Free Prevx SafeOnline!

Similar to the recently mentioned SentryBay Data Protection Suite, Prevx SafeOnline is a supplement security software which aims to help you protect your data from things like keyloggers, phishing websites, etc.:

Prevx SafeOnline comes as a part of Prevx 3.0, a full fledged security software that provides anti-malware features on top of the protection provided by Prevx SafeOnline that I just mentioned. However, the freebie of Prevx SafeOnline (sponsored via Prevx’s Facebook fan page; you do not need to be a fan to take advantage of this offer) works in such a way that you install Prevx 3.0, but you are only allowed to make use of the Prevx SafeOnline features; the anti-malware features of Prevx 3.0 are “disabled” in the sense that you can only scan your computer but not remove any malware that is detected… so don’t be confused when it tells you some features are disabled.

Take note that I experienced a huge slowdown of my Internet after installing Prevx SafeOnline. I am not particularly sure why this happened to me (maybe Prevx SafeOnline was conflicting with my other security software, or maybe Prevx SafeOnline is always causes a “slowdown” after it is installed initially then resumes normal speeds as you use it more) and I hope it doesn’t happen to everyone else – just a word of caution, though.

That said, you can grab Prevx SafeOnline from the follow link (just download and install it – you don’t need to register anything):

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher

Works with Internet Explorer 5/6/7/8, Firefox 1/2/3, Google Chrome 2/3, and Opera 9/10

Version reviewed: v3.0.5.106

Free updates: Unknown

Prevx SafeOnline homepage

Facebook Prevx SafeOnline promotion page (NOTE: Make sure you login/register to Facebook when visiting this page.)

[Prevx SafeOnline direct download]

Thanks Giovanni!

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