And the winners of the 20 Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2010 licenses are…

The winners of dotTech’s 20 Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2010 giveaway have been selected. They are as follows:

Congratulations to everyone that won and better luck next time to everyone that did not. All winners please be sure to check your e-mails – Paragon will be sending you an e-mail with further information such as your registration information. The e-mail address will most likely be from so be sure to whitelist that domain.

Thank you Paragon Software Group for sponsoring the giveaway and thank you everyone for participating. If you did not win a free license, keep in mind you can always purchase Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2010 for $49.95 (USD) (get 30% off if you were a participant in this giveaway).

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  • -Talan-

    thanks so much Ashraf!
    great program, very complete

    can’t wait to use all the feature’s

    BTW; the other day on giveawayoftheday, no one would DL till they read your review, WOW! Dude! The power!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Joji

    @OldElmerFudd: Srry, but in order to read your message, I got to keep my computer on… LoL. Anyways, ya, I understand your point, sometimes in life, I get real pissed when other target on others or even me. I just don’t like it. Of coarse, I do realize that this may not be their fault and probably how their parents parented them. Perhaps the way their parents parented their children afected their minds and allowed them to start doing bad things? Who knows, but thanks for telling me about that OldElmerFudd.
    Well… guess that opinion letter to Ashraf is now considered useless. XD LoL.

    Kinda feel better, thanks everyone! :D That’s one of the bes things about DotTech, nice peeps who aren’t as rash as those in 4free. :)


  • OldElmerFudd

    @Joji: My friend, it’s time to turn the computer off, make a nice cup of hot chocolate, and find a big comfy chair to sink into. The world is wide and full of wonder; embrace the good and share sorrow for those who mock you and your friends. It’s not a question of ignoring folks like the 4Free’ers, but recalling that it only feeds their anger by responding. None of this matters in the long run, so free yourself from concerns about the actions of others.

    Finish that cocoa yet? OK, turn the computer back on if you’re ready…

  • Ashraf

    @Joji: Yeah, something like that.

    Although the solution is very effective (in the past I responded publicly to their “claims” and they had to unpublish their article they wrote about me because of the backlash), creating a page would just give them what they want – attention.

    Thanks for the suggestion on the software – I will check it out.

  • Joji

    @Ashraf: “Cold sholder treatment”? You mean by completely ignoring them and if they do “bite their thumb at us”, we just say “good for you”? LoL… it’s like what my parrents always told me; “ignoring the person who’s targeting you usually solves problems”. XD

    Though, it would be funny if you made a page showing that all your work are completely original, legal, and nothing was copied unless stated… then 4free would be like “That’s embarrassing, we have nothing to back up to support our selves now, we lose!” LoL… that would be real funny. :D

    Other than that, look at this somewhat “portable program” I found:
    It’s a multi converter… it includes video/audio/youtube/ convert, rip, and youtube uploader thing…

    I dunno, take a look at it. ;)

    UPDATE I just realized their previous posts had many grammatical errors… LoL. Fail man… and they said you had horrible grammar skills… XD They just embarrassed themselves quite a lot! :D


  • Ashraf

    @Joji: Just ignore them. Let them say or do what they want; it really doesn’t matter. As corny as it may sound, the cold-shoulder treatment is the best way to handle situations like this.

  • Woot! Installed.

    tyvm! :)

  • Joji

    Hey Ashraf, sorry for commmenting so much, this time it’s a different topic.

    I was wondering if you could make reviews and how-to-guides for these topics:
    -RainMeter (how to)
    -SkyDownloader (review)
    -Best Arcade Freeware Games (review)

    What do you think? You haven’t done how to/reviews on them yet. The last one is kind of optional I guess… but it would be fun to know what your fav and best arcade games are. :)


  • Atik

    Thanks a lot for Paragon HDM 2010. I cannot appreciate it enough. It goes a long way in helping me set up my centralized network at home.
    Was pleasantly surprised to see the email with reg info. Was very busy over the weekend but i guess better late than never.

    Thanks again!

  • Joji

    Ok… 4free is getting on my nerves. They are real cyber bullies. >:(
    They shouldn’t get respect, their children to love ’em, and have a happy life. Seriously, those mods in 4free are real think they’re so smart saying all those rubbish things about DotTech. Gosh wish I had a nuke and bomb their site… They really got into my nerves now. Read what they said! (link from previous comments)
    I hope one day their site goes “poof” and become the worst “software review site” out their… you know like if peeps really found out the truth that how they were the ones who stole things from DotTech and how rude and mean they are to those who think how “DotTech is cool”. Actually, not only that but they seem to hate GAOTD and Raymond too… not sure.


