get that after they opened new twits?

    I mean, with 1,000s & 1,000s of people to follow, how he/she/they chose me, as I didn’t fill any profile in, & so there’s nothing to follow me on, unless he/she/they just mass follow all new accounts.

    What’s the point? Unless it’s similar to YouTube, (where, yah, I have one account, but only so I can watch music videos, especially the Beatles), where I see nowadays people are always trying to get as many subscribers as possible, like the more they have the more they can fill their egos up, b/c all those people are THEIRS, and/or they’re oh-so popular. Maybe making up for that lack in real life, eh?

    My regards

    P.S. Did they give you the Vipre yet?

  • Caleb

    @madalpal: I also just got followed by Dr. Bones.

  • Caleb

    @yourpalal: actually, I really don’t like twitter and I don’t have many followers.

  • yourpalal


    Let us know if they come thru for you, hopefully they will realize that you’re a real twitterer, unlike some of us, who had to try to figure out what the heck twitter was about. Do you have a lot of followers? What is that like?
    Good luck

  • Caleb

    @madalpal: I’ve had twitter for a while, and I double and tripled checked that I had followed all the steps. I contacted their support team and am waiting for a response.

  • bohus


    Go to Sunbelt support forums here:

    Register with the forums and post your question there. Sunbelt’s tech guys monitor these forums are will usually have an answer for you in less than a day. They’ve helped me out a few times. Hope this helps!

  • Ozzie

    @madalpal: Greetings! Yep, I have installed this and all is working well. Just one issue though: I use Connectify at home (enables Win7 to become a wifi point). When the Vipre firewall is switched on, my other half can’t connect to the Connectify wifi point. When it is switched off, no problem. I have tried so many different configurations, but nothing is working. So if anyone has any suggestions, fire away. Other than that, all is fine. And when I scanned, it actually picked up a couple of things that A2 and Malwarebytes had missed. So I’m happy, but will be even happier if I can work out how to get the firewall to allow Connectify to work.

  • madalpal

    Hey Ozzie, Ashraf & all. Anyone tested this out yet?

    BTW The day after my twitter setup (I was just listening to Johnny Cash’s last recordings & came up with “Jonas Cashus”)I got this message:

    “Hi, Jonas Cashus.
    Dr. Bones (BonesandDust) is now following your tweets on Twitter.

    A little information about Dr. Bones:

    111 tweets
    following 1487 people

    You may follow Dr. Bones as well by clicking on the “follow” button on their profile.If you believe Dr. Bones is engaging in abusive behavior on Twitter, you may report Dr. Bones for spam.

    Dr. Bones may not appear in your follower list. Dr. Bones may have decided to stop following you, or the account may have been suspended for a Terms of Service violation.”

    Well, did anyone else get “followed” already?
    It’s weird, as I didn’t fill any profile in, so there’s nothing to follow me on, other than I “followed” the Vipre website.

    I feel a mixture of surprise, comedy, amusement, & then a kind of creepy feeling, esp. considering the name: Dr. Bones (BonesandDust), & the fact that this person is “following 1487 people.”
    Kinda makes ya wonder what kind of lives these people live. Seems like the goal is to follow & be followed into infinity. Oh well.


  • Ozzie

    @madalpal: I didn’t know what it meant to follow either. I just clicked a lot of things and somehow it worked out. Definitely a case of good luck over good management.

  • madalpal

    they never sent my key
    I can verify that I did the tweet, and sent the email to them.

    I had a little difficulty with setting up my account b/c after I thought I had set it up, & every time I went to login nothing happened, so I reset my password still nothing. Then I went to my restricted sites & there was twitter, so I had to allow it 1st.

    Then I had to go back & verify account, then got activated, & copied that message.

    Later, as I had no emails from them, & as the clock was ticking, what I figured out at the last minute was that in order to complete the offer, I had to actually click on to “FOLLOW” them on twitter, & go to their website & browse around for a minute. I only saw that after re-reading the instructions. Then I got the email. Had you also done that? Never being on twitter b4, I didn’t even know what to ‘follow’ someone meant.

    Of course, now I have thousands of fans following me, & the instant celebrity is awesome, I just hope I can live up to all their expectations!


  • Caleb

    they never sent my key

    I can verify that I did the tweet, and sent the email to them.

  • Whoa! I was “this close” from not getting the key. It was 1am in the morning and it was March 3rd already, but I toke the chance and I got the product key! Yay!


  • Ozzie

    Thanks for the heads-up on this one Ashraf! It was worth the effort – I just got my licence. Can’t wait to try it out later!

  • Friend

    Offer is over now ( Thanks benhenry for tip

  • I wasn’t sure if Sunbelt Software would find my account at twitter because the search requires at least one follower. Jeez. So I opened a second twitter thing with a throwaway email address so I could follow myself. And I thought maybe that THAT wouldn’t qualify as a follower because it didn’t have a follower either.
    So I followed myself reciprocally from both accounts. Logging in back and forth just like a dog chasing his own tail. Next time I will BUY the software. lol at myself.

