iPhone and iPad have major security flaw, update now to stay safe

Hackers may be able to access iPhone users' networks by sharing the same public wifi service

Apple has announced that there is a flaw in their iOS software that allows hackers to catch emails, data, and what not when passed over a WiFi network. Apple users are especially vulnerable when using an unsecured connection, such as the free wireless at a Starbucks. When using such connections, hackers can grab communication data being sent through sites like Gmail, which are supposed to be relatively secure.

“It’s as bad as you could imagine, that’s all I can say,” said Matthew Green, who is a cryptography professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Apple has not revealed how they gained knowledge of the flaw in their software, but they have released patches as well as an update for the iPhone, version 4 and later, iPod touches that are in their fifth generation, and iPad 2 and higher to address the flaw.

Security researchers have also stated that there is a similar problem with the Mac OS X, a “fundamental bug in Apple’s SSL implementation”, according to Dmitri Alperovich, who works at CrowdStrike as the security firm’s chief technology officer.

Hopefully Apple will strive to strengthen their security, though this could be a bit of a blow to their ego.

[via The Guardian]

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  1. Mr.Dave

    [@Ashraf] You are right, thanks! It’s in Settings > General > Software Update.

    Unfortunately when I try to update, it tells me I need 834 more megabytes of free space. That means deleting many many apps. Or Garage Band. Just as with Windows, it looks like iOS is growing to the point that older hardware may soon no longer be able to run it!