Land Rover’s amazing new tech makes your car’s hood transparent, eliminates blind spots


Land Rover’s new concept is designed to eliminate blind spots and give drivers a better view of what’s in front of them. It also happens to do it in such a way that looks pretty cool.

It’s called the Transparent Bonnet Concept and it utilizes cameras that are mounted on the car’s grille to capture a view that’s normally obscured from the driver by the car’s hood. The video feed is then projected onto the windshield where the hood is normally seen, giving the impression that the hood has actually turned transparent. By using this tech, drivers can more easily see objects and terrain that’s directly in front of the car, and also the angle and positioning of their wheels.

At next week’s New York Auto Show, Land Rover will be demonstrating the technology further. And maybe hopefully, they’ll bring this to the other areas of the car — the rear view would benefit greatly from something like this.

[via BGR]

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