These necklaces look and smell good enough to eat

cupcake necklace

We’ve seen several jewelry inspired by food in the past, but these are a little different from what you might have expected. The creator behind these food inspired jewelry, Tiny Hands, has optioned to step things up a little bit by adding scent. Yes, you can inhale that breakfast aroma coming from that jewelry around your awesome neck.

From what we can tell, the necklaces are available in several designs. These designs are basically tiny replicas of the real thing, such as cupcake or a waffle. Each design will have its own distinctive smell that should be similar to the real deal. We’re not seeing the sense of this product, but we’re interested nonetheless. If even just to have one as a collector’s item and to smell now and again.

If you’re on a diet, consider staying clear of Tiny Hands albatross, because you’ll be craving a pancake and chocolate sundae by noon. If dieting is not your thing, then shoot for the stars my friend, and pick yourself up one of the cupcake inspired necklace.

For those interested, you can swipe one of these for $21 to $38 at Tiny Hands website. In addition, for just $25 per month, you can be a apart of the company’s “Necklace of The Month” plan, and receive a scented necklace every month.

[via Tiny Hands]

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