Facing the my-new-billion-dollar-iPhone-4-has-a-design-flaw problem? Duct tape may solve your problem.

If you own an iPhone 4 you probably are already aware of the must talked about iPhone 4 design flaw. Well now Consumer Reports, a nonprofit authoritative source on everything consumer, has confirmed there is indeed an iPhone 4 design flaw. Until Apple decides to man-up to their problem instead of beating around the bush and blaming software issues (or, maybe the Steve Jobs gurus are right and the rest of the tech world is wrong… who knows) by either issuing free bumpers to iPhone 4 users (“bumpers”, or otherwise known as cases in the normal world, help solve the my-call-got-dropped-because-I-touched-the-iPhone-4-the-wrong-way by preventing human skins from touching the sensitive area) or potentially recalling every darn iPhone 4 out there (and there are many out there), Consumer Reports has proposed a DIY (do it yourself) fix to the problem. And the fix involves a little duct tape.

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