College students can get Amazon Prime free for one year

Amazon Prime is an yearly subscription service ($79 per year) offered by which allows shoppers to get free two-day shipping or one-day shipping for $3.99 USD on most items purchased from (not all items are “Prime eligible”, though). If you are a college student (you need a valid .edu e-mail address) you have the ability to get Amazon Prime free for one year:

Visit the Amazon Student page to get more details and to signup.

Thanks Khalid!

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  • AJ214

    This a very nice share.
    Thanx Ashraf

  • Ashok

    It works! Simple registration via email sent to your .edu address. Thanks Ashraf!

  • Darthyoda

    Too bad not for Canadians, since I’m currently in college.

  • Jyo

    Yup, did this yesterday. It was simple registration, no gimmicks.

  • Mike

    Jerry, you might try doing a search engine search on a free Prime trial (which, unfortunately, tends to last only 2 weeks or a month)–they sometimes are around.
    Agreed that it would be nice if this wasn’t limited to students.  I guess the remedy is the old-fashioned:  just wait til you have $25+ in purchases to make, for free shipping (itself a great deal).  I almost always buy my CDs in pairs nowadays, for this reason.

  • Jerry

    I was once a college student 50 years ago; does that count?
    So now I am a Senior Citizen (Very Senior), how about us?