How to add a calculator menu option in OpenOffice [Tip]

It might be handy to have a calculator at hand when setting up documents with OpenOffice applications that aren’t spreadsheets. Sure, you can always open Calculator in Windows, but that doesn’t include a matrix operator or unit converter. To add a calculator to OpenOffice apps, check out the Versatile Calculator plug-in.

Open the Versatile Calculator page to add the plug-in to OpenOffice. Press the download button on that page, select Open with and click OK to install it. Then open the office suite’s word processor that will now include a Calculator option on its menu bar.

openoffice plug-in

Click Calculator to open the window in the shot above. There you can select to open a calculator, matrix operator and unit converter. Select Calculator to open the window shown below.

openoffice plug-in2That calculator has plenty of buttons on it for maths. For example, you can find out the binary equivalent of a number by pressing the bin button. The calculator also includes trigonometry buttons such as cos, sin and tan.

The unit converter might also come in handy. Click Calculator > Convertor to open the window below. There you can select to convert distance, volume, weight and area by selecting one of the tabs. Click the drop-down lists to select a unit to convert and enter a value in the text box. Then press the Convert button for a unit conversion.

openoffice plug-in3So if the Windows Calculator doesn’t include the math buttons you’re looking for, the Versatile Calculator might. With it you can select a wider variety of mathematical options directly from OpenOffice applications.

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