  • Thanks for posting directions Ashraf. I have no doubt that I will deactivate my profile as soon as I receive the license (for my son’s computer).

    There is something disturbing about twitter. All that flitting twitter talk passing through the electric ether. Oh well. I shouldn’t criticize it just because it ain’t my thang.

  • madalpal

    Hey again.
    @ buyerbeware & all.

    How much personal info does twitter require, & once the viper license comes, can we (those of us non-twits) close the account?

    I can’t believe that businesses (say Lowes) ask us to follow them on twitter, what on earth would we want to know of that would be of any interest every few minutes?? I can almost see how keeping up with friends or celebs may have some value, but like every few minutes/hours?
    I guess some people have an awful lot of free time that needs to be filled.

    Anyway, does anyone know enough about viper that if it can be run on demand only, like disable all shields, auto updates, etc, if not I’ll have to pass.

    [In any event, thanks for the offers Ashraf!]

    @ giovanni “Are you also skeptical of all-in-one programs (FIREWALL + AV + ANTISPYWARE in one single solution)?”

    Well, to me, it’s less of skepticism, than simply wanting full control of the settings
    (like viper). I have many of the mentioned security/maintenance software (all freeware, except Windows Onecare that came w the computer & has been continuing the subscription for no extra charge) & more, but to avoid conflicts, I don’t want any other prog to be the ‘King of the Hill’ that refuses to let anyone else do what they want to, to be able to run like how I want them to. Oftentimes, even when you tell a program not to run anything except on demand, you’ll find them running anyway, or putting themselves in the startup menu, like unruly children!

    My latest example was Threatfire, that at one point was blocking things I told it to accept, then I shut down all its shields, etc., but………,it came back, & even refused to be stopped, like it was upset that I was telling it to stop, & even refused orders from AnVir task manager, etc.

    So……, I thought, OK……, have it your way…………,see ya……, & it got Revo – ed.

    My regards to all.


  • Ashraf

    @buyerbeware: You are not the only one. Twitter is – *gasp* – over my head too. I hate Twitter. (In my defense, though, I have not really made an effort to learn it, either.)

  • Refpeuk

    Well, speculation was correct! I just did it, and should get my license within 24 hours!

    Thanks for the heads-up Ashraf!

  • buyerbeware


    thanx for your input and for actually reading and responding to my rant.

  • buyerbeware


    my nephew helped. i’m not a dummy when it comes to computers, but these convoluted processes involved in the new generation of sites is confusing at best and a nuissance at worst. i am awaiting the arrival of my license to the vipre software. i hope it’s worth giving a huge chunk of my morals for. you wouldn’t believe how limited the choices of usernames are. i tried even using my real name, only to find out that that has been taken as well.

    thanx for responding to my rant.

  • s

    Yes, I completely agree with you.
    And please mention those extra tools, many readers will benefit.

  • madalpal


    I too appreciate all the free offers here
    & more importantly, the camaraderie.

    But I’m not a twitterer (spelling??) either, in fact, I just don’t need yet another account & another user ID & password to remember, & to have to begin getting whatever comes from having an open account (do you get ‘twitter spam’??).

    You’re right:
    “a TWIT is not a good thing.”

    This is a TWEET.

    TWEET dreams.


  • Ozzie

    @buyerbeware: I have never used Twitter before in my life (nor Facebook/My Space, etc). A: Not interested. B: I haven’t got the time. In fact can think of nothing worse than being inundated with the minutiae of people’s lives in small bite-sized chunks (a la Twitter). But I did want to check this product out. So I created an account – easy to do – which will now remain dormant until the end of time. I sent off the requisite information and got an immediate response (and not an automatically generated one) saying that I’d get my licence in the next day or so. So a few minutes of my time was all it took. Normally I don’t look twice at anything that requires me to sign up or subscribe to something. But after checking out the reviews of Vipre, I was definitely interested enough to break my usual rule. Anyway, the point is that I can understand where you’re coming from. And that there can be times when something is good enough to make the effort (as little as it actually was).

  • Haha, fail. @RT sends a message to the username “RT”, someone unaffiliated with Sunbeltt Software AFAICS. The proper syntax is RT @SunbeltSoftware, but I suppose I should just do what they say :P

  • buyerbeware

    the process of finding and following the vipre people is way too complicated for someone who stays away from the childish sites, and now i know why they aren’t worth wasting time on. i’d love to get free antivirus, but not worth the aggravation of trying to figure out how to follow someone. the sun thingy fails to be found, then when it is, it’s on some list that is convoluted and labyrinthine, at best. hopefully people will just start giving things away rather than causing unwitting people undue baldness over something as stupid as a twit thing. doesn’t anyone know that a twit is not a good thing?

