dotTech Exclusive: Free 2 year licenses of Safe Returner (an anti-malware program)! [24-hours only]

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Today dotTech joins forces with SafeReturner Anti-Malware Studio to bring dotTechies 2 year licenses of Safe Returner – an anti-malware program – for free!

Safe Returner is not your typical anti-malware software. It does not have live protection and it doesn’t aim to prevent your computer from malware infections. Rather, using its heuristics engine and signature database, Safe Returner is a tool that aims to clean your computer after it has been infected. Here is a description of what Safe Returner is and a list of its features as per the developer:

(Click on the image to view it in full size.)

(Click on the image to view it in full size.)

Since dotTech has not reviewed Safe Returner, I cannot say how good (or bad) Safe Returner is. However, Softpedia has reviewed Safe Returner and has given it 4/5 stars, so Safe Returner must be doing something right. Since Safe Returner is a security software – and not just your average program – I highly suggest you read Softpedia’s review before you decide if you want to grab Safe Returner or not.

For the next 24-hours, dotTechies are able to grab a 2 year license of Safe Returner for free; if you are interested in getting Safe Returner, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v1.27.2

Free updates: Yes database updates and program updates (1.x versions only) are free for as long as the license lasts.

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Update: If you are on Win7 64-bit, be sure to run Safe Returner as administrator.

Download size: 3.0 MB

Special note: This giveaway is active for 24-hours, from August 28, 2010 03:00 PST to August 29, 2010 03:00 PST. After this 24-hour time period, users will no longer be able to grab the free 2 year license of Safe Returner. However, the developer has informed me anyone that has grabbed the license within the 24-hours can “activate the app whenever they want”. In other words, the timer on the license will start ticking soon as you get it, but you can install/reinstall Safe Returner with the license whenever you want.

  • Visit the dotTech Safe Returner promotion page and fill out the short form:

Note: This promotion is available to everyone – everyone may get it for free. However, this is a promotion. Please do not directly link to, copy, paste, or reprint the link to the registration page anywhere else including private or public forums, blogs, file hosting services, etc. If you want to spread information about this offer, you may link to this article by providing a permalink (alternative permalink) to your audience. If you respect our wishes, we will be able to continue to bring you great freebies. If you don’t, we have no incentive to continue our promotions and they may stop.

  • After you have filled out your e-mail address and hit “Get It Now”, your license key will be displayed to you:

Copy the serial number because you will need it to register Safe Returner. (NOTE: The “Copy Serial Number” button may not work – you may need to manually select + copy the serial number.)

  • Download and install Safe Returner. (If your computer is already infected with malware and the malware is blocking .EXE files from running, download the .COM version of Safe Returner.)
  • After you have installed Safe Returner, run it and register it:

  • You will be asked to restart Safe Returner:

Restart Safe Returner. If you did it all properly, it should say “Registered” under “Subscription Status”.

  • Play around with Safe Returner, come back here, and post a comment providing the developer with feedback on the program.
  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting Safe Returner for free, post below and me or other dotTechies will try to assist you.

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  • Downloadcoholic

    We’ re just ginnypigs guys…they used us!

  • John

    @chinaguy: Somehow I think Egomoo has stopped reading this thread otherwise I would have thought he may have made some comment in regards to what is or is not happening. You could try emailing him at Gmail like I did originally, which will be my next step also I think.

  • chinaguy

    @John: sure no problem. I actually had the same problem as you did at first. Then I remembered that option in the folder options and unchecked it. I could then change the file type too. But what should be common knowledge for most geeks is sometimes hard for us normal people to figure out. I was able to get it running too. But only in compatibility mode for XP SP 2. I thought Egomoo said he had tested it in Windows 7 32-bit. That is what I am using and I still have to go through a bunch of hoops to get it working. What is up? If you test something you should test it well.

    And Egomoo, I have looked again at the place you suggested and there is no safe returner file folder listed. I have looked at all the users in the appdata folder and I have also looked in all the folders under each user’s appdata folder. There is nothing about safe returner in any of those locations. Feel free to tell me if I am looking in the wrong location or something, but I am fairly certain I am not.

  • John

    @chinaguy: Finally thanks to your explanation of how to change the file extension I was actually able to get this program up and running, only problem now is I did not receive or keep my licence #, but I shall work on that one.
    Anyway Chinaguy thanks for your help much appreciated.

  • PapyLuc

    (excuse-me… french) :

    But, in the window – after analyze, you must see at right :

    Quaratine-History (Click On),  View Log… example !

    SafeReturner Scan Log 1.27.3
    Log created at 04/09/2010 21:46:06

    Scan type : Quick Scan
    Time Elapsed: 00:00:20

    File threats detected : 3

    <><c:program filesnch softwarephotostagephotostage.exe> [Action:Deleted]
    <MirDisk><c:windowssystem32driversmirdisk.sys> [Action:Deleted]
    <FolderHK><c:windowssystem32driversfolderhk.sys> [Action:Deleted]


    BUT, il y a confusion dans le log car “action is not deleted” sauf à la demande !!!

