Free Prevx SafeOnline!

Similar to the recently mentioned SentryBay Data Protection Suite, Prevx SafeOnline is a supplement security software which aims to help you protect your data from things like keyloggers, phishing websites, etc.:

Prevx SafeOnline comes as a part of Prevx 3.0, a full fledged security software that provides anti-malware features on top of the protection provided by Prevx SafeOnline that I just mentioned. However, the freebie of Prevx SafeOnline (sponsored via Prevx’s Facebook fan page; you do not need to be a fan to take advantage of this offer) works in such a way that you install Prevx 3.0, but you are only allowed to make use of the Prevx SafeOnline features; the anti-malware features of Prevx 3.0 are “disabled” in the sense that you can only scan your computer but not remove any malware that is detected… so don’t be confused when it tells you some features are disabled.

Take note that I experienced a huge slowdown of my Internet after installing Prevx SafeOnline. I am not particularly sure why this happened to me (maybe Prevx SafeOnline was conflicting with my other security software, or maybe Prevx SafeOnline is always causes a “slowdown” after it is installed initially then resumes normal speeds as you use it more) and I hope it doesn’t happen to everyone else – just a word of caution, though.

That said, you can grab Prevx SafeOnline from the follow link (just download and install it – you don’t need to register anything):

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher

Works with Internet Explorer 5/6/7/8, Firefox 1/2/3, Google Chrome 2/3, and Opera 9/10

Version reviewed: v3.0.5.106

Free updates: Unknown

Prevx SafeOnline homepage

Facebook Prevx SafeOnline promotion page (NOTE: Make sure you login/register to Facebook when visiting this page.)

[Prevx SafeOnline direct download]

Thanks Giovanni!

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  • Ashraf

    @Janet: I agree that this promotion is directed through Facebook and you need to have a Facebook account to go access to this promotion. So, then, why – with my annoying emphasis on ethics for dotTech – did I post a direct link to Prevx SafeOnline? My reasoning this such: This promotion is being run by Prevx, not Facebook. In other words, Facebook has nothing to do with this promotion except that a Facebook fan page is being used as a launching platform. So, essentially, signing up for/logging into a Facebook account has no direct or indirect benefit or harm to the developer of Prevx since you do not have to become a fan of their Facebook fan page in order to get access to the software – you only need a Facebook account. Therefore, people who signup for a Facebook account to take advantage of this offer would only be benefiting Facebook, who is not a direct party involved in this promotion and any benefit to them is not the goal of this promotion. However, the more people that use Prevx SafeOnline, the more benefit the developer of Prevx will have (notice the ton of built-in advertisement) – the benefit to the developer is not directly correlated with how many accounts Facebook gets from this promotion but rather how many people use the software. Hence, usually I shy away from even ethically “gray” freebies, but this one I thought it would is OK to post.

    Now, if Facebook was not a free service (i.e. users would have to pay to become Facebook users) or one had to become a fan of Prevx’s Facebook fan page to take advantage of this offer, I would agree that yes it is unethical for me to post a direct link to Prevx SafeOnline and that only Facebook users should take advantage of this offer.

    I hope that helps. You may or not may agree with me, but believe me when I say I only had good intentions in mind when posting this.

  • Grr

    everything is unethical…..believe it or not..

    i don’t care…

  • giovanni (Ethical King of Freebies…LOL!)