  • Cool. First thing i´ve won here. Thanks a lot. :D

  • Litte Taintains

    Wow! Thanks, thanks, thanks to Ashraf and Paragon for this wonderful opportunity. Hard Disk Manager is a great software and I am very happy to be among the winners! Thanks

  • Joji

    Well… I love DotTech because of its clean layout, nice people, awesome reviews, and tons other cool stuff… and now that we clarified things…

    let’s screw up 4free!!! >:D LoL jk jk… but we could rate their site bad on WOT… like it’s a fact, they did really say mean and untrue facts about DotTech and you Ashraf. That’s what I did… rated it bad.

    Besides DotTech, I’m also a fan of AskVG and Raymond… they all have different topics on them. AskVG now mainly focuses on Win 7 and Raymond’s site is similar to DotTech’s with different topics for his posts obviously.

    I might make a AskVG, Raymond, and DotTech website banners over the summer holiday… this will be great. :D I really don’t like how all 3 of the sites don’t have banners that we can put on our websites and blogs… that’s what I did for GAOTD. I’m a real fan of all 3 of em and I want to proudly put the banners on my site. :D


  • Ashraf

    @Joji: As Josh said, don’t worry yourself about them. They just want attention, is all.

    And don’t bother posting anything on their website; if they don’t like it they will just censor it. Waste of your time.

    @Joji: Yes I am active on other forums, but no I don’t go on other forums and “talk to myself”. Don’t listen to a word they say.

    That said, I was not inspired by 4Free (or even Raymond for that matter) to start dotTech. Nor was I ever a “fan” of 4Free. Heck, I didn’t even hear about that site until way after dotTech hit the road. Oh and it was them that copied my review method, not the other way around. If you don’t believe me, look at their original posts and compare them to what the posts are now. Do the same for dotTech. You will see what I mean.

  • Joji

    Ok I’m real mad at 4freeOnInternet now! You know what! Here’s what I did. I rated their site “bad” for “trustworthiness”, “Vender Reliability”, and “Child Safety” on WOT. I also wrote a short review on “how their site is good, but moderators are very biased, rude, over exaggerates, and makes too many assumptions.

    Heck they were even rude to me… VERY RUDE!

    Now… if anyone done mind, screw 4freeOnInternet by downloading WOT addon for your browswers and rate ’em bad! Grrr…

    Ahsraf may used to be 4freeOnInternet’s fan, and eventualy made a site (dotTech) where he did reviews along with similar ones from 4free and Raymond (well all review sites have similar reviews anyways at some point of time…), 4free has no right to call him the following:

    1. a kid who stares at his computer all day and has no life
    2. a copy cat and copies directly from 4free
    3. calls Ashraf’s fans a total… “a##holes” or something
    4. call Ashraf a person who tricks people
    5. steals product keys all over from the internet

    Seriously… the peeps at 4free are total b@stards! Rubbish!

    But one question I have for Ashraf is this: Do you go on forums and other sites and talk to your self by using different user names to promote your site and how “intelligent” you are? Please say the truth, we don’t mind if you do that, just stop… but atleast that proves to 4free that they are the @##holes, NOT Ashraf!

    This truely explains why Fuber/Fubar critizes Ashraf quite intensely sometimes on GAOTD… he’s part of 4free… I think.


  • Joji

    @Josh: kk thanks for the reply. The last thing I’m going to say to 4freeOnInternet is “buzz off ’cause your’e making too many assumptions and biased things about Ahsraf, his reviews, his giveaways, and his site”.

    Ashraf’s site is full of nice people… like Josh. :)I prefer nice people and a clean interface. :D


  • Josh


    Don’t kill your head about that website. Competition and envy are close relatives and the highest tree catches the most wind. I find their site confusing and noisy. No doubt, there’s a place in the sun for them, but not in my bookmarks folder. I prefer nice people.

