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Process Lasso Pro

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Software description as per the developer:

Process Lasso is a unique new technology that will improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability during periods of high CPU load. Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without restraint — leading to freezes, hangs, and micro-lags. Process Lasso’s ProBalance (Process Balance) technology intelligently adjusts the priorities of running programs so that badly behaved processes won’t negatively impact the responsiveness of your PC.

Process Lasso also offers an assortment of ways to take full control of how your CPUs are allocated to running programs. In essence, it is an all-in-one automated Windows process tuner. You can choose at what priority processes should run, and which CPUs should be assigned to them. You can also disallow certain programs from running, log all programs run, automatically restart programs, limit the number of instances of a program, and much more. You can even indicate processes that should induce entrance into the High Performance power scheme or prevent the PC from sleeping. A gaming mode also allows for easy process priority optimization for avid gamers.

Download size:

2 MB

Malware scan:

VirusTotal scan results (0/43)

Supported OS:

Windows 2000 and higher


$24.95 (USD)

Ashraf’s note:

This review was last written on Process Lasso Pro v3.84.7. It has been updated for Process Lasso Pro v4.00.29. The following are the major changes from v3.x -> v4.x, as per the developer:

(Click on the image to full it in full size.)

Furthermore, Process Lasso comes in two editions: Process Lasso Free and Process Lasso Pro. This review is on Process Lasso Pro.

Lastly, this review was conducted on a laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows: 3GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 512MB graphics card, and an Intel T8300 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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  • Has the ability to intelligently manage CPU priorities for individual processes – allowing users to work unhindered – based on the current system conditions. (“ProBalance”)
    • Users are allowed to customize the parameters of “ProBalance”.
    • Users are allowed to exclude specific processes from being managed via “ProBalance”.
  • Has a “Gaming Mode” which allows users to run full-screen games/processes without worry of interference from Process Lasso.
    • Users can define specific processes which automatically trigger “Gaming Mode” when detected.
  • Allows users to manually change CPU priorities, affinities, and/or throttle the CPU for individual processes.
    • Users can set automatic default CPU priorities, affinities, and/or throttles for specific processes.
  • Allows users to define rules where a process will be terminated, restarted, or have its CPU affinity changed if the process uses X% CPU or Y MB of RAM for Z seconds. (“Process Watchdog”)
  • Allows users to blacklist specific processes which are automatically terminated when detected.
  • Allows users to limit the amount of instances for specific processes and specify specific processes to always run.
  • Has the ability to prevent the computer from timing out/sleeping when specific processes are running and the ability to automatically change the PC to “High Performance” when specific processes are detected (if applicable).
  • Can manage current user’s processes and/or all users’ (including SYSTEM) processes.
  • Users have the option to run the core engine without the GUI (the management console).
  • Core engine can be run as a service.

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  • “Process Watchdog” rules are not editable after they have been created. If users want to modify rules they have already created, they must delete them and create new rules.
  • The management console has a very “techie” look and feel to it. Process Lasso needs some sort of “non-techie mode” that allows users to just run Process Lasso and let it do its thing without having to worry about all the settings available in the management console. This “Easy Mode” should only have a few basic settings such as being able to switch between “ProBalance” and “Gaming Mode” to avoid scaring the average user.

{/rw_bad} –>

{for=”Ease of Use” value=”6″}Process Lasso definitely has a learning curve to it; the GUI has a very “techie” look to it, and there are many technical terms thrown around. Once you get used to the program and understand it, it is very easy to use, but many people may find themselves a bit lost when they first use Process Lasso.
{for=”Performance” value=”10″}All I can say here is: Excellent performance.
{for=”Usefulness” value=”8″}I can see a good number of people finding this useful, although the technical nature of the program may discourage a few users.
{for=”Price” value=”8″}Considering the fact that Process Lasso has a free version (that has most of the “main” features), asking $24.95 for the Pro edition is very fair.
{for=”Final Score” value=”9″}
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This article is part of the new Rapid Reviews section on dotTech; thus it has no “full review”. Please visit the announcement on Rapid Reviews to learn more about what Rapid Reviews are.