  • chinaguy

     @John: The file you need to change from .scr to .exe is in the folder you installed the program in. You may need to first change the view options for your folders in control panel. I know I did. I think the default is for windows to hide the file extension for known file types. Go to folder options-> view and look for that option. If it is checked then uncheck it. Now go to the folder you installed the program in. For most people that will be C:\program files\safe returner\. Then right click on the file safereturner.exe. Now click rename. Select the scr file extension and change that to exe then press enter. Try running the program again to see if that helps anything.

    @egomoo: I couldn’t find any log.ini file at that location. or even a safe returner file folder. So I do not know what is up with that.

  • John

    I have all but given up on this program, I have downloaded  it too many times now and still get it opening in Notepad with a bunch of gobbody gook, it obviously is not meant to be for me. :-(
    One thing I don’t get or can’t find is where people are changing the file from .scr to .exe

  • Kathy

    If you are still having a problem registering Safer Returner with a Windows 7 machine you might try this.
    It finally worked for me.
    Uninstall the program and make sure you have deleted the icons.  Download the current version that comes up with the download link above.  Install.  Change the .scr to .exe and create a new icon.  Change the program to run the program in compatibility mode xp service pack 3.  Run the program and register it with the license adding the 0 to the beginning of the number.  That took care of it for me.  Good luck.

  • egomoo

    @chinaguy: do please give me a log.ini file which locate at %appdata%\safe returner\log.ini


  • Gioneo

    1. If you’re trying to register the program and it still comes back as a trial, make sure you are using the same email address you used in the Safe Returner Promotion Page. If you used a program like Trashmail (like I did) in the promo page, you have to use that exact fake email to register. I had that same problem and I had to go dig and find the fake I used.
    2. You can register the program anytime after the 24hr promo period, as long as you already have the key that was sent to you WITHIN the 24hr promo period. I just re-installed it now, it registers and works fine.

  • @egomoo: The e-mail address I used was

    Replace the -AT- with the @.

    Thank you

  • Conn09

    @chinaguy: Did you definitely install from the right package? The EXE not the COM?
    It sounds like you don’t have the Privileges to access it. Are you definitely an Admin? If so try reinstalling it from the EXE package again, just re-download it too, to make sure it is not a corrupted download.

    Good Luck

  • chinaguy

    I am not sure if anyone read my comment earlier about the problem I am having that I posted above. But I know there has been a lot of comments here and it is difficult to monitor so many. I will repost it here and see if anyone else knows what the error message I am getting means.
    The error I am getting is “Access violation at address 00401C69 in module ‘safereturner.exe’ Write of address 00000000. I did that and I am still getting this error. Even when I click the shortcut on the desktop. Oh and the process that it starts uses a ton of CPU.
    Thanks for any help you can provide for me. This is before I have even been able to run the program. It is after install and changing the file to exe and making the shortcut to the desktop.

  • Conn09

    @lazyboy: you really should read or learn to at least. First of all you have insulted a developer (egomoo) who has been trying to help you throughout this, then you began insulting me (a member). And quite clearly i was right in what i said at the end of my last comment, you did come back with a reply questioning my sanity and calling me, as well as saying i was wrong.
    If you also read on you could see that i put “the scan took mere seconds to complete”, what you want a precise time? about 10 seconds, and considering i wrote that reply at about 3AM i think i did well enough there anyway. My OS is Vista 32 bit.
    I already knew what he had said and what he meant so again you have not read what i put. Even egomoo see’s that i know.

    Ashraf and Egomoo have been working very hard just to provide this as a freebie, and Egomoo has been working possibly even harder just trying to fix bugs and support people here, and i do not appreciate the comments you made before about him. So i hope you are thankful that he provided these fixes for you.

    I hope now that you will see the error’s you have made and cease this. But again i know already you will reply yet again calling me something and then saying i’m wrong again.

  • Conn09

    @egomoo: Thankyou egomoo, your app is quite amazing since you are after all a one man team. You have done an amazing job, and thankyou for confirming what i said to Lazyboy. who appears to still not understand anything i have said.

    Thankyou for the chance to use this app and i hope that you continue to improve it and excel in your business. Keep up the good work :)

  • Ian

    @Ashraf: Thanks for replying.  I must have mis-read the original post, as I thought it was available until 3:00pm PST, but I see now it was AM.

  • No problem at all ! Works fine on XP Sp3.
    I receive only 2 warnings for Bing Wallpaper Downloader (small risk) & Dvs Agent (high risk)
    Thanks Egomoo & Ashraf.

  • Ashraf

    @Ian: Sorry for the late reply. The giveaway was only for 24-hours; the developer – who is not a native English speaker – just put “August” without realizing what it meant. You got the “giveaway has ended” message because you tried to grab Safe Returner 2 year license after the 24-hours were up.

  • egomoo

    thanks ,very much appreciated.
    You understand my app a lot.
    Safe Returner is a smart version of AutoRuns.
    So in the expert mode,there is no FPs.
    As it lists all the startup items without digital signature.
    In the expert,the app do not say which one is virus or malware or trojan.
    It just lists startup items and give u threat score to judge.
    It’s up to you which one to remove or not.

