Internet Explorer’s market share has dropped below 60%

According to Net Applications, an authority on Internet browser usage statistics, Internet Explorer (all the versions added together) is continually losing market share, and has finally dropped below 60%:

Meanwhile, as you can see from the graph, Firefox’s market share is at 24.59%, Opera and 2.3%, and Chrome at 6.73%. Chrome had the largest increase in market share at a increase from 2.4% only last year. This chart gives a better idea about the browse usage trend over the years:

It is interesting to note that other sources, such as W3Counter, say Internet Explorer market share is even lower than the 59% stated by Net Applications:

Further it is even more interesting to note that Firefox has already surpassed Internet Explorer as the most popular browser used by dotTechies (50% vs 30% roughly).

Of course no one knows exactly why Internet Explorer is losing market share (it is impossible to know exactly), but chances are it is because

  • Other browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, are offering enhanced features via extensions/addons. Internet Explorer also supports addons, but not to the extent of Firefox and Chrome.
  • Other browsers are boasting better speeds.
  • Awareness among users is being raised to the fact that Internet Explorer is not the only browser out there. Internet Explorer has a really bad reputation (particularly thanks to Internet Explorer 6) so when users find out about other browsers, many make the move.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter.

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