(NOTE: Even though there is no “full review”, all software featured in Rapid Reviews are still held to dotTech standards, and are evaluated fully and graded fairly. And, Rapid Reviews still have the program overview, the good and the bad, ratings, quick verdict, free alternatives, and final verdict; Rapid Reviews just have no full review section. dotTech fully stands by all verdicts handed out in Rapid Reviews, just as we back all our verdicts on full Shareware Reviews.)

This review was conducted on a laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows: 3GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 512MB graphics card, and an Intel T8300 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

Both of the follow are free CPU management tools:

The following is a program that has CPU management features:

Out of all three free alternatives, I find that Process Lasso Free has the most features in terms of CPU management, with Process Tamer coming in a close second place, and AnVir Task Manager coming in a distant third. (It must be noted, though, AnVir Task Manager is more than a CPU management tool; so while it may have basic CPU manage features, it has other features users can use.)

For those wondering the differences between Process Lasso Free and Process Lasso Pro, this chart – created by the developer – explains the differences:

{/rw_freea} –>

{rw_verdict2}Process Lasso Pro is not meant to make your computer “faster”. If you have a Pentium III and you expect Process Lasso Pro to turn it into a quad-core, you will be very disappointed. Similarly, Process Lasso Pro is not meant to make your programs run “faster”. Rather, Process Lasso Pro is intended to help you manage your CPU in the most efficient way possible, preventing rogue CPU usage from causing problems. In other words, Process Lasso Pro doesn’t make anything “faster”; it stops programs/processes from unnecessarily making your computer/programs run slower. In that regard, Process Lasso Pro performs extremely well; Process Lasso Pro is a terrific program. I especially like the extra functionality the developer has built-in that goes beyond just rogue-CPU-usage-management. I give Process Lasso Pro two thumbs up and highly recommend it to anyone. If you can’t afford, or don’t want to purchase, Process Lasso Pro there is always Process Lasso Free or Process Tamer, both which are very good programs.
{/rw_verdict2} –>

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  • Fritz Haarmann

    This program is a joke because it’s totally useless on fast machines and it makes slow machines even slower. Both thumbs down. One for the program, one for the review.

  • Bunty Duggal

    I UNINSTALLED this program coz my comp kept re-starting, and the program did not show up in the taskbar. IT`s still there on my kid`s comp n seems to be OK there.
    The problem on my comp could be Jungle Racer (from Game.giveawayoftheday ), installed a few days ago. However, that does not have an UNINSTALLER ! Could someone guide me as to how to uninstall, or should I just DELETE IT?

  • haakon

    Dual core CPU- WinXP OS- 8Gb ram
    THANKS for this!!! I am a bit lazy..and a laid back person. So when Kaspersky Pure did its “base, core ” and other upgrades (every day) I just accepted I had to “wait” untill it was finished. (spent the time to make coffe or whatever)
    Process Lasso DID take care of that… Kaspersky do not take all resources any more.
    What is more of a surprise…the Kaspersky upgrade does NOT take much longer to finish. It just dont grab and halt my machine…
    So- no time to make coffee :-)
    You can tell the developers I will buy the pro version NOW!!

  • moe-chan

    I wonder why the creator does not make a taskbar with buttons to ease the GUI. I mean, if you right click on each process, you will be offered with a lot of menus. If you had a slow PC with bloated or untidy registry records then you would know how irritating that can be.

    @joel: No, we can’t. The creator is also a very though guy. He designed Process Lasso Pro so fine that it requires Internet connection to be activated, which we can’t manipulate because the process leaves no traces on our PC (well, at least I couldn’t find it).

  • jayesstee

    I just downloaded it from the regular GOTD site. Sorry for the delay in responding, I just logged in – I’m 8 hours ahead of the “posted” time.

  • Bunty Duggal

    Ashraf, Thanx a ton for this & many other software. And a big GOD BLESS YOU for the BRILLIANT REVIEWS & time spent over them. I`d like to add as many words as You put into your reviews, but they would just say the same things that I`ve alreADY SAID. So.. KEEP rockin` n rollin` ( in the Free world)

  • joel

    Does anyone know how to back up the activation?

  • joel


    How do you have v.4.00.30? Where did you download it?