  • Ian

    @Ian: Sadly, no one has addressed this issue, in spite of not only being under the shown time limit of “August”, but also beating (by many hours) the 24-hour-window promised here.  Too much going on here today, I suppose.

  • lazyboy

    Egomoo, thnx, ignore list seems to work now, much appreciated.
    @Conn, not sure what you mean by calling out members?  Also not surpised that you left a dumb comment. 
    Btw I can read the comments dumbass.  When he said no FP’s in Expert mode then that means what he said, get me!!  He then started a new paragraph, so I guess you can’t read.  It contradicted itself as well yourself, tard.  I thought when it picks up startup programs that would be FP’s but I guess I’m the tard and I don’t know what FP’s are.  So with your expertise, what are FP’s?
    Thnx for not sharing how long your scan took and what operating system you used Conn.  Also I did try to help early with the comments because everyone was having issues with windows 7.  I simply said just try right clicking and running it as Administrator and seems to work for most people from what I can gather from the comments, lol.
    Sorry Ashraf for the comments and what’s going on with Conn and myself.  You do a great job and love your site, keep up the great work.  I’ll try to restrain myself from using any bad words, including dumb and tard, starting after this post.

  • Conn09

    @lazyboy: So now you’ve stooped so low as to start calling Members?!
    I have read ALL the comments and really i wasn’t talking to anyone else, just you, as you are the one that is being most aggressive with your language, and i already know i can’t write a program, i said i bet you can’t write and support a program, i did not “bash” anyone, i did not even say anything about me writing a program, so now you are simply exaggerating. And i did not address everyone here, i addressed those (You) that were beginning to moan and resort to foul language against the developer.
    Clearly i did make one mistake in my previous post and the mistake was that i didn’t put @Lazyboy at the beginning and i also did not change all the words that said ‘Everybody’ to Lazyboy. Because so far it is only you that is most openly and most aggressively speaking.
    And furthermore, i have not seen YOU help anyone yet, more along the lines of insulting the developer and now myself.
    Also NO comments here are dumb, all help to achieve something in the end.

    My own experiances with the program were fine. It registered and installed flawlessly and within 10 seconds. The scan took mere seconds to complete and only threw up 4 false positives, but looking at the files they would easily have been mistaken by any other AV or AM as a virus since they were exe’s created for the function of changing settings, somthing that virus’s do.
    I found absolutely no flaw with this program, yes it may throw some false positives at you but think please, this is a new AM, OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO THROW SOME. Think how Avast! started, and still continue’s to do sometimes.

    Also, in one of your comment’s you clearly read his reply wrong as he said
    “There are no FP’s in Expert Mode” but if you had read the rest, he also said “It contains both legitimate programs and malicious softwares that are automatically started by Windows.”
    In other words it shows all things that have even a slight “security risk” JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE IN THERE DOES NOT MEAN THEY THINK IT’S A VIRUS IT IS THERE IN EXPERT BECAUSE IT HAS A SECURITY RISK OF SOME KIND, such as being an odd program that wouldn’t normally start with windows. SO now come to think of it my FP’s weren’t FP’s it was just a few startup items that may have been a bit risky.
    So as you said in contradiction to the answer you gave him, you are either retarded or you did not read it properly.

    I leave you with those thought’s. Hopefully you will have learned something and also learned that you were arrogant and hostile towards both me and the developer. Although, even now i know that you will probably come back again with another comment questioning my sanity and stating that i am wrong and nothing i have said matters. And to be quite frank with you I do not care.

  • Kathy

    I am on 64 bit Windows 7, Alienware laptop with intel i7 720Qm 1.6 Ghz Turbo Mode, 6mb cache and 8 GB of memory.
    I do have my license key so was able to try registering again today but I still cannot register Safe Returner. I am running as administrator and have changed the .scr to .exe but I still cannot register. Are there any other suggestions?

  • egomoo

    Hi,I’m sorry about the bugs while ignore list not work right.
    And I have fixed it now,you could download it here to test.
    unzip it and replace the file to install folder
    thanks very much

  • egomoo

    @John: add a “0” to your register code

  • egomoo

    @Mongoplus: contact me with the email above

  • egomoo

    I ‘m so sorry that the register code page do have a bug.
    the regsiter code generated by some email has the wrong code.
    if you have update the latest version 1.27.2 and still have the evaluation version, then do add a “0” to your register code.
    For example, you register code is XXXXXXXXXX
    Then use the 0XXXXXXX  as your register code
    if you lost the key,please email me to support[at]

  • John

    Thanks Ashraf, I have tried again this morning with your link but I’m getting exactly the same results as before. It seems I’m too late for it now any way plus I did not keep my licence number. :-(

  • I filled out the form and was told that the serial number was beening sent to my e-mail address, but I still have not received it.

    Please Help.

  • Richard

    lazyboy,the scan took 5minutes the first time and 17 seconds the second time on my machine,the ignore list either works or the false positives i reported have been updated when the program updated its definitions,because i did not get any threats this time.Dont know about using different options or clicking yes or no.

