How to enable built-in Administrator account in Windows 8 [Guide]

For the longest time, every copy of Windows has had an emergency built-in Administrator account. It’s really handy for times when you need to reset a forgotten password. Enabling this feature is as simple as entering a command into the command prompt console. Let’s get started!

Before We Begin

To disable the built-in Administrator account enter net user administrator /active:no into the commmand prompt and press the enter key.

How To Enable The Built-in Administrator Account In Windows 8

Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type cmd, right click on it to run it as Administrator and then press the enter key to launch it.


Enabling the Administrator account is very easy, simply paste net user administrator /active:yes into the command prompt window, press the enter key and log out. The login screen will then display the Administrator account.


Having an emergency Admin account can really come in handy on Windows. Though it’s kind of perplexing that it’s not enabled by default, it’s a very awesome feature. Enjoy!

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