Free Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Professional!

Paragon Drive Backup Professional is a commercial backup (image and file) software. These are the main features of Paragon Drive Backup 10 Professional per the developer:

For a limited time (from Friday, 9:00AM on 30th of April  to 9:00AM on Tuesday, 4th of May EST) users can get Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Professional for free:

To get Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Professional for free, download it from the following links (keep in mind you will have to register during installation, just like you have to register all Paragon products):

Version being given out for free: v9.5

Free updates: No

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher

Download size: 300.2 MB

Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Professional promotion homepage [direct download]

Thanks zhrmrn!

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  • Glad your direct download still works – missed the GOTD yesterday!

  • Nathan

    I’m starting to wonder…. is Ashraf really connected to Giveawayoftheday?! Cause I got Paragon Drive Backup Professional 9.5 here a few days earlier and now it is on Giveawayoftheday! Hmm….

  • blue

    Seems to work fine in Windows 7. This appears to be a hybrid of v. 10 because it works on win7 and it offers FTP backup (which 9 doesn’t).

    Vs. 10Free it offers file backup and incremental backup. The added weight of the install comes from the various flavors of it (x86, x64, PE) that are included. No “bloat” at all.

    IMHO, this is well worth it. I *used* to be a big Acronis fan but Paragon does the same plus the PE version has some disk fixing ability that Acronis (TrueImage) doesn’t AND Paragon is a lot simpler to use. With Acronis I was never real sure of what I was overwriting and it was easy to make a mistake (though I never did). With Paragon, it is very clear what is being done

  • Jane

    @OldElmerFudd: Thank you :).

  • Dan Bromberg

    Based on #32’s link to compare versions, it doesn’t appear that a home user would benefit from the extra bloat in the pro compared to the freebie version. Thanks for the link, Gil!

  • GFoyle

    Thanks, Ashraf and OldElmerFudd!

  • Gil

    Since there’s some debate about whether this is version 9.5 or version 10 (I think the latter) then you might be interested in this:

  • Dan Bromberg

    I currently have Paragon’s 9.0 Personal Backup installed on my Vista/64 bit (home) PC. Any thoughts on the benefits of upgrading to this 9.5 Professional edition? It appears to be 3 times the size so what ‘must-have’ features are offered in this pro version?
    Thanks in advance for any and all replies!

  • (^-^)
  • o(o.o)o

    If you have the program installed, open it and under settings change the compression settings to Best. You may want to go to the program’s layout.ini and change a setting there. Change Best Compression level (2-9) = 2 to Best Compression level (2-9) = 9. This will reduce the archive size although it may prolong the process of making one and will use a bit more resources.

  • SS

    why not they highly compress the files

  • AlanR

    If you have previously registered with Paragon for any other of their software keys, you only need to enter the same (legitimate) e-mail address used before to get the new key.

  • mukhi

    can anybody tell me which the program for one to one back-up is? i don’t want OS and programs to be backed up, i simply want all of my files in an external drive to be backed up in another external drive in simplest form, for example, if i have two folders, say, videos and documents in the root of source drive, i want to see videos and documents folders in the root of destination drive (just like copy/paste of windows explorer). unfortunately, i find most back-up software don’t do this way.

  • John

    the splash screen says “Paragon Drive Backup 10.0” but the main screen says “Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Professional Edition”.

  • Joji

    Someone please help me for this:
    Who ever gives the best answer wins free ice cream. :P

  • o(o.o)o

    The download includes both the 32-bit and 64-bit installation files. I extracted the files from the 32-bit msi and compared them to files I extracted from Drive Backup Pro 10. All files from each extracted have the same md5 hashes except for hdm.dll.
    So in essence, this giveaway is Drive Backup Pro version which is fully compatible with windoze7, according to their product page that is.

  • Steven

    comes with v10 manual (pdf) and on Recovery boot CD in Help > About says: “Paragon Drive Backup 9.5, v10.0.10.10505 (Nov. 18, 2009)”

    …download includes 32 bit and 64 bit versions, says it will work with Windows 7, Recovery CD is Linux/DOS (not winPE)

  • Steven

    Very nice – will boot and detect drives on new Acer Aspire 7740 notebook with IDE mode set in BIOS – earlier Paragon products would not.

