Say goodbye to Windows XP forever, because doomsday has arrived

So it’s true. That trusty old Windows XP has bid us all goodbye—for good. If you’re still hanging on to XP, you have to prepare yourself and finally switch to the newer Windows platform or possibly Linux (or Mac).

It’s been 12 years since the first release of Windows XP. It became the most famous OS in the world until 2012 and it is estimated 500 million users are still currently using it.

I liked Windows XP until I converted to being a Mac fan. I tried Windows Vista but the latter just didn’t work for most of the Windows user. As for Windows 7 and Windows 8, the two operating system worked but with each update, we’re seeing more and more problems.

Among all the Windows OS versions, we can consider Windows 95 and Windows XP as two of the most successful.

Microsoft has finally decided to end support for the Windows XP. This means the end for those still hanging on to the old version despite the release of newer ones. Support ended last April 8, 2014 and Microsoft will no longer support the operating system. It’s already phased out so please, if you’re still a Windows XP user, move on. Let. It. Go.

If you’re to ask me, I’d say you go for Windows 7 or Windows 8, either of the two will do. Skip Vista. Your aging platform very well needs a replacement. It’s time.

Microsoft was kind of enough to admit the end. The Redmond-based company said it’s time for them to ‘invest resources toward supporting more recent technologies’. Technical assistance will no longer be available, as well as, automatic updates. Because of this, your PC won’t be as secure and will be vulnerable to viruses and security risks.

Say goodbye and switch to Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Linux or Mac.

[via Technibble, Microsoft]

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  • zingorules


    I don’t see how this is unethical or even blackmail. Microsoft extended the original end of support date once already. Everyone has had plenty of chance to switch OS’s to whatever they want. I find I prefer Win 7 over XP by quite a lot. It’s unreasonable to expect a company to keep supporting a 12 year old system, that is extremely outdated, just because you don’t want to move on. There have been a lot of security updates and performance updates with Win 7. I find it functions better too.

    In regards to MS office, I understand you don’t like the ribbon, that your opinion, I actually find it to be helpful and find the older versions of MS Office lose quite a bit of functionality especially in the Excel area.

    This isn’t a stab in the back either. A stab in the back would be if they one day shut down support without telling anyone. You’ve had years to prepare. They told you in advance! They were very nice about it. I can hardly see what you are so upset about.

  • Louis

    Indeed, I have, in daily use, despite all the unwarranted criticisms, one of the best machines I’ve ever bought, for its purpose : An Asus eeePC Netbook running pre-installed Win XP Pro SP3. This thing has a 10″ screen, does everything as well or better than any tablet (no part of me ever wants to touch my screen), and it’s in fact a real computer, with humongous battery life ! With real and functional Windows applications, such as MS Office 2003 (which I prefer, since I hate the ribbon with a passion, and went back to Office 2003 on all my machines.) etc. I commute regularly, and spend weekends away from home, and it’s the best machine I’ve ever bought, still able to do everything the most modern device from today can do.

    As for security, I run ESET & ZoneAlarm, and regularly sweep for nasties with other anti-malware, while running through a VPN. I certainly am not going to be emotionally blackmailed by MS and it’s numerous cronies all shouting for the demise of the greatest OS on the planet (try running Win 7 on this little machine ! And don’t even mention the Starter Ed — that’s nothing more than crapware). And like Jim said, as a backup, have a bare-metal clean image made directly after a SP3 slipstreamed install, as your final security to fall back on to, burned on backup discs. But even better : make system images using EaseUS TODO Free regularly after sweeping your machine, and store it on an external drive.