  • kimotheraphy

    I like this program. There’s a thread at wilders security that helps to explain what this program does, what it can do well, and some of its limitations. It is not the one-stop-security solution that most of us dream about, but seems effective within its scope of alerting a user of active malware that is up and running and neutralizing it…

  • lazyboy

    @conn09, you must be a tard as well, can people not read or is it just me?  My questions have not been answered and I just get stupid replies.  Conn, go back and read every comment from everyone, I know it’s a lot but hey, you need to read them.  If you don’t feel like doing that than go back and read just my comments and look at Egomoo’s replies.  I’m not trying to bash anyone but this product to me is no good.  Egomoo keeps responding with wrong answers and just points out the obvious.
    Questions that were never answered – Does the scan for everyone else who can get the program to work take less than a minute to scan?
    Does the scan take the same amount of time whether you click yes or the no button?
    Why does the ignore list not work right?  Also using different options doesn’t seem to affect what get’s scanned and the scan takes the same amount of time.
    Conn you couldn’t write a program as well and stop bashing anyone on here, especially myself.  I’m just trying to help and pointing out the obvious.  I gave it a poor rating because of the poor answers I was getting back and my computer is clean, no malware/viruses to speak of so I don’t even know if this program even works.  Also it’s not just me, everyone is getting FP’s and I wouldn’t be suprised that some people have deleted stuff they shouldn’t have, hope their computer is still working!
    Conn, what was your experience with this program? can you answer any of my questions or am I just going to get dumb replies again.

  • Bindegal


    Yes.. The main file in the installations folder, had to be renamed from SafeReturner.scr to SafeReturner.exe

  • Ian

    When I go to the link, it tells me that it is available for the month of August, rather than for 24 hours, then adds that it is no longer available.  [IMG][/IMG]  In spite of that, it seems to have downloaded!  Yikes!  Talk about mixed messages.

  • Conn09

    I’d Like to point out that a lot of people are really having a go at the developer for these problems, such as @LazyBoy who has begun criticising the developer.
    Those starting to moan at the developer should be thankful for even getting a chance to use this program, i highly doubt a lot of you could develop AND fully support a program with a one man team. Ashraf and this developer have been working very hard to bring this to you and so far people like LazyBoy have just been litterally taking the piss out of him.

  • Downloadcoholic

    Wow…. after all this does anyone feel like a “Ginny-Pig”?? I have a sudden urge for a carot and a belly scrach! Finaly were getting a bit of info thanks for that guys! Gonna give it one last try, hope it works out. Wishing you the best of luck with your product and you Ashraf thanks for the hard work!

  • chinaguy

    The error I am getting is “Access violation at address 00401C69 in module ‘safereturner.exe’ Write of address 00000000. I did that and I am still getting this error. Even when I click the shortcut on the desktop. Oh and the process that it starts uses a ton of CPU.

  • Richard

    Chinaguy,when you have changed the .scr to a .exe you still need to goto your computer/program files/safe returner    find safereturner.exe and rightclick and send a shortcut to desktop,that should just about do it hopefully.

  • chinaguy

    Well I figured out how to change the file extension but I still get the same error message. I have a screen shot of the error but have no place to upload it.

  • chinaguy

    @egomoo: How do I change the file extension in Windows seven? Renaming it doesn’t seem to work.

  • chinaguy

    I am having trouble installing it correctly it seems. It only gives me a .scr file to launch it. Is this normal? And any time I try to launch it it gives an error message and doesn’t launch. It does show an icon on the taskbar but when I click it nothing happens. The installer will run but it does not seem to install correctly. I am running Windows 7 32-bit.

  • Greg Bern

    grr,   I lost lic too and you can just register again and better save the lic. since I had trouble getting it to register. in fact never did. but I  use 64 byte os.

  • laser

    @egomoo: Thanks; your renaming trick worked.  What I don’t understand was whether that was a procedure I was instructed to do by the manufacturer and I didn’t notice, or did everyone but me get the file already with an .EXE extension?

  • PapyLuc

    At least with this software, if you know what is installed, you can quickly see any difference.
    And I think that is a very great interest

    Mémoire-1.0 MB, Pagefile-11 MB
     Total size=6614573 bytes (6,31 MB)
    Number of files=19
    Creation date=28/08/2010 15:38:00
    Last modified date=29/08/2010 11:17:12
    Last access date=29/08/2010 11:17:12

  • Grr

    i have still not received the email from them with the serial. more than 8 hours now.

    unfortunately I closed the tab where i requested for license. so what to do now?


  • @cornjaco: That is the point of this software according to [refered to in Ashraf’s piece today] – see the final paragraph on Softpediapage, which reads “Although aggressive and inclined to false positives, the heuristic engine driving Safe Returner is powerful enough to root out malware. The app is designed as an additional layer of protection for your computer and to intervene where conventional antivirus products couldn’t.”