  • jayesstee

    Thank you Ashraf, great review, good advice (#26). Just installed, activated OK. Very impressed with the professional appearence of the app. and with the help documentation. This is where GOTD’s and similar are normally badly let down. Having said that I usually only “read the flipping manual” when all else has failed, but in this case I will have good read to find out just how it is helping me.
    Incidently, my version is v.4.00.30.

  • Ashraf

    @janet: Process Lasso is associated with CPU usage. So you can have all the RAM and hard drive space in the world, but if you have a crap CPU you will still lag.

    That said, if you don’t have any CPU usage problems, you don’t need Process Lasso.


    It does not optimize anything, it just manages your CPU resources.

    Well I would argue it optimizes your CPU usage, but I think we both mean the same thing.

    @joel: This review is on the latest v4.00.29 and the GOTD is too AFAIK.

    @sinbad: Ditto. Process Lasso doesn’t make anything “faster” – it helps control programs that are unnecessarily slowing down your computer/programs.

    I am glad you like the program.

    @Eddy: Weird. I am running Process Lasso as we speak and I am not having this issue. Maybe you can contact the developer and let him know so he can address the issue. However, if you are happy with Process Tamer, then there is no need to switch. Process Tamer provides that CPU management features found in Process Lasso (although Process Lasso Pro has more features.)

    @Cussy: It is a matter of semantics. Yes, indirectly by controlling the CPU usage of other programs that are unnecessarily using CPU, Process Lasso does make programs “faster”. However, if I were to say “Process Lasso makes programs run faster” people would take that to mean Process Lasso does something special to make their computers/programs faster. Process Lasso doesn’t do that. Rather, it prevents the slowing down of computer/programs which in return may or may not make the computer/other programs faster.

    @janet: On a system like that you probably don’t have lag issues, so you probably don’t need Process Lasso.

    @John: Officially it cannot be updated for free. However, sometimes developers leave keys open for upgrades. So if you try to upgrade you risk losing the program.

    @Stallone: Perfect! That is exactly what Process Lasso does. Thanks for the clarification!

    And I am glad I can be of help!


    it will not make your computer faster, but it might seem like it is because it makes all the programs run more smoothly.


  • Mark

    @Everyone. I see many questions asking how does Process Lasso works. The Process Lasso web page goes into great detail on how the program works, what different adjustments will do, and even a test to show that it actually works. I have used the program for about six months now, and it has stopped the mini-lags I would get when I had multiple programs running. And as Ashraf said, it will not make your computer faster, but it might seem like it is because it makes all the programs run more smoothly.

  • Stallone

    Hi Cussy / Janet:
    Lets say there is no programme taking lot of CPU time, and the programme(loading IE) you want to run has enough CPU time then Process Lasso wont increase the speed of loading IE. But you want to load IE and it needs some time of CPU to finish it’s work and due some other programme running in the background and IE doesn’t get what it needs of CPU then Process Lasso would make sure IE get engouh of CPU. Only in this type of situations you would see faster loading. But if you already have enough CPU time and there are programmes running in the backround not taking much of CPU then Process Lasso wont speed up any thing. This is my understanding if I am wrong pls anyone can correct me. Thanks.
    And for Ashraf: I always respect your time and effort you spend in these reviews. I always read your comments carefully to increase my knowledge of the product and subject. I hope you are paid or getting enough money to keep on helping people like me who are just layman. I deeply appreciate.

  • John

    I just installed this from GOTD, this is my first GOTD download. Can someone explain how it works. Can this be updated? I understand it can no be reinstalled except for today.


  • janet

    I agree with cussy. My only slowdowns on the old computer were IE (articularly opening IE links in emails in OE). My system is:

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    CPU Intel Core i7-870 2.93 8M 1333
    Motherboard (LGA 1156) Intel WHITESBURG DP55 WB
    Memory 8GB DDR3 1333MHz
    Graphics Card Gainward GTS 450 1024mb DVI HDMI DDR5
    Monitor(s) Displays ViewSonic p97f+
    Hard Drive 1T/7200/64MB SATA-II WD WD1002FAEX

    But I was really referring to Win 7. I don’t think you can run Win 7 very well on a small system….Also, it seems to have a lot of native programs that do things we used to need external utilities for….

  • Cussy

    I don’t quite understand the ‘it won’t make your computer faster’ logic. Let’s say that Internet Explorer is not loading pages as fast as it could because of some background issues claiming CPU resources. I install this prog and it tames the background processes. Does that not make IE load faster?

