Show.kit ***Fixed Show.kit released

Giveaway of the day for December 19, 2008 is Show.kit.

Eltima Software has released an updated version of Show.kit on GOTD. It is supposed to fix the registration and license issue. I can confirm that it does in fact fix the registration and license issue but I still get a “You are in demo” error when trying to access the default template for Flash/HTML Websites. All the other templates work fine. The updated Show.kit you can download from the normal download link at GOTD. It should say Show.kit(upd).zip.

I know I said I was writing a review like 6 hours ago, but I kinda sorta fell asleep by accident >.>. Going somewhere right for the weekend, so I am going to be incommunicado for the weekend. I was hoping to write a full review before I go, but that is not possible.

But, I will say this before I go: Without access to Show.kit is not a keeper. There are only 5 templates that you can actually use for your website. All other templates (even the intro and loader ones) have some sort of waterwark. So while the 5 ‘purchased’ templates that come with the giveaway today are really nice, that does not justify keeping the whole program, although if hard drive space is not a issue, you might just want to keep the program for those 5 templates.

If you are really interested in flash website templates and intros, google “free flash templates” and “free flash intros”. You will find tons of them. Unfortunetly for most you will need Macromedia Flash to properly edit. But for some you may not; its a gamble. Flash objects are a monopoly owned by Adobe =(.


***Full review pending because program does not register properly. I get a “19.12.2008 is not a valid date.” error window when trying to register Show.kit.

Update: I just noticed. In “System Requirements” Vista is not listed. This maybe why it will not register properly on my machine – I am on Vista Home Premium 32-bit. If anyone gets this program to register properly, please leave a comment here saying so.

Update2: I chatted with Eltima Software’s IT Manager and she tested it out and agreed with me that there is a problem. She said Eltima Software is going to perform an internal investigation and they will post an update on the GOTD website.

Update3: GOTD Project Staff posted a comment (#11) that the registration error has been fixed. Well I still get error and Eltima’s IT Manager sounds like she has no idea what that comment is about – she said she is still working on a solution.

Update4: Changing time format not region to German(Germany) allows you to register this software correctly. Thank you hauptstadtde. Working on a full review.

Update5: Bloody hell. I am really getting annoyed with this software. Changing time/date format to German(Germany) lets you register the software, but when I clicked on “Slide 1″ for a Flash or HTML website template, I got an error telling me I was in Demo mode!

I checked in Help -> About and it says I have registered properly. =X

Update6: Somehow after trying over and over, I am able to access Flash/HTML Templates. Guess it is time to write a full review now.

For her part, Maria (the IT Manager for Eltima) has assured me that an update for this program will be released later today that will fix all these issues.


The following series of screenshots show the steps you must take in order to arrive at the window where you can enter the registration code and the error I get once I enter it:

This is what error window comes up after I hit “OK”:

Since manually entering the registration code is giving an error, the fault is most likely developer side, but just in case, I decided to try some usual troubleshooting methods when a program does not register properly.

I first right click -> Run As Administrator. I copy + pasted the registration information. Still get “19.12.2008 is not a valid date” error.

Then I restarted my computer. I ran the program, and entered the registration information. I did this twice: once I ran the program normally, and once as administrator. Still get “19.12.2008 is not a valid date” error.

Lastly, I uninstalled the program with revouninstaller. I reinstalled it but I ran Setup.exe as Administrator. I ran the program and entered registration information. I did this twice: once normally, and once as Administrator. Still get “19.12.2008 is not a valid date” error.

Last but not least, I Right Clicked on the program -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Run as Windows XP. Then I ran the program (as Admin and normally) and entered the registration information. Still get “19.12.2008 is not a valid date” error.

This program seems like a really nice program, but if it will not register…


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