[CC] Three freeware e-mail assistance tools

For some time, I have found it annoying to have to open Outlook Express to read my e-mail. Similarly, the consultation of the messages from my free AOL-mailboxes could also be described as tedious. To make maters worse, my ISP has a laborious procedure imposed by my provider for consulting my messages when I’m abroad.

So, to make my life easier and to this end the pain, I tried three freeware programs: Popman, Koma-mail and Pop Peeper.

POPMAN is a POP3 and IMAP4 manager and weighs 4.32 MB in its portable version. IMAP supports allows you to access AOL, AIM, Fastmail, and other services.

KOMA-MAIL is a portable e-mail client of 7.23 MB that supports the protocols IMAP/POP3/SMTP and WebDav (Hotmail), SSL, and APOP.

POP PEEPER (4.43 MB) is an e-mail notifier that alerts you when you have new email on your POP3, IMAP (with IDLE support), Hotmail/MSN/Live e-mail, Yahoo, GMail, MyWay, Excite, iWon, Lycos.com, RediffMail, Juno, and NetZero accounts.

All these programs can be installed on your PC and/or on a USB stick, such as when you want to use them on a PC you don’t own.

These software offer you features that are missing in many typical e-mail clients:

  • List e-mails waiting on your server
  • Easily delete unwanted e-mails
  • Check e-mail accounts in the background
  • Secure viewing of e-mail messages
  • Convenient desktop notifications of new e-mails

I guess each one has its own fans, but which one does a novice (like me) prefer? To find out which one I like the most, first I tested my e-mail accounts on them. For neither software was it too difficult to configure my four e-mail accounts and they all accessed my messages without problems.

Secondly I looked at other aspects of the software. I discovered PopMan is… the man… when it comes to security.
Because the messages in PopMan are displayed in plain text, there is no threat of executing dangerous code or being infected with viruses. It should be noted, however, that – unlike the other two software – with PopMan you cannot reply to e-mails.

Because I consider the messages of my correspondents as safe (and I would like to be able to view e-mails “normally” in HTML and open attachements), and that I would like to be able to reply to e-mails, I eliminated PopMan from selection, leaving me to pick between Pop Peeper and Koma-Mail. In the end the convenience and speed of Pop Peeper won me over.

If anyone has any suggestions about any better e-mail software, feel free to share in the comments below.


Homepage: http://www.ch-software.de/popman/

Download link: http://www.ch-software.de/popman/download/PopMan.exe (installer) http://www.ch-software.de/popman/download/PopMan.zip (portable)


Homepage: http://www.koma-code.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5&Itemid=39

Download link: http://koma-code.de/ProgsZip/KomaMail_Installer.zip (installer) http://koma-code.de/ProgsZip/KomaMail.zip (portable)

Pop Peeper

Homepage: http://www.poppeeper.com/

Download page: http://www.poppeeper.com/download.php

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  • Lance


    What I do is send all my web mail, Hotmail and Yahoo to my various Gmail accounts. I then use Thunderbird and POP3 to access all my Gmail accounts, filtering them as I see fit. I tried to use TB IMAP, but didn’t care for it. I leave the mail on Gmail as a backup, and to access from other computers, if necessary.

    Works for me, YMMV!


  • Dru

    1: What would be a good tool to use if I wanted to download all my Yahoo and Gmail into my Outlook desktop client? I’m interested in combining all my email into one place.

    2: How about redirecting? I tried putting a forward rule but then I couldn’t reply to original sender.

  • 123

    in 2009(?) on X, I tried Koma-Mail. It crashed rather quickly.
    oe is ok, except for the random-named identities. i reinstalled windows every 2+ years in the 9x days, and recall disliking a tedious rigmarole regarding importing messages or whatever.
    also, filters are stored in registry i think…
    i used oebackup, but it was a little confusing.

    sm (mozilla suite) and tb were ok (you can firm up the flabby ui via userchrome), except the prefs had a “pointer” like numbering for email accounts, but the prefs for each account weren’t contiguous. And setting up each account thru the ui was also tedious.
    iirc, filters were easily imported by copying the file, but iirc if you changed foldernames, you had to go thru multistage pulldowns to select the renamed folder.

    in sum, all email clients seem to be a pitb to manage.
    and someday i should ‘knuckle down’ and study a ‘gpg for dolts’ guide. :-)

  • Hamar Omish

    PopMan’s GIU is TOO “Windows 95ish”…..at least PopPeeper has a Windows XP look! I’ll settle for that since I cant have a Windows 7 look on any of these

  • @ Ashraf
    A great thanks for your help !

  • @ digish
    I must admit that my first concern when I tested these softwares was to consult my messages abroad.
    I was looking for something simple, portable, and leaving no trace of my passage on the PC made available by the hotel or in an internet cafe.
    I’ve never used Windows Live, but I imagine that in such case the login procedure shall be as tedious as that imposed by my provider, not to mention the numerous traces that you’re leaving on the PC.
    I only have discovered other benefits – including the one cited by Hamza – that during my tests.

  • eee

    So far I’ve been using PopTray (www.poptray.org), I found it to be the only one which somewhat satisfied my expectations. It’s old and not developed anymore, with a bunch of bugs but I learned to live with them.
    I tried PopMan a while ago and didn’t like it for some reason, I think it’s time to take another look, I’m sure the current version is better. I’ll try the others too, thanks for the heads-up.

  • Hamza

    Just notify you when you got a new Email, I use Thunderbird as an Email Client.

  • digish


    What does this do more than windows live cannot do?

  • r0lZ

    I’ve used Mail Washer (free for one account) for years, because at that time my mailbox was heavily spammed, and MailWasher is the best tool to eliminate SPAM. Then I switched to gmail, and SPAM was not a big problem any more, so I decided to try a simpler program: Pop Peeper. It is great, but it crashes systematically when the internet connection is down. My interest for portableapps.com drove me to try PopMan. It doesn’t crash when my connection is down, and it is very light. It works also better with gmail. And, although it is not possible to reply to an email from within the PopMan GUI, it is easy to launch your email program in reply mode from the PopMan GUI (although it’s more difficult to do if you want to use the gmail web interface). I have never tried Koma-Mail, but anyway, I’m happy with PopMan portable.

  • Brent

    Nice and useful artical. Thanks.