British businesses rejoice: Free domain (and basic web hosting)!

Are you a business operating in the United Kingdom but have not established an online presence (yet)? Well British Telecom wants you to get online; so BT – with the help of many other partners such as Google – has sponsored the GBBO (Getting British Businesses Online) initiative which allows British businesses to get a domain – along with basic web hosting – for free for up to two years (after the first two years a fee of a “few pounds” will be charged to renew the domain for another two years):

Since I don’t live in the UK nor do I own a business operating in the UK, I can’t test out this service for everyone. However, if you are a British business without a website, this is a golden opportunity to score one now – for free. Visit to get started.

Thanks noddle!

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  • Joji

    So you have to be british in order to get a domain for
    What about us Canadians? We are like they BFFs since… ugh, 18 century (dang… I’m forgetting my Canadian history! D:)?
    LoL… joking joking, nice post though!

  • RobCr

    I will make a prediction.
    Australia which is –
    slightly smaller than the United States mainland which is 7,827,848 square kilometers (does not include Hawaii and Alaska).
    is in the process of cabling the whole country with high speed broadband.
    The inhabitants are not impressed (considering our sparse population, and the vast expanses). They are fearful of the cost vs the benefit.
    I predict that our Government will hear of the UK offering, and come up with a similar plan.