  • egomoo

    @David: I’m sorry.
    Please download a beta app to test
    download here

    unzip it and copy to your install folder to replace older one
    then run it
    then send  me the log.ini file locate at %appdata%\SafeReturner\log.ini

  • egomoo

    @laser: rename safereturner.scr  to safereturner.exe ,then make a lnk to desktop
    that’s all

  • David

    Umm, SafeReturner =>

    ‘An unexpected error has occurred, please restart program to try again’ after about 10s of scanning. (reported)

    Registration ok. (Restarts program to validate).

    Has anyone tried scanning with this without an internet connection? I noted my fan started screaming (electric, not personal !!) – one core occupied by svchost.exe seeking an internet connection. 

  • J.J.

    Same result as for @John (67) on XP SP3 with v.1.27.2 too …..

  • Excellent addition, easy registration, fast update and fast scanning. False positives are not a problem if you know what you’re doing and remember they might not always be false, you have to research (which I have no problem doing). Hope this keeps being developed!

    Thank you egomoo and Ashraf

  • laser

    The file that is supposed to run the program is an SCR file.  On my computer, this causes a file viewer program to open.
    I checked the file associations, and there is no entry for .SCR.
    What change should I make so that the program will run?

  • laser

    The file that is supposed to run the program is an SCR file.  On my computer, this causes a file viewer program to open.  What change should I make so that the program will run?

  • Ashraf
  • Ashraf

    @Ande: AFAIK, yes you can.

    @chiipster: You need to download v1.27.2. Where did you download the file from? Download it from the link I have in the article – that is v1.27.2.

  • lazyboy

    I think Egomoo is not all there, I’m not a tard and I can read.  You say if I click yes it will close some processes, lol, no shit sherlock, I can read that, your program tells me so If I click yes, wow.  Well after 74 comments I can truly say that this program deserves 1 star out of 5, wait, out of 10.  Since my PC is not infected with anything other than cookies then I don’t know if the program even really works, seems to me it only picks up FP’s, say what you want Egomoo, it’s not good and soooo many free great programs out there that work well.

  • chiipster

    It does not register, (exe version 1.27) and when I run it this is what I get.—————————
    Fatal Error
    ÔÚSafeReturner.scr : µÄµÚ0ÐÐ()·¢ÉúÑÏÖØ´íÎó.



    “tem3@yah 00:00:00” is not a valid date and time

    Stack Trace:

    004c69d7 SafeReturner.scr


  • Ande

    To re-iterate my question. Do we have to register this todqy, or can I do it next week?

  • blue

    Sheesh. Following the SoftPedia link, they tell me that they have the exe version of 1.27. They don’t and the Softpedia version installed as 1.26. THEN, following the SR link, I end up with version 1.27…closer but still no cigar. THEN I try one more time using (one of) the links provided here and FINALLY get 1.272 and get the thing registered. Not a very good start, I must say.

    Memo to the developers: Dude, if you can’t control the version numbers released (and it isn’t that difficult … just softpedia and your own site, how hard could THAT be??) it doesn’t exactly instill confidence that you know what the hell you are doing as far as catching viri, now does it??

    But … being the optimist that I am, I’ll try it out … not with a lot of confidence, however.

    And AFTER trying it out, 2 (clear) false positives. Not bad, I suppose and probably worth keeping around

  • @Sammo

    If you system have lots of system false positve,

    I think you must use modified version of Windows.

    As normal orginal system,most of the system files must have the digital signature.

  • Ira

    I have to agree with SAMMO.  Everything that it found I uploaded to VirusTotal and they were ALL false positives.
    This software is too unreliable to be used.
    I can not recommend it.

  • Deadhead

    This software is rubbish. I had the same type of excessive fp’s. I put all of them in the ‘ignore’ list and each next time I scan the SAME fp’s show up again.

  • @lazyboy

    if you select “yes”,it will do close some process.

    2.Hi,please read more about expert mode in help document.

    It contains both legitimate programs and malicious softwares that are automatically started by Windows.

    It is up to you which one should be removed or not.

    In the expert mode,it is a manual removal tool.

  • John

    Running XP SP3, have downloaded this three times and installed three times and all I get when opening is notepad with unreadable mumbojumbo, please what am I doing wrong?
    “MZP      ÿÿ  ¸       @                                     º ´    Í!¸LÍ!This program must be run under Win32
    $7                                                                                                                                        PE  L ^B*        à   p  Р  Ð À@#  à  P#   @                       $               @                       Ä$ @   P# ÄÅ                                                  pB#                                                    UPX0     Р                      €  àUPX1     p  à  d                @  à.rsrc    Р  P#  Ì   h             @  À                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2.03 UPX!
    e(ÍVÙ#K”™&# À`  ˜” & a¿wþÿ@ Boolean     *Fa}ÿµÿlseTrue,”Char?ÿkÿö÷@&SmNlint €ÿ .þîÛÊXI$egerR1‹Àpþ›fî/By‡„’WordÍÚåù¯ÿ˜CÔd¬¶ßöï{/ °.
    Str,g¼ ” etc etc

  • lazyboy

    I’m wondering does it scan differently if you click yes?  I’ve always clicked no cause it asks you if you think your computer is infected and I know mine is clean so always clicked on no.
    @Egomoo, duh, lol, I knew that but you were saying that there’s suppose to be no FP’s in expert or am I reading your comments wrong.

