Man fixes Blue Screen of Death on MacBook Pro by baking it in the oven


Ales Kocjancic, founder of Live Systems, was left with a MacBook that would boot only to show the “Blue Screen of Death.” He didn’t have AppleCare and other fixes found online wouldn’t work for him. So he baked it in an oven.

Kocjancic baked the laptop’s logic board in an oven for around seven minutes, then let it cool off before reassembling it completely. The result was a revived laptop, pictured below with an enthusiastic caption:


By heating up the logic board, solder joints that broke apart can cool back into place and restore connections. It’s a trick that some have used in video game consoles, graphics cards and more. That said, it’s mostly a temporary fix and it’s NOT recommended that you heat broken computer components in an oven. For Kocjancic at least, it was a successful hot fix. Sorry, I had to.

[via BGR]

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  1. vandamme

    Those boards are soldered in an oven, but in a carefully controlled profile of heating. At home, better to try a hot air gun or (the slow way) go over all the joints, or at least the suspect ones, with a soldering iron.