    Hi all!
    Actually there is  another PROMO of PREVX (PREVX 3.0)  even better and more comprehensive than SAFEONLINE  (it includes SAFEONLINE module also ):
    Please note that although SAFEONLINE and PREVX 3.0 are essentially separate products in the end they come shipped as one.
    SAFEONLINE is more unobtrusive to the end user as its intention is to secure the user when browsing online, but if you install PREVX 3.0, you will receive SAFEONLINE as well alongside it without any hassle whatsoever  (Facebook Prevx  fan is just an option….LOL!)
    Now, according to the developer,  Prevx 3 provides advanced system protection without dragging down your system resources or interfering with other AV products.
    This product has been designed to be “set and forget” meaning that, after installing it, it will remain up to date preventing infections to your system with minimal user interaction and as far as I’m aware it’s compatible with all AV products available on the market.
    What makes  PREVX 3.0 different to other AV products is its capability to block targeted threats and complex rootkits already installed into users’ systems that other AV products fail to find, making it a perfect companion for an user’s existing AV product.
    For instance, SAFEONLINE  module provides protection over credentials and browser instances, so  once  Prevx sees you are visiting a secured website (i.e. it will load protection onto that instance meaning that keystrokes typed into the browser will be protected, giving you maximum protection even if your PC is infected by a bloody keylogger.
    Here you can find a report concerning SAFEONLINE vs Leaktests:

    As you can see PREVX SAFEONLINE passed all the leaktests on which  it was tested.
    Please note that   Prevx scored no.1 in recent tests among other similar well-known  security apps (so it’ s definitely not a CRAP tool…LOL!)
    They have also just released a new beta version of Prevx 3.0 with SafeOnline build

    To recap my intention in addition to your AV, FIREWALL and Antispyware. was only to give you an extra-layer protection and I strongly believe that PREVX is currently the best free tool out there capable of giving such extra-protection.
    So can’t see why somebody here considered my suggestion as an “unethical” tip.
    As  for the the slowdown of your system,  Ashraf,  well this may depend on what kind of security programs you have installed in your PC.
    However I found your issue pretty strange as I’ve never experienced such slowdown on my slow and very old home PC.
    My suggestion is to ask help on their official forum  as I did a few weeks ago (there are  friendly & kind guys there always available to give you a solution on every issue you experience with PREVX):
    Finally, as far as the compatibility with SANDBOXIE is concerned,  please refer to this thread (as you can see they are working to solve this issue…so be patient).
    Hope this helps.

  • Joji

    @Ashraf: I see… provided I have this ESET sh#t-ware edition on my computer (password protected by school, so I can’t turn on and off anything), Malwarebyte, and Keyscrambler, I don’t think I need anything more… but I’ll test run this and give a mini review for dot.Tech. :)


  • Adam

    Yeah, I’m passing on this one.  Won’t clean infections unless you pony up for a subscription and majorly slowed down my PC when launching applications.

  • dean

    @Ashraf: It slows my PC a bit…& it blocks FastStone Capture….but didn’t block Solid Capture…wierd..

  • phoenix_rising

    @Joji: Yep, just download the install file from the link and install.

  • Joji

    I don’t have a facebook account, and I’m not allowed to make an account on facebook. So how the heck am I going to get the product key or what ever? Or is it with the direct download?

    Update: Wait, so it’s with the direct download thing right? Just making sure…

  • phoenix_rising

    This is going round in circles. Please refer to the previous discussion on this issue in the forums in which this is discussed. I – and others – have happily downloaded and installed this without ever looking at Facebook.

  • Janet

    1. You DO have to join Facebook.

    2. You do NOT have to become a Facebook fan of Prevx.

  • phoenix_rising

    @leofelix: I would suggest that it is you who needs to do the reading. I am not the only one now saying that you categorically do not have to join Facebook to use it.

  • Ryan

    Hi Ashraf,
    You are right. You don’t need to be a facebook fan of Prevx to get it. In fact, I’m using it for sometime now. It’s a great software. It provides another layer of protection. The version I have is v3.0.5.67.
    Thanks for your great review and link to the software.

  • Jeanjean

    That’s right : there is no restriction, the soft can be used on a desktop PC.
    @ ashraf : I also note a slowdown experienced at the beginning of its use, but I soon found that it came from the fact that, by default, the program starts scanning at the opening.
    You must go to the configuration and delete this option.
    When it find something (bad) the central button becomes red and – mostly – it is not too difficult to remove the “dirty beast” with the indications that it gives.
    It’s a good program !

