This bizarre-looking statue will stand in Apple’s HQ to honor Steve Jobs


That peculiar sculpture you see in the image above will soon stand in Apple’s Cupertino headquarters t honor the late Steve Jobs. The statue is the winner in a competition with 10,000 other submitted works — which really makes me curious to see what those other works were like.

It was sculpted by Serbian sculptor Dragan Radenovic, and those other details in addition to Jobs’ head are “Cyrillic letters, the Latin letter A, and the binary digits one and zero.” MacRumors notes that Apple executives were very interested in the sculpture when they were sent sketches of it, and liked “the imperfections of his work.”

Personally, I think it looks pretty weird. What do you readers think? Let us know in the comments!

[via MacRumors]

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  • and tide

    While looking at the statue, stand in a relaxed, upright pose. Then, cradling your right elbow in your left hand, rest your right index finger against your upper lip, below your right nostril. Now, raise your eyebrows and nod slowly. Then, taking a deep breath, pause, and say softly, “Yes, yes” a few times. This shows that you actually understand the wisdom behind this choice.

  • etim

    Hmmm…I think this would be more appropriate for an April 1st article.
    We all miss Mr Jobs, but making your dead leader roll over in his grave isn’t the same as resurrecting him.