Facing the my-new-billion-dollar-iPhone-4-has-a-design-flaw problem? Duct tape may solve your problem.

If you own an iPhone 4 you probably are already aware of the must talked about iPhone 4 design flaw. Well now Consumer Reports, a nonprofit authoritative source on everything consumer, has confirmed there is indeed an iPhone 4 design flaw. Until Apple decides to man-up to their problem instead of beating around the bush and blaming software issues (or, maybe the Steve Jobs gurus are right and the rest of the tech world is wrong… who knows) by either issuing free bumpers to iPhone 4 users (“bumpers”, or otherwise known as cases in the normal world, help solve the my-call-got-dropped-because-I-touched-the-iPhone-4-the-wrong-way by preventing human skins from touching the sensitive area) or potentially recalling every darn iPhone 4 out there (and there are many out there), Consumer Reports has proposed a DIY (do it yourself) fix to the problem. And the fix involves a little duct tape.

Feel free to share your thoughts or reactions in the comments below.

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  • DonFG

    Or just buy and Android based phone and leave the Lemming crowd.

  • Jabtano

    If your a large company that produces products, no matter how good of a company you may be, no matter how good your products may be at some point one of your products will not make the grade. at that point is when we see the true colors of what that company is made of. be that Toyota,Apple, how they respond is really the key. Apple comment about signal bars was laughable.Toyota comment about floor mats was laughable. makes me wonder who are there PR people are.apple should just recall the device and save face. that would be the smart move one they should have done a few weeks back. but then they should never have rushed a product on the market that was flawed. they tested it they knew it was flawed.but they rushed out none the less.

  • Lascanon

    Sorry sir, is just my rule of thumb. Just like the nintendo DS, when the first “phat DS” came out, it was like “whoa double screen so cool!”. Then a year later, the DS Lite came out. That’s the thing.

    But yes, I over exaggerated that… my bad… hehe.

  • Bruce

    @Ashraf: Yes, clearly not of the same magnitude as the J&J recall.  It’s the openness of J&J’s response that Apple has failed to emulate.

  • Ashraf

    @Ed: I agree. Apple needs to deal with this problem and they need to deal with it fast, however they decide to go about it.

  • Ed

    @Ashraf: However they deal with it, deal with it they must. It is not enough to shield your company behind the motto “people are not dying, so we won’t so anything”. Steve Jobs seems to be forgetting that just a few short years ago his company was close to extinction. It takes very little to get back to that status if you ignore your customer base.

  • Ashraf

    @Bruce: I couldn’t agree more (the gold standards in business ethics part). However, to be fair, the J&J Tylenol recall occurred because people were dying. If the problem instead was people were having trouble opening Tylenol bottles, J&J would not have recalled. This iPhone 4 problem is not causing fatalities or injuries – it isn’t that serious. An iPhone 4 recall would kill Apple (I read a CNN article where a recall is estimated to cost Apple $1.5 billion). Considering their huge profits, they could swallow it but a more realistic solution than a recall is free bumpers, in my opinion.

  • Bruce

    Apple needs to go back to business school and read the case study of the Johnson & Johnson Tylenol recall. It’s the gold standard in business ethics classes.

  • Ashraf

    @Lascanon: Calm down, the world isn’t coming to an end =O.

  • Lascanon


  • Llulu

    I don’t own nor do I plan to own iPohne :P
    I think the other smartphones are catching up quite nicely :D

  • Lascannon

    When you peel the duct tape, then there will be another problem; sticky stuff on the sides! :(

  • Ashraf

    @karen: Glad to hear input from an actual iPhone 4 user. It seems like there is a large number of people having the trouble (look at the videos posted in the Gizmodo article I linked) but there seems to be a good number of people that aren’t having the problem.

    However, whatever the case, you gotta admit… its fun making fun of Apple =D.

  • Phoenix

    You just know that a cottage industry will pop up overnight, and designer rolls of duct tape will be available for a mere $19.95 per 2×3 inch roll.

  • karen

    As an owner of said iDevice, I haven’t had any problems.  Yeah, I can make the bars go down if I try, but I haven’t noticed any real world problems with dropped calls or slow data rates.  And that’s what really counts.
    Not being an electrical engineer or anything, I cannot prove/disprove one theory or another, but there are reports online that Consumer Reports did the tests wrong.  And there are plenty of reports from people saying that their iPhone4 gets better reception and drops fewer calls than previous models.
    But I’m sure that some people are actually having problems.  For the most part, I think this is part of the Apple hype–in this case negative hype, but everything Apple gets overblown whether good or bad.  If so many people were really having bad experiences with it, you would see people returning them in droves.  No reports of that happening (yet?).

  • OldElmerFudd

    Heard about the fix a day or two ago on public radio – love it! My other favorite with iPhone 4 is the software fix they released to lower the AT&T bars on the screen. ‘Say, let’s not improve reception, let’s lower expectation’ seems to be the attitude…

  • Ed

    But if you MUST touch it, Apple will sell you a $ 79.95 color-coordinated designer glove. Guaranteed to last until the launching of IPhone 5, scheduled for AS FAST AS WE CAN !!!!!

  • Ed

    Next tip from Steve jobs: DON’T TOUCH IT !!!!!!!

  • chuck

    R and D used to stand for research and development.Seems as though it’s get Rich now and Deny later.How in the hell do you not find a such a glaring flaw before final release of a product?

  • MacGyver strikes again! =D

  • Mario

    yeaaa!! the look will be VERY professional!!

  • Mike

    Apple has earned itself one of the biggest corporate black eyes this years, by not owning up to the issue and by trying to spin it instead.

    A b-school case study on what not to do.

  • Someone

    Reminds me of Engadgets review of Windows Mobile 6.5 when they wrote it’s held together with duct tape…
    Ahhh, irony is so sweet, Apple!

  • Oooh or just hold it differently.
    Steve Jobs
    Sent from my iPhone 5

  • Ashraf

    Shortest post ever.