Flappy bird clones made up one-third of new iOS games


If this keeps up, Apple might need to consider changing the name of the App Store. According to data from The Guardian, over a 24-hour period which began yesterday, approximately 293 new iOS games were released on the App Store. The problem? 95 of the games were either clones of Flappy Bird, or heavily inspired by it.

Occasionally observing the iTunes top charts over the week, I’ve also seen a large amount of Flappy Bird games pop up. Hoppy Bird, Splashy Fish and Falling Bird are some examples. The games’ appearances in the charts shows that the popularity and even demand for the now taken down Flappy Bird is still there after three weeks.

Apple, along with Google, previously rejected games that were “clearly taking advantage of another popular title.” But as many of these new titles contain the word Flappy in their title, they might be relaxing their rules.

Some advice to Apple: you might want to take a look at this, before the ghost of Flappy Bird takes over your entire App Store.

[via The Guardian, MacRumors]

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