How to scroll any window without selecting it [Tip]

Usually, you must click on windows to scroll down their pages. However, with the WizMouse utility we can scroll through a page in a background window without selecting it. The software adds scrolling out of focus windows.

This is the software’s publisher website from which you can add it to Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Select the Click here to Download button to save the WizMouse setup.exe. Then run the WizMouse setup wizard to install it to Windows. When its running, you will find a WizMouse icon in the system tray as below.


Right-click on the WizMouse system tray icon to open its context menu. If it’s not already selected, select the Enabled option on the context menu. Then open a word processor package and website page in a browser as in the shot below. Select the word processor window, and move the cursor over the website page in the background. Now you can scroll up and down the website page with the mouse scroll wheel even though it’s not the selected window.


The software also has additional options that you can select by right-clicking on the WizMouse system tray icon and selecting settings. That opens the window in the shot below. There you can choose to start the software with Windows and enable mouse wheel for applications without mouse wheel support.


Overall, this is a handy utility to have. With it you can scroll through windows without switching between them. KatMouse is also a similar package that lets you scroll within other windows without selecting them.

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  • beergas

    Thanks. MS Intellimouse s/w sort of does this but not always depending on open windows. Tried KatMouse years back but found it too iffy – interfered more than helped. This is worth try.

  • Injeun

    First I’ve heard of it. I might give it a try. Thanks for the article.

  • Frank D

    Seems like a good little utility. Works as advertised. Thanks for the find and review.

  • BearPup

    I’ve been using WizMouse for several years now, and it is, literally, the first piece of software I load onto any computer I work on. The one caveat to its use – laptop computers need to have the touchpad disabled in order for WizMouse to take control of the mouse functions. To disable the touchpad on a laptop computer go to Device Manager, click on Human Interface Devices and find the listing for the touchpad (often using the PS/2 input); once found, right-click on it and select ‘Disable’, click OK, OK. If you try to uninstall the touchpad it will reappear the next time you boot your laptop; so click on ‘Disable’ instead.