allows you to create your own Flappy Bird game

flappy bird

In an effort to promote coding to both the young and old alike, has started a new initiative that allows people to learn how to code by building their own version of Flappy Bird.

The initiative is aimed at anyone who doesn’t know how to code, and so it relatively simple to use. The program relies on programming that is simple and of the drag-and-drop variety, involving attaching blocks.

As an example, the first step involves you having to drag the “flap” block over to the “when click” one, and once you do so, you have to click on the flappy bird until it flies upwards to the target, which completes the first section.

It continues on like this, with each step having you add another block, each one building on the previous step. It’s a great way for young children, and those who are very inexperienced with coding, like myself, to learn the basics.

[via FastCompany, Metro]

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