    If it doesn’t make progs work faster than they would without it, what does it do? Newton’s third law of motion states that ‘To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction’. If this prog stops the CPU slowing down the computer, by definition the computer must speed up – albeit not beyond what it could achieve if it were working to maximum capacity anyway! Is that not correct?

  • I tried Process Lasso the previous time it was on GOTD (probably Process Lasso Pro v3.84.7).
    It worked, but at regular intervals it would totally freeze my system (Win XP Pro) for a fraction of a second (including mouse movements). But long enough to be annoying. I could not solve this by changing settings so I uninstalled it and am now using Process Tamer which runs fine.

  • sinbad

    I run three machines with Project Lasso ( and a fourth laptop backup unit). One is w7 64 Quad with an SSD -general purpose – graphics design and occasional gaming; the second is W7 32 media machine that drives my home theater 50 HD screen and music system; the third is an older Vista 32 machine with 3 gig mem. On W7 64 Lasso helps corral Norton, Mozy and other programs that can slow things when graphics or gaming are my priorities; the media machine is now nearly six years into service and needs help keeping streaming programming at the top of the food chain; the general purpose Vista machine just needs help (and is due for an upgrade to 7). Given the multi machine license I find no operating problems and feel this SW is well worth the price of admission.

  • joel

    Is this the latest v4.00.29?

  • Frank

    that’s none of these optimizer type appz (these are fake mostly).
    It does not optimize anything, it just manages your CPU resources.

    What you told about your system does not help to judge the usefulness of this app. It was about the number of cores/HTs of your CPU.

    If you got a dual-core CPU the app might help. But if you got a quad-core CPU then there’s IMHO no use (at least I didn’t see any use on our systems).

    Yours, Frank

  • janet

    Is this app useful for a new Win7 system with losts of memory and a terabyte HD? I don’t find any lags since I upgraded….I’m wondering if a lot of the optimizer type apps are increasingly unnecessary given that a lot of their functions are now built in to Windowsw 7 and capacities in general are so much greater….

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: Process Lasso Pro v4 (the latest version) is available via GOTD for the next 24-hours. So grab it while you can!

    @Anemailname: You are welcome! I am glad you enjoy the Rapid Review.

    @Student26: You are welcome!

    @Mike: There you go.

    @leland: Thanks for the feedback! I am glad you enjoy the product… it definitely is great. Plus I have had a chance to talk with the developer a couple of times and he is a great guy. Any money going to him is well deserved.

    @KOR: Thanks for the feedback!

    @Shava Nerad: Thanks for the plug! And I am glad you bought this product. As I mentioned earlier in this comment, the developer is a great guy; money well spent.

    @karen: I haven’t used AnVir Task Manager in a while, so I may not remember properly, but I believe AnVir Task Manager’s CPU manage is very basic when compared to Process Lasso Pro; I think AnVir Task Manager can only do the basic is a process goes over X% for Y seconds, change its priority. Correct me if I am wrong, though.

    @Dwight: You are welcome! I do hope the developer considers the “Easy Mode” suggestion I gave, so non-techies.

    @o(o.o)o: What do you mean how to people know if this app is working? I am not sure I understand.

    And in regard to you seeing no changes: As I stated in my final verdict, Process Lasso Pro won’t make your computer “faster”. It helps control programs that are rogue CPU users. If while playing your game (I assume you are playing a game with your mention of framerates, map loading, etc.) there is no CPU-battle going on between running processes, Process Lasso Pro will do nothing since the CPU is available fully for your game.

    Does that make sense?

    @Dwight: This is, more or less, what Process Lasso Pro does. It doesn’t make things “faster”. It makes sure programs aren’t unnecessarily making things “slower”.

    @matrixfull: I honestly don’t know because I dont know what PCBooster is. Can you please elaborate? However, I can tell you any program that claims to “speed up processes” is probably fake/lie/useless. Nothing can make processes “faster”, per se. They can only increase CPU priority which means – more or less – a process will get more CPU is there are multiple programs using the CPU at the same time.

    And thanks. :-)

    @Corno: Odd. I don’t know about beta but I am running the latest version (v4) and I am not having this issue.