  • Ashraf

    @Ozzie: Thanks Ozzie! I was just about to post the same thing =).

    The message you have to post on Twitter is:

    @RT SunbeltSoftware #VIPRE 4 Released Today! Get the only antivirus that won’t slow down your computer here:

  • Ozzie

    Greetings all. The promotion is now open if you want to submit your details.

  • giovanni



    All the security tools you mentioned above are installed on my PC right now along with a couple of other (free) extra layer protection that I recently added on my arsenal that I could mention upon request.

    However, before making any final decision about this freebie, it would be a great idea if someone could make a comparison between the combination of security SW mentioned above and VIPRE ANTIVIRUS PREMIUM in order to see what’s the best solution among the two ones in terms of DETECTION RATE and PC RESOURCES CONSUMPTION (==> RAM and CPU usage).

    What do you make of it??

    Are you also skeptical of all-in-one programs (FIREWALL + AV + ANTISPYWARE in one single solution) such as this FREEBIE???

    Usually PC SECURITY EXPERTS do not recommend to use such kind of products unless we are talking about award-winning (and expensive) tools such as AVIRA SECURITY SUITE or (maybe) SUNBELT VIPRE Antivirus Premium.

    That’s why a comparison between this FREEBIE and the above combination of different FREE security tools would be appreciated!!

    Do you agree with me?

  • s

    I think that is a good combination giovanni is talking about.

    Either one of the three free firewalls whichever you feel comfortable with + Avast5/ Avira + A Squared + MalwareBytes + WOT + Spyware Blaster & Spybot for immunization + Key Scrambler (all free) should be a very good combination.

    You can use sandboxie & threatfire in addition to that.
    You can also use a secure DNS service like Open DNS/ Google DNS/ Ultra DNS.
    If you are behind a router with firewall protection its a bonus.
    I use all these free security layers except sandboxie which I know is very good but I am not used to it.

  • giovanni

    Hey Ashraf,

    SUNBELT ANTISPYWARE PROGRAMS (see for instance the shareware COUNTERSPY)are almost always classified by experts as the best security software out there.

    However I’m not a big fan of all-in-one programs such as this FREEBIE that include FIREWALL + AV + ANTISPYWARE in one single package.

    What about you??

    Do you think that the combination of different award-winning professional (freeware) programs such as COMODO FIREWALL (or OUTPOST FIREWALL or ONLINE ARMOR) + AVAST! 5 FREE ANTIVIRUS + A-SQUARED 4.5 is worse than one single solution such as this one??

    Have you already installed AVAST?

    Well give VIPRE ANTIVIRUS PREMIUM a try and let me know what you think about it!

  • s

    Such one year promos of decent security softwares are always good & thanks to your effort we get aware of these.
    Those who want to try may go ahead. Atleast, a promo like this is better than cracking a security software if you dont like to pay for it and do not like the limitations of free ones.
    Some free antivirus and antimalware softwares as reviewed on this site and elsewhere have become very competent and capable of keeping your system highly protected. You just need to have a layered protection approach. And even “Kraal FictionWriter” will say that its worth the trouble.
    So, I will wait for the AV-Comparatives Test Report (Feb 2010) as per their schedule which is due and may be released soon, may be in a couple of days. That will help to narrow down my choice & select either Avast 5 or Avira.

  • Friend

    Thanks Ashraf for pointing out. I have tried their trial version. It is amazing software which do its job as they promise. Please keep this post updated to inform the world when it will be available.

  • Ashraf

    @bohus: I don’t know. You will have to ask Sunbelt themselves.

  • bohus

    Sunbelt’s Vipre is the BEST AV I have ever used. As another poster said its rock solid and reliable…plus it does use as much system resources as other AV’s do. I bought a new license back in Dec…can this free license be used to extend the one I already have?

  • Ashraf

    @Kraal FictionWriter: Eh, I don’t think it is too much trouble. You are welcome, nonetheless =).

    @Youngatheart1946: Glad Sunbelt Software has earned themselves a loyal customer. You are welcome =).

    @Refpeuk: If I remember to do it myself, of course. You are welcome =).

    @Liam K: No idea. As I said, I have not tried it myself.

  • How does this compare to the detection rate and memory usage of Avira AntiVir?

  • Refpeuk

    Thanks for the heads up – I have also heard that this was a good software.

    Will you let us know when we need to post on twitter?


  • Youngatheart1946

    G’day Ashraf. I have been a loyal user of Sunbelt’s Personal Firewall and Vipre Antivirus+Antimalware for quite some time now. In all my many years of computer use I have found that Sunbelt’s software to be amongst the most reliable and rock solid internet security programs I have EVER used. To get the opportunity to aquire a FREE 12 MONTH subscription just as my version are about to run out is too good to pass up.
    Thank you Ashraff.

  • Kraal FictionWriter

    Bah…more trouble than it’s worth…

    Thanks for the heads up, though.