  • Ashraf

    @Kathy: He is saying you need v1.27.2 – v1.27 is the one having the problems. is v1.27.2.

  • Ashraf

    Here is the .EXE version (it is the same link as “Download” in the article above):

  • Ashraf

    @Kathy: Either you are not on Vista/Win7, or you downloaded the .COM version. If it is the former, and you are on XP, you don’t need to run as admin. If it is the later, please download the .EXE version.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone that is having registration problems: The registration problems is being caused by the .COM version being v1.27. Please download the .EXE version – it works just fine.
    @lazyboy: Yeah, I used it and ran it. I came up with one false positive, but then I didn’t expect to be infected.

  • @lazyboy

    Hi,please read more about expert mode in help document.

    In the expert mode,it is a manual removal tool.

  • lazyboy

    Ashraf, have u tried the program yet?  Just wondering if it’s working right for myself.  Reason why is that it takes less than a minute to scan and the results are given.  There seems to be no difference on what options i have checked or unchecked, tried different combinations, same results.
    Egomoo – Expert mode no false positives? what? are you on crack or is it just me?  First of all there’s no expert mode until after the scan.  When I run a scan nothing comes up as infected until I click on the box for experts.  Then the same FP’s come up time after time even though these are supposed to be saves in the ignore list, it even shows the files in the ignore list but still shows them after scan!
    I’ve never had it come up with microsoft files or any other potential disastrous files to delete like some of the other people have reported.  If I knew how to exactly do a screen shot of the FP’s that are showing up I’d show you.  Some of the FP’s are as follows – HP backup, A2service, Logitech manifestengine, Immunet protect, lightscribe, ashampoo products, iepro are just a few of the FP’s.
    How long does it take for everyone else when it comes to scanning?  Less than a minute for results?  I’m curious because even though it’s registered and looks like the program is working in Win 7 64 pro but maybe it’s not, I don’t know so I would like to hear from the other people using this.

  • Kathy

    @egomoo: If you are saying that I need 1.27 how do I down load it.  I went through the link and got 1.27.2

  • Kathy

    @Ashraf: I tried (right mouse on the .exe icon) it does not give the option to run as administrator as other programs do.

  • @lazyboy: in Expert mode there is no FPs.

    As in the expert mode it says on the top of windows:

    It contains both legitimate programs and malicious softwares that are automatically started by Windows.

  • I have got the message about register problem.
    From a user give me a email with sreenshoot,I know what’s wrong now.
    He download it using 1.27 version and did not update to the latest version 1.27.2. Please download 1.27.2 for the registration to work properly!

  • Richard

    Downloaded and registered with no problems,found two threats on my system,one high risk which is a microsoft system file and another medium risk again a safe file.Checked them both with online scanners and no hits returned,So I reported them as false positives using the inbuilt report button.
    Hopefully no one will delete everything It finds otherwise there will be tears at bedtime.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: I don’t know why people are having registration problems. It worked fine for me when I setup this post. Hopefully egomoo can address this issue (he is probably sleeping right now, though).

    @People on Win7 64-bit: Please try running as Administrator.

  • Sammo

    I just ran a scan and all it found was dozens of false positives (many, many Microsoft system files included). I can not recommend this software to anyone even if there were no registration problems. Thumbs down!

  • alex19100

    I have a problem with the software,I can not register.
    I have insert the serial and the E-mail,but rest only trial 30 day license.

  • Sammo

    Refused to accept the serial number and would not register. Uninstalled.

  • Chuck Brotman

    I have the same registration problem as #17 (anthony jolley)
    I’m running 32 bit XP-sp3

  • cornjaco

    Can this be used as an additonal layer of defense, that is: can Safe Returner run in conjunction with other anti-malware as Emsisoft, or is it incompatible with real-time anti-malware.

  • lazyboy

    people using windows 7, after downloading, right click on file and run as administrator.  Registered for myself and program works, people must be doing something wrong or there’s something on your computer messing with the program.

  • tejas

    Working fine on Win7 64 bit. Running as Administrator as lazyboy suggests seems to be the key. ( something I would have thought anyone running Win7 64 would do anyway. ;) )
    Found 3 False Positives, including “explorer.exe”, Essential PIM, and a system driver. This scanner could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Be careful!

  • Kathy

    @egomoo: What do we do about the Windows 7 not registering.

  • Kate

    Good giveway, thx.

    @egomoo (or Ashraf, if he knows the answer)
    I’m a bit confused about the serials given. I got mine a while ago and it’s a 80 character long one. I told my sister to get one too and the one she’s got is 95 characters long.
    Which one is the correct length?
    I see people having trouble activating the program, maybe it’s because their serial’s the wrong length?

    As this is a time limited offer, could the developer or Ashraf shed some light?


  • Jalcson

    Many thanks asscraft. good prog.

