dotTech Exclusive: Free WinX DVD Copy!

WinX DVD Copy is a software that allows you to backup/copy your DVDs (DVD-5 and DVD-9 supported). Here is a list of major features included in WinX DVD Copy as per the developer:

For a limited time – until May 15, 2010 – you can get WinX DVD Copy for free! To get WinX DVD Copy for free, follow these simple directions:

Supported OS: Windows 98 and higher

Version being given out for free:

Free updates: No

  • Download and install WinX DVD Copy.
  • After installation, run WinX DVD Copy and you should be prompted to register the software:

Register it with the following:

  • Reg Name: dvdcopydottech

Note: This promotion is available to everyone – everyone may get it for free. However, this is a promotion. Please do not copy, paste, or reprint this registration information anywhere else including private or public forums, blogs, file hosting services, etc. If you want to spread information about this offer, you may link to this article by providing a permalink (alternative link) to your audience.

  • Enjoy!
  • (After you have used/tested WinX DVD Copy, feel free to share your experience with the rest of us in the comments below – a quick “review” if you will – so we all get to know what is good and what is bad about WinX DVD Copy and the developer gets valuable feedback.)

If you have trouble taking advantage of this offer, please post below and I will try to help.

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  • 3K3

    Hello Ashraf
    I made WinX DVD Copy Portable. I’m posting a link to the zip package:

    Package will be available for download till May 15th. I will not post anywhere else this link.
    Thanks Ashraf for this wonderful site.

  • David Roper

    I installed it.  It never asked me for reg code, so I wrote support.
    Here’s their answer to me.  Wonderful news.
    Hi David,
    Thank you for your message!

    Your Winx DVD Copy is already full version, not need to enter Reg code.
    Best regards,
    WinX DVD Support Team
    =========end message==========

    Again I repeat.  I never entered a reg code or user name, and that is why I wrote to them – ie to find out how to enter the name and reg code given on DotTech.
    Could it be that I had reg a previous version and that’s why It worked out this way.  I dunno. Don’t remember.
    Given here for Facts only.


  • giovanni

    So has anyone tried this FREEBIE??

    From your (a little bit) confused comments it looks like the answer is NOT, you haven’t!!

    And to make things worse it looks like this FREEBIE refers to an old version of this program…right?

    But what if I could show you how to copy a protected DVD (and blue Ray Disc) for FREE??

    Yes, you heard me right….FREE….LOL!!

    After all I usually sign myself as  KING OF FREEBIES, so I  have to safeguard my reputation somehow , haven’t I? LOL!!

    Although ENGLISH is (unfortunately…LOL!) not my first language, I could write an article on this issue showing you how to do that without spending a dime nor relying on outdated (and limited time) FREEBIES such as this one.

    Ashraf just let me know if you are interested in deepening this matter further on your website, ok?

  • bk

    I installed on both laptop and home computers….both freeze up when attempting to use or an “analysis DVD…” window pops up and nothing happens…..any suggestions?

  • bk

    I installed the program on my laptop and home computers. When trying to run the program, both systems freeze up or an “analysis DVD…” box pops up and nothing happen. Any suggestions?

  • Jeanjean

    Thanks for the offer !

  • Friend

    AOA Ashraf,
    Thanks for WinX DVD Copy. It is working fine on Windows 7 x64. Looking for giveaway of Kaspersky. I need it urgently.

  • karen

    How does this compare to DVDSmith?

  • David Roper

    When I installed this copy, it has yet to ask my for REG Code that DotTech supplied to register it.  I have written support and am awaiting their answer.
    My copy is Copyrighted 2006.  It’s been 4 years?
    Also their “ad” for their DVD Player is spelled Palyer.  Careless writing == careless coding??

  • Mr.Dave

    It’s unfortunate the software hasn’t been updated since July of 2006!  (Whatsnew.txt: 2006, WinX DVD Copy, version Build 0607141).  I’m hoping it has no issues with Vista which was still a twinkle in Microsoft’s eye at that point!
    WinX website doesn’t say what the current version is, but the file is almost 4 times larger.  That may be the difference between Pro and Free versions, but site also says it’s compatible with Vista & Win7.
    Installed OK but some of the text goes past the edge of the unsizable program window and is not visible (for example, buttons say “Brow” and “Brows”)
    Thanks, Ashraf and Digiarty, for the chance to try this one.  I’ll give it a shot next time I need to back up a DVD — I don’t like to loan out originals to anyone!  If this version works, it may well be worth upgrading to the newer full version.

  • 3K3

    Hello Ashraf
    I would like to thank you for this wonderfull offer.
    I like to make my programs portable (it’s my hoby) so I can carry them around on a usb stick. So I made this program portable too and would like to share the way how to make this program portable with all the visitors of your site. Can I do that? Would that be in some sort of conflict with anything? In program’s doc ‘li.txt’ faund this:
    ” The primary user of the COMPUTER on which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is installed may make a second copy for his or her exclusive use on a portable computer.” I think this includes usb or other portable media too. I am willing to make a detail instructions on how to do it and it doesn’t involve file altering.
    Once again many thanks for the work you are doing.

  • HiPockets

    Hey, Ashraf!
    There have been several Win X DVD giveaways from several sites,
    but when trying to download the giveaway, I always get the message
    “Firefox [ 3.6.3 ] can’t find the server at“.
    The same message pops up with today’s link of

    I have tried the links in Opera and IE8 with no luck.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your site, your work, and in advance for your help.

  • gpc111

    This looks like a nice find. Thank you for the heads up. Everyone here greatly appreciates your efforts in finding freebies and your reviews. Take care.

  • phoenix_rising

    For those who have a Mac, you can get WinX DVD Ripper ($39.95) for free at
    It’s a time-limited offer, I believe, so if you’re interested, you might want to get it while its there.

  • Giovanni

    Hi all!

    Nice FEREEBIE but has anybody tried it? Is it really able to remove any DRM protection?

    On SOFTPEDIA it got just a “fair” rating both from users and the editor even though SOFTPEDIA REVIEW refers to a previous version.

    So at first glance it looks like an ordinary program.

  • Mario

    Hi Ashraf,
    maybe you could write an article showing the differences between all those “different”  WinX products – Author, Ripper and Copy – it seems to me that they kind of overlap a lot!

  • Digish A D

    Plus DVD clone.

  • Digish A D

    Thanks Ashraf,
    If you has not offered, we would have missed. I have not tested it yet. Loved the DVD Ripper of this company. I think I may not be disappointed.
    Basically this must be an iso creator.

  • peterb

    Hello Ashraf :)
    Thank you for this fine offer.

  • Ashok

    Great giveaway. However, last year I bought a lifetime license of AnyDVD/CloneDVD which is updated frequently so will have to pass this one. Thanks Ashraf for bringing good software value to us!