  • Ashraf

    @leofelix: You clearly did not read my earlier comment. I will repeat it for you:

    Okay I did a bit more digging and I found Prevx’s page on Facebook that is promoting Prevx SafeOnline for free. However, you do not have to become a Prevx fan to get it. All you need to do is login to Facebook, visit and click on the image which will take you to which redirects you to the promotion page I mentioned in my earlier comment.

    That said, I have modified the post a bit to include clear information that this is a promotion sponsored via Prevx’s Facebook fanpage and have provided a link to the page. Is that fair enough?

  • leofelix

    @ Ashraf I’m not accusing you.
    The evidence is that people have to pay for it or join facebook.
    So Try to click here, without being a facebook user and tell me if you can get it for free

    Thank you

  • Ashraf

    @leofelix: Why did you completely dodge the proof I just provided? I am not disagreeing with you that this isn’t a promotion done via Facebook; I clearly stated it is. My point is that you don’t need to be a Facebook fan of Prevx to take advantage of this promotion – anyone can get it, regardless of if you become a fan or not… you just need to jump through a bunch of URL redirect loops. So, I see no reason why 1) I can’t post about this and 2) provide a link to grab the download saving people the time and effort to go through multiple URL redirections.

    If you are so knowledgeable about the issue and so well connected, I ask that you have a Prevx rep come here and backup what you are saying.

  • leofelix

    @ Ashraf : so tell me why if you visit the official webpage of PREVX SaveOnline you are asked to pay?
    Sub-Total: €11.95
    @ phoesing_rising: I do not need to see that link.
    I’m already a member of Wilderssecurity forum, I own and use PREVX full paid version and I’m also testing the latest releases candidate.
    I’d suggest you to have a look at the official PREVX  foum at wilderssecurity

  • phoenix_rising

    @Ashraf: You don’t have to be a Facebook user, Ashraf. So don’t worry about it. You just download and install it.

    @ leofelix: See for previous discussions about it.

  • Ashraf

    @leofelix and Ashraf:Okay I did a bit more digging and I found Prevx’s page on Facebook that is promoting Prevx SafeOnline for free. However, you do not have to become a Prevx fan to get it. All you need to do is login to Facebook, visit and click on the image which will take you to which redirects you to the promotion page I mentioned in my earlier comment. If you had to become a fan to get this for free, I would agree with you that it is unethical for me to post this offer without mention of becoming a fan on Facebook. However, you need not become a fan on Facebook to take advantage of this offer, so I am sorry but I see this as being OK.

  • Ashraf

    @leofelix: Do you? The promotion page where I got the download link ( gives no indication of such a requirement (not even a “thank you for being our fan”) – it just provides a download link. However, now that you mention it, I can see that this could be a become-our-fan-on-Facebook promotion. That said, I am not a Facebook user so if you can please provide me with the details on what exactly one has to do for this promotion, I will be more than happy to correct my post.

  • phoenix_rising

    @leofelix: “… In order to get PREVX SafeOnline for free you must be a facebook fan of PREVX, first”. No you don’t. That’s completely false. Anyone can download and install it (I am already a PrevX user – but most definitely not a Facebook user). And what on earth is unethical about this? What is wrong or unethical about posting about, and providing a link to, an openly available freeware product? “With due respect”, please get your facts right before making such criticisms/accusations.

  • leofelix

    Hi Ashraf,
    With due respect: In order to get PREVX SafeOnline for free you must be a facebook fan of PREVX, first.
    Giovanni reported an old news and provided you a direct link: this is unethical, sorry to say
    However, free upgrades are available as well.
    It is incompatble with Sandboxie

  • Ashraf

    As mentioned in a comment in the Sentry Data Protection Suite, because I know someone is bound to ask me, no I personally will not use Prevx SafeOnline. Why? Because the software mentioned in my free security software post provide sufficient protection (including anti-phishing and anti-keylogging), I really don’t want to experience 56k connection speeds, and the anti-screen capture feature of Prevx SafeOnline makes it a pain to take screenshots, which I do on daily basis.