  • Paf

    Thank you very much, Ashraf. This is an excellent giveaway. Cheers, my friend.

  • Sujay

    Many thanks for this giveaway..:)

  • soon

    Just downloaded and ran the first scan. Scan speed is impressing and very light. The COM version doesn’t work on my pc but the EXE does all the jobs. But, it needs internet connection to verify some files. Thanks, Ashraf!

  • Bud Gallagher

    The only thing that is readable when I try to run the program is this ” !This program must be run under Win32″. I am using Win 7 64 bit Ultimate.
    I don’t think the program is installing correctly as the icon that appears on my desktop looks like a notepad icon. Have tried several installs

  • lazyboy

    Win 7 64 pro user and to fix everyone’s solution would be after you download the program, run the executable file as administrator!!  Worked for me and the program runs smooth and maybe too fast?  Scan only took a couple of minutes and came up with about 10 false positives when in Expert mode.  Question, why does the scan only take a couple of minutes with the settings left alone and when I added the files to my ignore list they were not stored.  I rebooted, ran the program again and the same files came up so maybe there’s a problem with your ignore list.  I did not turn anything off, have Imunet running, MSE and Avast with Comodo firewall.

  • Downloadcoholic

    @egomoo: @Greg Bern:  sorry im having problems understanding your english are you saying that there are problems with (@hotmail and @live) in deliverence of your products keys??  cause for me your product works fine (Se7en x64) in TRIAL mode only. Error mesage when i try adding key! and your link to regester is broken! thanks for your help and good luck.

  • Bud Gallagher

    Same 64 bit Windows 7 problem here. Installs OK but when you try to run the program it displays a screen full of garbage and says 32 bit OS needed. It’s now uninstalled. Anyone have a Win 7 64 bit solution

  • drtank

    finally i got it to run…..( actually i download from developer site and it didnt work, so i downloaded fresh from dottech and it worked)
    but the new problem is- it is not registering…. same problem as reported by comment no 17 anthony jolley….
    any help…

  • tejas

    @egomoo: If you haven’t tested it on Win7 64 bit, why is this on the front page of your site?
    “Safe Returner is compatible with the Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit !”

  • PapyLuc

    @Mary: (By Ashraf) …. It works !!!
    (see above)…

    Visit the dotTech Safe Returner promotion page and fill out the short form:

    After you have filled out your e-mail address and hit “Get It Now”, your license key will be displayed to you:

    Copy the serial number because you will need it to register Safe Returner. (NOTE: The “Copy Serial Number” button may not work – you may need to manually select + copy the serial number.)
    Download and install Safe Returner. (If your computer is already infected with malware and the malware is blocking .EXE files from running, download the .COM version of Safe Returner.)
    After you have installed Safe Returner, run it and register it:

    It works !!!

    PS :
    Special note: This giveaway is active for 24-hours, from August 28, 2010 03:00 PST to August 29, 2010 03:00 PST. After this 24-hour time period, users will no longer be able to grab the free 2 year license of Safe Returner. However, the developer has informed me anyone that has grabbed the license within the 24-hours can “activate the app whenever they want”. In other words, the timer on the license will start ticking soon as you get it, but you can install/reinstall Safe Returner with the license whenever you want.

  • Downloadcoholic

    Thanks for this! running Se7en x64 error message when tring to insert key! and every time i open the program, so it stays in trial mode but works fine also i cant find the option to re-insert the key so i have to uninstall and try again please if someone can help it would be greatly appre.

  • The PC of a friend is just infected with the rogue “”.
    I’ve give him this promo in the hope it will help.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Mary

    Have tried several times to get it to register but it keeps coming back as EVALUATION. I am running Windows Vista Premium 32 bit. Any help would be appreciated.

  • chinaguy

    Thanks Ashraf. I will try using this on my sister’s computer which seems to have a virus hiding somewhere on it. Will see if it can find it.

  • PapyLuc

    @28 – Slasher :
    MERCI à vous pour la réponse ET aussi à dotTech (Ashraf) … for his work although sometimes we speak ill.

    Ps : sorry, I use a translator –


  • Slasher


    The file was uploaded to Virus Total and came back clean. None of my other security programs flag it either so I feel confident it is a false positive.

  • Alinek

    Hello :)
    Thank you for promotion. This program is very good. I had a test version.

  • PapyLuc

    As # 24 (Slasher) :
    I copy his comments…
    “The program installed fine. I was able to get the key and register with no trouble. I have already run a scan which went quick. It only found one thing which appears to be a false positive (see report below) ??? . Overall I like it so far. Hats off to egomoo.”