  • Mr.Dave

    Ashraf, thank you! …and thanks to Paragon also. This is the nicest thing I’ve ever won (ok, maybe second-nicest, there were 12 packs of some Martin FX guitar strings from Acoustic Guitar magazine a few years ago…)

    This is exciting, I was so disappointed when the trial period ended. Now I can run it again, and clean out all the other backup/ partitioning/ maintenance/ recovery programs clogging up my hard drive. This suite does so much and is so easy to use, Paragon products rock! Thanks again.

  • Joji

    Today, I saw a person saying Ahsraf is a total @sshole, which I think is WRONG. He described how his reviews and posts are simply “copy-and-paste” and told me to learn from that Fubar or Fuber guy… and he even said I’m getting tricked by an “immoral teenage” person… whoa, some people in this world really got things messed up! Ashraf is a great person… you can see what I wrote here:

    It’s the last comment… uhm help me support Ahsraf and show them he is a nice, good, kick @## next to awesome Maximum PC-like-reviewer?


  • OldElmerFudd

    Thanks again, Ashraf! The registration information arrived in my email early this morning.
    @Joji: Yes, that’s what I had in mind. By the way, the native Windows firewall is pretty good against inbound traffic, but doesn’t notify you when some program/service calls out. Take a look at PC Tools Firewall or Online Armor (I use the paid version of OA). These two are among the best of the current crop of freeware firewalls, imho.

  • Francis

    congratulations to the winners!

    awesome giveaway ashraf :D

  • Joji

    Other than that… congrats those who won the Paragon program! :D

    I’m not a big fan of Paragon… not my type, but I can’t wait for the next great giveaways!

    Man I should of found out about this site earlier! So many great giveaways! XD


  • Joji

    @OldElmerFudd: Oh… so as long as I have my Windows Firewall set up on my Windows XP and Vista I can be safe from those damn hackers? In addition, when you mean by “secure IP”, are you saying that my own N Router (which is password protected) wireless internet can block Spy-Net from hacking into my computer?

    If that’s so… aw man thank you so much! Now I can worry one less thing… thank you. :D

  • amozai

    You and Paragon software group deserve a big THANK YOU. I hope everyone who won this giveaway will greatly appreciate your efforts for bringing and sharing it with us.

    May God Bless you.

  • Bruce Fraser

    Thanks to Paragon and Ashraf for making this possible.

  • J.J.

    Congratulation to winners !

  • WECH

    Thanks, this will be very handy. I was messing around 250GB new disk, the initial trial license from Paragon doesn’t work anymore, but even w/o license mode it worked very well(W7 can shrink partition in half at most even I’m only used less than quarter of it, use PHDM2010 squeeze C to 60G), I would recommend this company for sure.

  • vhick

    Congratulation to all winners…

  • OldElmerFudd

    Many thanks for considering me. I look forward to really putting this through its’ paces.
    @Joji: Try not to panic about Spy-Net 2.6 (current version). It’s a well-known program around the hacking community designed to obtain an unsecured IP address. To be used, the hacker has to set up a specialized dynamic server each time and forward to Port 81, typically. If you’re properly secured against random port probes with an effective firewall setup, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

  • Grr

    Thanks Ashraf..I won…

    Thanks for Paragon also.

    regards, Grr

  • tejas

    Thanks Ashraf! What an awesome prize. WooHoo!

  • Brent

    Hi Ashraf,
    WinUilities Pro is good, but not exclusive for dotTech, i found this , check it :

  • Murugesan

    Ashraf, Many thanks for choosing me. This is the first time I have won in a giveaway of a popular software like Paragon.

    Best Regards.

  • Friend

    AOA Ashraf,

    Many many Thanks for dotTech’s 20 Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2010 giveaway. I am one of the winners. You cannot imagine how happy I am after winning a license of such great software. Keep up your good work. Thanks again.
    Waiting for email from Paragon…

  • Joji

    Ashraf… please… help me…

    I was searching on Youtube on internet security stuff ’cause I was bored, and I found a video showing a user using “Spy-Net” to hack any computer that is listed on their “Spy-Net” main screen.

    It’s very scary… the Spy-Net user can uninstall, install, end programs, mess up System32… THEY CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

    I don’t want some hacker wandering around on their Spy-Net program and screw up my computer! D:

    The worst part is that it’s undetectable to the user!

    If you don’t mind, please make a tutorial on how to avoid Spy-Net Users to spy and screw up our computers!

    Here’s a Youtube Video showing a user messing around with someone’s computer and screwing up their stuff on Task Manager… and a whole lot of other stuff: