Documents show that NSA has been spying on Huawei for quite some time

Huawei's office

The U.S. government has never been quiet about their suspicions concerning the Chinese company Huawei, believing them to be a security risk, but it seems that the National Security Agency (NSA) has also been spying on the company for years as well.

Thanks to more documents from Edward Snowden, we know that the NSA has built backdoors into Huawei’s servers, which the company has said connects a third of world’s population. The NSA has also been monitoring the communication of its executives, in an attempt to see if they have any connection to officials in the People’s Republic of China.

“Many of our targets communicate over Huawei-produced products,” it says in the NSA document that was leaked. “We want to make sure that we know how to exploit these products to gain access to networks of interest”

“The irony is that exactly what they are doing to us is what they have always charged that the Chinese are doing through us,” said a Huawei US senior exec to the New York Times.

[via The Verge, The New York Times]

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  • Ashraf

    [@Horrabin] Ditto. Everyone who has the capabilities to do it, is doing it. This is why I find all this finger pointing to be annoying, most of all how we Americans have a tendency to point fingers at what others (namely the Chinese) are doing while ignoring the fact that what we are doing is as bad or worse. I understand there is justification beyond spying and all that and that the whole world can’t simply get along, but please, don’t play innocent because almost nobody on the international stage is. That goes for everyone, regardless of nationality.

  • Horrabin

    Bah… I’ll bet every country on the planet that has any kind of decent tech capability is also spying on everyone else they’re able to. It’s just not in the spotlight. Yet.