    [photostage.exe] (High Risk:81) <><c:program filesnch softwarephotostagephotostage.exe> [NCH Software]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices] (High Risk:81) <MirDisk><c:windowssystem32driversmirdisk.sys> [Wondershare Software Co.,Ltd]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices] (Low Risk:58)
    <IObitBarService><c:progra~1iobitbartoolbar1.bini0barsvc.exe> [IObit] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices] (High Risk:81)
    <FolderHK><c:windowssystem32driversfolderhk.sys> [Wondershare Software Co.,Ltd]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify] (Low Risk:57) <PixVue><c:program filespixvue.compixvuebinwinlogon.dll> [PixVue.Com] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerBrowser Helper Objects] (High Risk:79) <{EFA17361-CDC0-4927-9AFC-BAAD1F96B2AE}><c:program filesiobitbartoolbar1.bini0bar.dll> [IObit] [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerUrlSearchHooks] (Low Risk:58) <{7757CBCC-0975-4b79-A519-90B142CA3A23}><c:program filesiobitbartoolbar1.bini0srcas.dll> [IObit]

    Au revoir.

  • Mags

    No problem downloading, installing and registering on two PCs.
    PC 1 Desktop with Win 7 32bit – scanned and didn’t find anything.
    PC 2 Laptop with Win XP – scanned and found 2 false positives.  I added those to the ignore list.
    IMO (at this time) I think this is a great program.
    THX Ashraf.

  • Slasher

    The program installed fine. I was able to get the key and register with no trouble. I have already run a scan which went quick. It only found one thing which appears to be a false positive (sfcfiles.dll). Overall I like it so far. Hats off to egomoo.

  • amit raina


  • Dwight

    Hi Ashraf,
    I had no problem what soever in securing the serial code on the promo page.
    This program does not Install on my Win 7 64bit and leaves a .scr notepad with garbled message on desktop instead of the short cut file mentioning that it is compatible with 32 bit system or so.
    Lucky that I set up the program with Revo uninstaller so I could have a clean un install of left overs….

  • Miltos

    Installed in on XP, tried to execute and the notepad comes on with confused text. The only thing I can read is:

    MZP    ?? ? @   ? ? ?!?L?!This program must be run under Win32

    What could be the problem? Thanks. 

  • John B.

    I installed on Windows 7 64 Bit.  I also got “error” upon start scan.  It also installs toolbar. UNINSTALLED!!!

  • Ande

    Great get, Ashraf and thanks!
    Q:  How soon does it have to be activated?

  • Lawwe

    Vielen Dank für dieses Anti-Malware Proggy

  • anthony jolley

    Just tried to put in the licence code but safe returner keeps coming back evaluation

  • john barrentine

    do you need to remove any other malware before installing? Also can I download to my other computer,or laptop later? Thanks Jack B. P.S. Never have heard anything about the snowfox giveaway?

  • drtank

    Unable to install this program.
    gives the following error:-
    i am using Win7 64bit, Avira…
    any advice?????

  • Registration is not user friendly. But beyond that my 5 attempts at running a scan resulted in 5 hangups @ c:\Program Files\superantispyware\sasseh.dll and the message about an “error”occurring; restart the program to try again. Since SUPER AntiSpyware has saved my butt on several occasions and Safe Returner won’t even scan it’s a no-brainer which one I’ll be removing. But my thanks to for the offer and the effort.
    I am running WindowsXP Home Edition.

  • Rob

    Thank you for this one! just ran scan and the only thing it picked up was 2 from microsoft alg.exe and logonui.exe
    both are main components for windows operating system. THIS PROGRAM IS VERY VERY GOOD. the developer advises to stop all running programs for a better scan, it works. one of the best give aways since i started comming to your site. THANK YOU Ashraf.

  • Ashraf

    @egomoo: FYI for those that don’t know, egomoo is the developer of Safe Returner.

  • amozai

    Thanks a lot for the promo.
    will give it a try.

  • Greg Bern

    copy your license down as I lost mine and have to start over if can get to run. would like email of lic so can save easier.

    trying egomoo help.

  • @Greg Bern: Hi,

    I’m sorry for that.

    It did test on XP 64 bit ,and Windows 7 32 bit but not windows 7 64 bit as some device reason.

    Could you send me the debug log located at %appdata%\safereturner\

    of 3 files
    log.ini and sub folder debug\  Debug.log  error.log to me


  • John

    a review on

    It is quite effective in an already infected machine, just pay attention to some possible false positive detections.

  • Greg Bern
    using hotmail and want go through as email. delivery failed.  anyone else try support.? this is email you type in on support tab. would like to just have to click on vs typing out. 

  • Boyfriend

    Thank you very much Ashraf bahi. It is very useful giveaway, a very nice tool to clean malware infections.

  • Greg Bern

    Installled on win7 64 but want run. says unexpected error and have to restart scan. tried several times even with yes when asked if infected.  would like a cancel scan button since have to x out to start over the scan.  not sure if works on a 64 bit system. could not find in features list.  using bitdefender av.

  • Murphy

    Thank you for this Promo .
    Best regards !
    PS. Sorry for that ”mistake” . The problem was solved .

  • phoenix_rising

    Thanks for this Ashraf. Potential users can also check out the user comments on Cnet:
    And at Wilders Security:
    It’ll be interesting to see people’s comments on this prog.

  • thanks Ashraf,

  • Ashraf

    dotTech was just down for 20 minutes, so if you weren’t able to access dotTech that is the reason why. Everything should be working fine now.