How to make any program start automatically at Windows boot [Tip]

Although some software packages include options to add them to the Windows startup, a lot don’t have any startup option to select from. So how can you add those programs to the Windows startup? Well, with AutoEx you can add any software to the startup in Windows.

To get started, add AutoEx to Windows from this Softpedia page by pressing the Download From Softpedia button. Then you can run the software from the folder you saved it to. Launch the software to open the window in the shot below.


There you should press the Browse button to choose a software package to start on startup. Alternatively, you can also enter the title of the software in the Program Name text box below. Then press the Start button to add the software to the Windows startup.


From the AutoEx window you can also select whether to start the software once or each time you start Windows. Select either the Every time or Once radio buttons on the window. You can also select a startup type by clicking the Current User or All Users radio buttons.

Now when you restart Windows, it will start with the software you selected with AutoEx. If you run MSCONFIG, you’ll find the software listed on the Startup tab. So now you can add any software to the Windows startup!

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