AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter v2.5.3 now freeware and huge discounts available on AnyBizSoft PDF converter products

AnyBizSoft has recently been running a “freebie promotion” of their PDF to Word Converter (v2.5.3)  software. Now, AnyBizSoft has decided to make PDF to Word Converter v2.5.3 freeware with users having the option of purchasing v3.0.0 (v3.0.0 makes improvements to PDF to Word Converter such as removing the dependency on Microsoft Word, and converting tables better). To learn more about AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter v2.5.3, feel free to read the full review I wrote on it back in January. To get AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter v2.5.3 for free, download the software and request a registration key.

That said, I would also like to take this opportunity to inform everyone about large discounts available on AnyBizSoft PDF converter products, such as AnyBizSoft PDF Converter (which can do PDF -> Word/Excel/PowerPoint/HTML/Text):

To take advantage of these discounts, visit the special discounts promotion page.

Now, I know many of you must be thinking “…for Giveaway Participants” – what “giveaway”? Let’s just say you should keep your eyes peeled for a AnyBizSoft-dotTech giveaway in the near future.

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  • Paul

    I tried to use the link that dottech gave to get the free license, but it did not show anyplace to download the key so I had to download the older free software, so I’ve rated my findings on that software.

    I’ve tried many PDF to Word conversion programs to convert the legal documents that I had to modify, but every time the other software read the document so poorly that I would have to have the PDF and converted files open and compare them to ensure there were no errors. The first document I converted with this software worked flawlessly!!!

    In the future, when the need arises, I will look at the software the have first, and if it meets my needs I will definitely purchase it!

  • Josh

    Installed this on Win XP SP2. Works like a charm! Thanks very, very much.     BTW, I don’t agree with Joji i.r.o. specialised OS tweaks and security patches being offered on dottech. There are zillions of sites where you can find those. Don’t clutter dottech with it. Stick to freeware programs. Anyway, some freeware offers do include OS tweaking.

  • Friend

    AOA Ashraf,
    Thanks for the software. It is only 32-bit compatible. Moreover, they are giving away same key to all participants.

  • AlanR

    @ #10 Shankar
    Here’s one for you

  • Shankar

    Can a good soul give links to AskVG and Gizmo?

  • jumbi


  • Joji

    @ebony: but what dot.Tech lacks is OS tweaks and security updates for browsers and OS systems. That’s Ask VG’s specialty. The main owner, VG, works in Microsoft, so he always gets the new tech updates and all that to share with his fellow friends. :)


  • AOA Ashraf
    Thanks a lot :).

  • Ron

    Nice bit of software, Ashraf. I picked this version up in an early February promotion and really like it. One of my favorite features is the ability to convert several PDF files at one go. A 50-page file takes about 15 seconds on this machine, with good results. It’s not perfect when  handling tables, but nothing’s ever been completely mangled. Although I think the 3.0 version ($) does this better, it’s certainly not a show-stopper for me. Recommended.

  • ebony

    @David Roper:
    I agree with Roper and Joji. I too am grateful for dotTech. There is a variety of experience here, hardware, software and users who know how to tweak and get the most mileage  from resources.
    You get the tips, tricks and the how not to traps and all for a very low price. :)

  • Josh

    You can open, edit and save Office 2007 files with the FREE Office 2007 File Compatibility patch (downloadable from Microsoft’s website). It patches Office 2003 and enables it to also open/edit/save 2007 files, e.g. after edititing, you can save .DOCX as .DOC files. It can do the same with Excel, Powerpoint, etc. It installs very easily and works 100%.

  • David Roper

    AskVG AND DOTTech are both nice sites to start with for anything you want to changes on your PC from or to your OS. And don’t forget Gizmo, either. Three top sites

    I agree with Joji.

    Ashraf’s dotTech is a site built for users and I find it friendlier and easier to use and navigate.  After all, it’s updated t least once a day.
    This isn’t a contest, however, where only one site wins.  We all win.
    I am thankful for that.

  • Joji

    Oh a week ago, I won a product key for “PDF Converter”, the all in one converter, for free! It was awesome… it helped me with my work! :D
    The giveaway was from AskVG, he gives away real good products! :D I won… hmm… 3 so far? I skipped one of the giveaways ’cause it wasn’t anything special.
    Though, I always seem to win since almost no one knew how to write a “meaningful comment” to VG when the event started. You see, there’s only a limited amount of product keys, and VG chooses a few peeps who wrote the most meaningful comment and gives them the product key by email. Hard to explain but you get the point.
    Though, VG’s site only focuses mainly on software security updates and OS tweaks and tips, it’s still an awesome site since you can learn how to make your computer all fancy and all that. That also doesn’t mean you should completely abandon dot.Tech. Dot.Tech focuses on everything and is more updated than AskVG. Dot.Tech is one of those “variety” sites where the author posts mix of everything. :D

  • muhammad

    thanks Ashraf