CarLock helps to protect your car from theft


It’s never easy to protect your car from thieves, but it appears a change is on the horizon. There’s a new device available right now that is designed to track what is happening to your car, and it is called CarLock. Strangely enough, I am still trying to understand why it is called CarLock when it doesn’t lock the car, but that’s for another day.

OK, so once this bad boy is attached to your car’s OBD connector, it should then be ready to alert you via a smartphone app whenever your little darling is moving without your consent. After running out to catch the thief, you might realize that he’s already gone, so what to do?

Well, you’re a coward, see? So running down this guy is not in your best interest. Worry not, because CarLock has a built-in GPS chipset. Just simply report the incident to the police, show them the location of your car via the smartphone app, and let them do the rest. If you’re lucky, the thief might not spot the CarLock box, or he might not have crashed the car into the river.

What we have here is a great idea, but how long before car thieves realize CarLock exists? By then, we’ll be seeking out the next best thing.

CarLock will cost $99 for the kit, and $4.99 per month to cover the cost of the SIM card inside the little black-box.

 [via CarLock]

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