Free Wise Disk Cleaner Professional!

Update: The developer has confirmed this is a mistake and has now removed it so this freebie is no longer valid.

As I am sure most, if not all, of us know, Wise Disk Cleaner Professional is being offered for free today on GOTD. Similarly, I am sure most, if not all, of us know that I write reviews for GOTD software. Well in the process of writing my review for Wise Disk Cleaner Professional I realized that there is a way to get Wise Disk Cleaner Professional for free without GOTD-related restrictions! (For those that don’t know what Wise Disk Cleaner Professional does or never heard about it, refer to my full review to learn more.)

You see I went to download Wise Disk Cleaner Professional off the developer’s website so I could test it (re-test it actually since I reviewed Wise Disk Cleaner Professional a year ago). By luck I decided to download the portable version instead of the installer version. After downloading and unzipping the portable version, to my great surprise I noticed that the portable version came with a text file (active_code.txt) that included registration information:

I tested out the registration information and it is valid and works. It definitely works for the portable version and I believe it also works for the installer version. According to the “About” window, it is valid until 4/22/2010 so I assume everyone will be eligible for free updates until then.

I don’t know what is up with this, if it is intended or a mistake, so I have notified the developer about this. If it is a mistake, it will be fixed. If it is for real… well, enjoy. Regardless of its status, I figure it is a legitimate freebie so I may as well post about it.

So, if you want to grab Wise Disk Cleaner Professional for free, you can either grab it from GOTD, or download the portable version and grab the registration information (look for active_code.txt). You can download Wise Disk Cleaner Professional from the following links:

Version being given out for free: v5.21 Build 233

Free updates: I think so – not sure though

Supported OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/XP-x64/2003/Vista/Vista-x64/2008 Server/Windows7/Windows7-x64

Wise Disk Cleaner Professional homepage

[Direct download – portable version]

[Direct download – installer version]

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  • Yup, a 30-day trial as far as I can tell…

  • As I said before, the developer was probably thinking “Oh SH**!”

  • WobblyWombat

    Hmmm… I think they may have “Fixed” that – I’ve just downloaded the portable and there’s no “active_code.txt” in there :(
    Thanks anyway, and thanks for your review too – I’m not too disappointed that I missed it ;)

  • Ashraf

    @J. Zuma: No. It was not a trial version – it was a full version with all features enabled.

    @Everyone: The developer has confirmed this is a mistake and has now removed it.

  • J. Zuma

    The license is valid until 4/22/10 because it is the 30-day trial version. Cnet’s has links to the 30-day trial version of both Wise Disk Cleaner Pro and Wise Registry Cleaner Pro. The 30-day trial versions have some features disabled.

  • Kent Pollard

    My bad. I picked up a link to Registry cleaner, not disk cleaner

  • Kent Pollard

    Actually, the license says it is freeware:


    Wise Registry Cleaner Free is Freeware. You can feel free to use and distribute This program, license grant the End User to install the Software Product in non-commercial environment and for non-commercial purpose only.

  • MikeR

    Interesting to see from Ashraf’s comprehensive review that when he looked at this app a year ago, it was full of bugs.

    Ashraf is therefore very pleased to now note that the developer has undertaken a whole raft of improvements.

    So am I. Any developer who improves commercial software to the point that it suddenly turns into freeware is a friend of mine.

    I now await a similar improvement from Adobe where the latest version of PS is concerned. . .


    * Seriously though. . . Being a timid soul, I view apps of this nature as having the potential to be a lighted match in a dynamite shed. So I’m taking the cowardly way out and sticking with the known quantity of CCleaner coupled with jv16PowerTools Pro.

  • anemailname

    Same as wskt here. Will give it a try.
    Thanks Ashraf!

  • wskt

    just registered: valid until 2010/06/30

  • in this moment – at least behind a proxy – the registration does not work with the “install” version.

  • Ashraf

    @Ira: Could be but I don’t think so; I think it is in regard to free updates.

  • Ira

    Perhaps the “Your license is valid until” means that the program will stop working on that date?

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: ROFLMAO!

  • The developer’s probably thinking OH SH**!