  • roi

    Thanks !!

  • Horst

    Thank you so much! :-)

  • OldElmerFudd
  • Ashraf

    @Farrukh: Happy birthday!

    @Continuity Expert: I posted v10 features (and I specifically mention they are v10 features) because there is no way of knowing v9.5 features (Paragon does not releases “feature lists” for special editions) and from past experience, I know that often times v9.5 = v10.

    @OldElmerFudd: Go ahead and post the registration URL, but not serial (serial is unique to each person anyway).

    @roi: This should work on Windows 7 AFAIK.

  • OldElmerFudd

    @roi: Possibly, but you get one shot at that page when first registering. I’ll install it on another machine to see if I can get it for him.

  • roi


    IMO Horst is asking for the registration-URL, not for the product key and serial

  • roi

    If the described features are from 10 Professional, does 9.5 work in Windows 7 ?

    Anyone may post the registration-URL ?

    Thank you very much

  • OldElmerFudd

    @Jane: It looks like the recovery disc will be Linux/Dos with this version. You can create a BartPE with the 2010 Suite, iirc.
    @Horst: If Ashraf is OK with it, I’ll post the product key and serial.

  • Continuity Expert

    The download is of version 9.5 Professional, yet when describing the feature set, you mention the features of v10 Professional…
    Now, I understand you probably did this because the feature sets are understandably similar. However, I think you should make clear anything you know or is documented to be different in the new version. Otherwise it could be considered misleading…

  • Gil


    Sorry about that OEF – I think I’m about thirteen years older than you – 1013. You still have a great username.

    Farrukh – Happy Birthday.

    Anyone know if this version of Paragon will automatically uninstall the GAOTD version I currently have on my computer?

  • Horst

    I know how this works. But i don´t want to install it now. And my primary PC is NOT running windoze.
    Since paragon will deactivate the reg-page after the giveaway period there is no need to keep the stupid URL secret!

    Last time the reg-page even was disabled the first two days of the giveaway period. After a few thousand mails to the support the page was finally available on the third day of the giveaway.

  • OldElmerFudd

    @OldElmerFudd: That’s “send me news, etc.” is checked by default. Sheesh…

  • OldElmerFudd

    @Horst: You call up the registration page during the installation process. After registering, Paragon sends you an email with the product key and serial number. Btw, on the registration page the “send me news, etc. is checked by dault. Uncheck if you don’t want anything like that
    @Gil: It’s Farrukkh’s birthday, not mine. My birthday is June 29th, about a thousand years ago…

  • Gil

    I have Paragon Drive Backup Professional 9.0 from a GAOTD download. If this were coming from GAOTD, the install process would first uninstall version 9.0.

    Is that true with this “give-away”?
    I certainly don’t want two versions on my computer.


    btw — Happy Birthday “OldElmerFudd” – great user name!

  • Horst

    Anyone willing to share the registration-URL?

  • OldElmerFudd

    @Farrukh: Well, Happy Birthday and many happy returns!
    While I still use Acronis and Genie-Soft products, I’ve always enjoyed the easy way Paragon Products preform. I have HDM Manager Suite 2010 on a laptop, so I’ll keep this for a friend’s machine. Thanks for the head’s up!

  • Unicorn02

    Hmm. No Windows 7 support…
    If you can live without file-based backup, go for the free 10.1 Edition instead. (Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition)

  • Jane

    Hi Ashraf,

    Do you know if this offer includes the WinPE recovery disk?

  • Aoa
    Great tool
    Thanks a lot :)
    its my birthday today (30 April) :)

  • I’ve had some problems with Paragon backup products, but this is worth a try at least.  What I need is a backup that will:
    1. Do a FULL backup copy of my C: drive, including page file, registry, etc.
    2. Do differential backups so only the files that have changed are added to the main backup.
    3. Allow me to test the backup without deleting or overwriting my C: drive. I should be able to boot from my backup drive if my main drive flakes.
    We’ll see if this has all of that.