How to install OnePlus One USB Drivers for Windows OS [Guide]

OnePlus OneThe OnePlus One smartphone sports Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 801 coupled with CyanogenMod 11S UI which is handy for saving time having to install custom ROMs. While that’s nice, there’s still a bevy of reasons one will want to connect the OnePlus handset to the Windows computer. If you are having trouble getting your OnePlus smartphone to work on the computer it’s probably because the USB drivers are out of date or not working properly. Today I’ll show you an easy way to fix that.


You are safe to follow the guide below without backing up the smartphone or taking any precautions. That said, you will of course need to have a Windows PC and your OnePlus smartphone handy for use. The drivers we are downloading during the guide are for Windows PC only and will work on the Microsoft Surface tablet/laptops, normal MS laptops and desktop PCs.


  1. Download the OnePlus One toolkit to your desktop of the PC.
  2. Extract the file by unzipping it on the desktop and run the executable file inside which should start the toolkit up.
  3. You’ll see a few different options once the toolkit opens. Look just below center and to the right for a button that says “install drivers”.
  4. Read the “Manage Drivers” section and follow the on-screen instructions to finish.
  5. That’s it! After reading the instructions you’ll have the drivers installed. Just in case you missed it, you must reboot the computer after installing the drivers for them to work.
  6. Tip: if you have something against toolkits and wish to try something else, you can install the Samsung USB Drivers. Oddly enough, according to many sources around the web,  they are compatible with OnePlus One smartphones for you to use. We recommend trying the toolkit above all else first because it’s meant for OnePlus handsets.

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