How to show system details on your desktop in Windows [Tip]

If you need regular access to Windows system details, consider adding BGInfo to your software library. That’s a program which adds a variety of system setting details to the Windows desktop. As such, then you can check your system settings without opening a multitude of windows.

Head over to this page and click Download BgInfo. That will save the Zip file to Windows. Then you can extract the Zip file by right-clicking it and selecting Extract All. Open the software’s window in the shot below from the extracted folder.


Then press the Apply button on that window. When you minimize the software’s window, you’ll find the desktop now includes a variety of system details as in the shot below.


If you find that the text clashes with the desktop background, you can select a variety of options to make it clearer. For example, you can press the Color button on the BGInfo window to select an alternative font color for the text. Alternatively, press the Background button, select Use these settings and then click Custom to choose a background color for the text as in the shot below. Also click the Make wallpaper visible behind text option to remove the tick from that check box.


The software’s window includes numerous formatting options for the text. Click the font drop-down list to choose an alternative font. You can add bold, italic and underline formatting to the the text by pressing the B, I and U buttons. Click the alignment options to reposition the text on the desktop.

BGInfo might come in handy for system and network administrators, or anybody else needing regular access to system details. The software is available for the Windows XP platform and higher.

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