Mozilla announces $25 smartphone, runs Firefox OS

The $25 smartphone. It will run Firefox OS.

Popular internet leader Mozilla has announced that they are going to be producing a cheap smartphone geared towards the developing world.

It may be a bit hard to understand why the developing portions of our world need (want) smartphones when many people in these parts of the world can barely afford food. However, many of us in developed nations may not know it but there are many bustling cities in developing countries with a growing middle class, such as in Africa and Asia. This is why you see low-cost Android smartphones being so successful. Mozilla is looking to be the first company to tap into this revenue stream and give people an extremely affordable smartphone — more affordable than what you are finding on the market today.

The smartphone will retail for around $25 and offer users a basic smartphone — don’t expect to switch your Nexus 5 or Galaxy Mega for it. The phone will be built by a Chinese OEM, will run Firefox OS, and will have a 3.5-inch display. Other details about the phone are still sketchy, including release date. However, what can one really expect in a $25 smartphone… aside from a working screen, speaker, and microphone?

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  • sl0j0n

    [@Jane Adams]
    Thank you “Jane Adams”!
    Many so-called ‘first-worlders’ are remarkably ignorant of any one that is even subtly ‘different’. And especially of those who live in a different environment. Can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen ‘urbanites’ rant about something that differentiates the rural ‘folks’, and that’s in the same country. With the huge discrepancies in just the standards of living between various areas, there are going to be immense differences, then add in the differences in culture and people are going to find different ways to deal with their problems.
    So thank you for sharing your insight.

    Have a GREAT day, Neighbor!

  • Jane Adams

    I live in SE Asia where wages are very low but we use mobile networks daily. We also use internet shops because computers are expensive.Like Europe landlines are expensive as you pay for every call. I appreciate your writings Justin but your world skills are lacking.

  • Mike S.

    Why would people in those developing countries want smartphones? The same reason why other people want smartphones–people are remarkably similar.

    In fact there may be an ever greater need for smartphones in those countries, where people may be more isolated with a lesser ability to get together.