OnLive resurrects as CloudLift, lets you stream all your Steam games for $14.99 a month


OnLive was supposed to be the next big frontier in gaming, allowing users to stream a large variety of games through the internet, at least until it all just didn’t work out. But now the company is back with a new approach, and this time it involves Steam.

OnLive’s new service is called Cloudlift, and the idea is to allow you stream games that you already own on Steam for $14.99 a month. This will allow you to play your games, with your saved files and all, on multiple computers — some of which not capable of running the games themselves. Because the service is new, there are only around 20 games, but more are scheduled to arrive soon.

The advantage of Cloudlift over OnLive’s previous model is that the games don’t really need to be modified to run on their streaming service. If you own the game on Steam, then it’ll work with Cloudlift. The challenge now for the company is convincing publishers to put games on the service. It also might be harder for some gamers to swallow, since Valve is offering their own official streaming service, though it will only work on computers connected to the same local network.

In addition to CloudLift, OnLive will still be offering a Netflix-like service that contains a number of older titles for $9.99 a month.

What do you think of Cloudlift? Is this a service you’d pay for as a gamer? Let us know in the comments!

[via OnLive]

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