Check out this bulletproof tuxedo that is made of diamonds and won’t get stained


Suitart, a company based in Zurich, has designed an incredible new suit, which looks like something Bruce Wayne would wear to one of his parties, and is made out of diamond, is bulletproof, stain-proof and has its own air conditioner.

The suit is called Diamond Armor and it has 880 black diamonds embedded inside the fabric, the stitching and lapels also have another 600 black diamonds, weighing 140 carats, and the buttons on the jacket are steel and are also embedded with 280 black diamonds too.

According to the National Institute of Justice this suit has a level 2 protection classification, which means it will protect users from bullets ranging in size from 9mm pistols to .57 Magnums. Anything bigger than that and you might want to find some decent cover.

Whether at a dinner party of in a fire fight, sweat can happen, but this suit will keep you cool as well. “The integrated technology, which can be activated at the push of a button, allows for highest comfort by cooling the wearer down through the humidification of water,” it says on Suitart’s site.

You won’t have to worry about shelling out more money for dry cleaning either, since the suit uses nano technology that helps to repel water and stains, which is good because this suit costs $3.2 million.

[via Cnet, National Institute of Justice, image via Kim Alaniz’s flickr]

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