How to delete old versions of Java to stop hacking in Windows [Tip]

Java is a widely used platform. The Java runtime files enable you to execute Java applets within your browser. As newer versions of Java are rolled out with regularity, you hard disk is most likely cluttered with files from redundant, or outdated, versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that don’t properly remove themselves upon each update. Keep reading this guide to learn how to delete old versions of Java from your computer.

To delete those redundant Java runtime files, check out the JavaRa software.

JavaRa is a freeware, and portable, tool that you can add to Windows to delete redundant Java versions. To begin, simply open this page and press the Download button to save the software’s Zip file. Then right-click the Zip and select Extract All to extract the file. Open the software’s window, in the shot below, from the extracted folder.


There click on the Remove older versions button. If Internet Explorer is open, close it before you select that option. Then it will delete Java runtime files, and set up a log file in your main hard drive folder.

For some further options, click the Additional Tasks button to open the window below. There you can select check boxes to remove JRE files, startup entries, JavaRa logfile, Java IE and the Java Console Extension. Then click Go to remove the selected items.


Now you can remove Java runtime clutter to free up disk space. The software is compatible with the Windows XP, Vista and 7 platforms.

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  • Ian

    JavaRa has been updated since this article So maybe time to update the information here too?

  • Drvajra

    Not sure how you can fix that JAVA issue, but can provide a link to a website that might have some notable suggestions:

  • beergas

    Caution, sometimes removing old Java versions can break older existing versions of running & used programs.So when go to use program it might barf. For Windows 8 I’d just let Java do its thing. With modern gear the HD space saving vs possible nag isn’t worth possible annoyance.

  • drvajra

    Hi Matthew:

    I always like your articles. I am glad you wrote about JAVA. I hope you can help me with problem opening sites which use JAVA applets: e.g.
    They used to open without any problems before, but now, I get error message “Application Blocked. Click for details. Your security settings have blocked an untrusted app from running”. Even after unchecking ” Enable Java Content in the Browser” in the Java console, it doesn’t allow pages like this to open.
    I tried adding them to “Exception Site List”, but that doesn’t help either.
    Can you pls advise how I can let such pages to open? I know they are harmless.
    Thank you

  • Frank D

    Excellent program! Thanks for the tip.

  • melen001

    Pretty nice tool but is this necessary? Java has it’s own up-date feature and it will run automatically. If any Java software has to be removed while up-dating it will do so as well. If you rather do your Java up-dating manually then you can use this tool. I will keep it anyway as you never know when the Java up-date feature won’t work.

  • onesimus

    [@Svend Ö]
    Works for me too,now!
    Thanks:I love now also having version 1.16 :imho better then version 2.6 which I also have!
    Selling it to another company didn’t lead to improvements,but degradation!

  • Svend Ö

    [@onesimus] [@onesimus] It works for me!

  • onesimus

    @Svend O:
    Your link leads to this result:

    Oops, looks like something went wrong.

    For updates, follow us on twitter or check the status dashboard. While we fix the issue checkout Slashdot or Thinkgeek. ”
    The page does not exist anymore!

  • Svend Ö

    If you can’t download from the link given above, you can download from here:

  • onesimus

    This is an old version of JavaRa.The latest version does NOT have the functions you discribe SADLY ENOUGH!
    Please uodate this article!

  • StanF

    Is there no longer a java version or similar for Windows Xp?

  • StanF

    Is there is no longer a java version or similar for Windows Xp?