How to fix OnePlus One after updating to Oxygen OS [Tip]

Oxygen OSHave you updated the OnePlus One smartphone and found a few bugs after installing the Oxygen OS? If so, we’ll list all the fixes for that after the drop. Here’s how to fix the OnePlus One after updating to Oxygen OS.

The main problem people are having with the new OS update is the smartphone showing emergency calls only for the service and reception and call signals dropping out. It is true that you can have bugs in the operating system that effect this and it’s not always about the airwaves and mobile towers in your area. In this instance, the fix is simple: head to Settings Mobile Network Access Point Name > select your carrier. That should fix the issue with the difficulties detecting the default APN.

Those of you still unhappy with the signal can boost it by flashing this file. The Oxygen OS on OnePlus One gives better signal usually when it’s working and flashing that file will make it happen.

Furthermore, some people are reporting lag in the app drawer. To fox this you want to try installing a different launcher. Popular launcher options include Google Now, Apex Launcher and the Nova Launcher. You can get all three from the Google Play Store.

Some people are finding no silent vibration from the volume keys. If you need to fix the no silent vibration issue on Oxygen OS you should head to XDA from this link and download the Xposed module.

Moreover, some people are finding the battery draining when the smartphone is asleep. That shouldn’t be happening as it’s using very little battery power without pressing keys or having the screen light on. You can fix that with the Xposed module too, only this time installing the Deep Sleep module on your handset.

Great! Hopefully that’s fixed some of the main issues with the Oxygen OS after updating on the OnePlus One. If you are finding a different issue and would like to know a solution, please leave a comment and I’ll try my best to help.

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