1TB cloud storage costs just $2.50 per month at MediaFire, plus new desktop apps


After being in beta since late last year, MediaFire is ready to launch its desktop apps. With the free applications, which are available on both Windows and OS X, it looks like the company is ready to take on the likes of Dropbox. The applications work exactly like you’d expect Dropbox would, with the ability to select folders that sync to your cloud storage. Previously, MediaFire users had to upload files via the web. Individual files of up to 20GB in size can now be uploaded as well.

With the launch of the new apps, MediaFire says they’ve also overhauled their storage plans. 1TB will now be priced at $5 per month, and for a limited time, they’re offering all their plans for half the price, bringing it down to $2.50 per month for 1TB. They’ve managed to undercut not only Dropbox with this move, but even Google Drive. They even mention how they’re able to do this in their FAQ:

We operate and own all of our own servers and network infrastructure, which allows us to undercut our competitors when it comes to cost. Many of our competitors rely on AWS, which is both cost prohibitive, and introduces potential security and privacy vulnerabilities.

The company will also launch updated iPad and Android apps in the near future.

[via MediaFire]

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