How to send anonymous or fake emails for free [Tip]

Normally, you get to send emails through a particular email service such as Outlook, Yahoo Mail or Gmail. When sending an email, your recipient will basically know who the sender is. Therefore, you can’t really go anonymous. Now, what if you want to anonymously send an email message to someone? Is there any way for you to do that without the need to install another third-party application or program?

Well, there is. Just follow the steps listed below to learn how.

How to send an anonymous email online

  • Open or launch your web browser (ex. Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
  • After which, click here to go to “deadfake” – a free web tool that lets you send anonymous and “fake” emails. With deadfake, you can even make your email look like it’s coming from a legit user.
  • Moving on, just make sure that you’re on the “Send fake email” tab in deadfake.
  • Next, scroll down the page until you see the form for sending anonymous and fake email messages.
  • Fill in the “To” section with your recipient’s actual email address. As for the “From” section, you can just use a fake email address or an existing email address that isn’t necessarily yours.

Send an email anonymously

  • Of course, you also need to make your email appear legit so do not forget to fill in the “Subject” line before you compose your email message.
  • So what’s next? Just enter the security code shown in the corresponding box then click “Send Now”.
  • That’s it. In just a matter of seconds, your email will be sent anonymously to your recipient.

Send an email anonymously b

However, do keep in mind that deadfake isn’t accountable for your actions. Use it with precaution. It will also include a warning in your recipient’s email. In other words, your recipient will know whether the message is really coming from the actual user or not.

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