How to learn a new language while reading online [Tip]

Learning a new language is not only fun, it also helps you land better jobs and effectively communicate to those who speaks foreign language. The thing is you can’t just learn a new language overnight. It requires time, patience and effort. Now, how can you learn a foreign language if you’re already living a busy lifestyle? If that is the case, then you could try and integrate your learning as you read various books, posts and articles online.

How to learn a new language while reading online

  • First off, open your web browser and go toReadlang”.
  • Once you’re on the Readlang homepage, sign in or sign up for a new account. With this online language learning tool, you can join as a free user or a premium user. Do note that a free user is limited to ten phrase translations per day while a premium user gets unlimited access to any feature that’s available on Readlang. If you just want to try out the tool first, just click “Start Learning” so that you can sign in as a guest user.
  • So after signing in, you need to set up your languages. On the top navigation area, enter the language that you know and then the language that you want to learn.

learn a new language online

  • After which, choose whether you want to read a material from the library, flash cards or word list. If you choose the library, you will be able to browse through Readlang’s public texts. You can also use the Web Reader to access posts from any website. As for the Web Reader option, you will need to add the Readlang bookmarklet.
  • Now, after choosing your reading material, set the difficulty and word count.
  • Next, load your reading material. For example, if your reading material is in Spanish, then click on any of the Spanish words or phrases to translate them into English. You can also use the Menu to manually look up for word definitions, translations and spelling.

learn a new language online b

  • Once you’re done reading, you can load another material from the list. That’s it. You are basically reading while learning a new language and you can do it whenever you want. It won’t take too much of your free time plus you are doing something productive.

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