    Using anything else than Microsoft XP isn’t an option — I’ve got just too huge a library of still useful and functional software, tried and tested and patched, to ever consider anything like Linux (not that I don’t respect it, it’s just not practical — and running Windows applications over WINE will require more RAM than my system currently have and need)

    This was my advice to my mother, who is still running , very successfully, my 5 year old desktop system, at a snappy speed, on XP SP3 — If your system has drivers for XP, use XP, if you are running a desktop, use a VPN & an ADSL router for additional firewall support — just open your case every month and remove all the dust. Again, in this case — ‘upgrading’ to Win 7 … why ? It will need more RAM, which won’t fit on the existing motherboard. New motherboard won’t accommodate existing CPU …… so eventually one would replace just about everything inside the case, this just to avoid ……what ? There are no direct benefits to upgrading a PC successfully running XP SP3 , so do not be bullied and pushed to needlessly upgrade, and in the process also having to buy more expensive hardware components, all in the name of security — it’s all a money game for MS.

    MS is behaving unethically on so many levels : They really, if you think about this clearly, have no right stopping support for their OS that’s still successfully run by one third of the world or more — this including huge organisations, including modern banks with branch networks, that still run solidly on the network editions of XP.

    This is all about sufficient hardware after all, and we’re not exactly talking about hardware from the 80’s. The honourable and legitimate thing would be to keep on supporting their own OS, be loyal to their clients (who did pay for those Win XP copies , remember ???), until their clients no longer need the support, not the other way round, i.e. while they still run hardware that requires XP. Stab your clients in the back, whose money you eagerly raked in … way to go Microsoft !!!

    Jacal is right, XP will eventually be eliminated organically, in time — however there are plenty of replacement parts & drivers for existing systems to last over the medium term still (but not soon enough for these greedy MS SOB’s !).

  • andy collins

    Who says that trusty old Windows XP has bid us all goodbye? 500 million users are still currently using it. There is no need to do anything unless you actually WANT to replace it. Many won’t want to.

  • Jacal

    I wouldn’t buy windows 7 for a machine, designed for xp, and I wouldn’t replace a machine, that still serves well. The number of xps will decrease with retirement of old computers. No hurry.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Wait a minute… Obama told me if I liked my OS I could keep it!

    Truthfully, I have an old desktop with XP on it. I was using it as a home media server, then the power supply died. Instead of replacing it, we bought a Roku, so no more need for the media server.

    XP is a good OS, but I recommend moving on. Buy a copy of Windows 7… it’s better than XP. Heck, it’s better than Windows 8!

    If you want to get adventurous, install Mint or Zorin or one of the other Windows-friendly Linux distros. The learning curve isn’t as steep as you might think, and if you’re like me you’ll have fun trying out all the different flavors.

  • Col. Panek

    Read my tips on dual-booting Linux. It will let you run your precious XP when you need it, while still running a modern OS to surf the net.

    Like me, you’ll find yourself booting XP less and less, as you find apps that replace your old friends (or run on WINE).

  • Hilary Elder

    Not in the UK!

  • GeorgeB

    Hah! You’ll have to try and crowbar my five legally paid for WinXP installations from my expired cold claws!! Then I’ll haunt you forever with images from Windows Vista’s permanently spinning “busy” cursor … or let you dream of being trapped in Windows 8’s Metro interface without a touch screen or mouse!!! Or I can migrate to a Linux OS … now that Steam has games available for it… Decisions, decisions, I hate decisions!! Agree with Jim-1 – I regularly create an image backup of my C:\ WinXP drive, and have in the past successfully restored it as well, so I know it works.

  • Jim-1

    I made a system backup of the C: drive that XP is installed on. If I do pick up a bad actor, I hope that I will be able to format the drive, and then restore the system backup copy to get XP working again OK.

  • Unicorn02

    Anyone that still needs to have XP running, here my advise to keep it quite safe:
    1. Only connect to the internet through a router (NAT Firewall).
    2. Do not log on with a user that has local administrator rights.
    3. Do not use Internet Explorer anymore. Also do not use Outlook Express anymore. Instead use Firefox, Chrome or Thunderbird and keep them regularly updated.
    4. Use free Avast Antirus 2014 and enable “Hardened Mode-Aggressive” in the Settings. This will prompt you for the execution of any unknown/new/unsigned executables. Also Avast DeepScreen will analyse unknown files still in a Sandbox before executing them.