Apple’s Healthbook will analyze your blood, weight, nutrition habits and more [Rumor]


9To5Mac reports that Apple is set to tackle the mobile healthcare and fitness-tracking space with iOS 8. Sources involved with the development claim that iOS 8 will come bundled with a new health-centric app called Healthbook.

These screenshots aren’t official by any means, but are “recreations” of what Apple is reportedly developing. The interface resembles current app Passbook’s card-based look, but instead has sections for things like blood sugar, oxygen saturation and weight. Apple has been making hires in the health field, suggesting they have an appropriate team in charge of Healthbook’s development.

What’s unclear at the moment is exactly how all these metrics will be tracked. It’s possible that Apple will partner with third-party companies to use their fitness trackers, but not everything available in the consumer space is capable of tracking these kinds of data. Another possibility is that the long-rumored iWatch will have this capability, though it would be surprising if a device that fits on your wrist would have all this functionality.

The report expects iOS 8, along with Healthbook, to be announced at this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, likely to be scheduled for sometime in June.

[via 9To5Mac]

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