  • Corno

    Good program on my two fairly old XP machines. On my new Windows7 PC I installed the new Beta version, but uninstalled because for some reason CPU usage came close to 50%, caused by a program called Process Lasso. But that is a Beta, so I did not mind.

  • matrixfull

    Ashraf: Is PCBoost more usefull than Process Lasso? As I understand PCBoost claims to boost up speed of your processes but Process Lasso claims to make prioritys best for your curret needs.  Is it good to have both or not? Does PCBoost do anything good at all? Thanks in case you will give me some clue. =) btw: I got Process Lasso in Giveaway of Day and I always love to see your reviews there =)

  • Dwight

    My config is Win 7 64bit, i5 430, 4 GB RAM, 500GB HDD.

    Since I do a lot of video encoding (not a gamer duh :-(  ) which can generally over clock the quad core CPU, I encounter poor system responsiveness (lag) if the process priority has been sent at “high or real time”. This program as per my knowledge does not boost any program except you selectively set it to do so in current priority mode or default priority mode. In “probalance” mode, my encoding FPS does not improve but is regulated in order to reduce the system lag for as simple things as mouse clicks or mouse run over the screen.

  • o(o.o)o

    How do users know that this app is actually working? Is there a tool for it?
    I tried and ran it with admin privileges so that it can read the game process which is also running with admin rights. Personally, I didn’t notice any difference (framerates were the same, map loading were the same), this is on XPSP3 x32.
    Btw, I think if you installed this on windows 7 or vista, it will run with standard rights at user logon so it can’t boost games or other processes which must run with admin rights. A probable solution is to run the program as a service then exclude the process from probalance but the app documentation doesn’t recommend this.
    Anyhow, my pov is that this is useful for older xp systems running with single core processors but for vista/windows 7 machines with multiple cores, not really needed. Granted of course that this program actually does what’s on the tin, otherwise it’s just snakeoil.

  • Dwight

    Hello Ashraf,
    Thanks for the review of this software.
    Initially, I was skeptical about performance of this program and how it may affect performance of my laptop as much of my activities overclock the CPU.

    After reading your review, I downloaded the software, registered it and am using it since yesterday without a hiccup!
    As i am not a techie, what I observed was whenever the responsiveness of the system was at lowest ebb, the priority of the overclocking process is lowered.  Priority is restored whenever the responsiveness improves.
    Best part of this program is it consumes the least amount of RAM memory when it is active and extremely light on the system.
    Thanks again!

  • karen

    Ashraf – How does this compare to what Anvir does?

  • The whole process management bit under Vista has bugged me (for those of you gray hairs, I used to be a VMS guru, and have been working with various flavors of Unix since the very early 80’s).  This seems like a great tool, and although the interface is geeky, it’s set up nicely (if intimidatingly) for non-geeks by default.  The defaults would serve most people well, assuming they know the paths to their game executables, that’s all they’d need to find in terms of geekery, that I can see.
    I was not only impressed with this product but with the list of projects the coder is putting out, and how he’s rolling some other projects into this suite.  So, I actually sprang for a household license (up to 5 computers), which is on sale right now for about US$40.  This is, in my opinion, a pretty nice value, and you get free upgrades forever on the five licenses.  The pack does come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so I still get to validate my first impressions, but as a geek and a gamer geek, I expect I’ll be happy with this.
    Ashraf, I also dropped him a note glowing about your site and how much I trust your opinions/reviews, and to tell him I made the purchase on the basis of your say so — not only to support (and enjoy!) this project but to support his other projects which include some nifty free and open bits also.

  • KOR

    I have a rather older computer setup, XP.  I got this program today GOTD.  It really seems so far to be a good designed software program.  I notice a bit more of a spring in my systems response.  No problems installing or any strange reactions with-in my computer.
    So far I can say it seems worth checking out.

  • This is an excellent tool I have been using for a couple of years now.  I remember when it came out when I noticed it on Major Geeks.  I was unsure that it would be useful but I tried it along with Process Tamer which came out around the same time.  I found Process Lasso was much better at keeping out of control processes under control.  Process Tamer just could not match the speed and control of Process Lasso and so became my tool of choice.
    Of note in today’s giveaway I found the beta does not work on Windows 2000; however the regular version does.  This is probably due to it’s aim for better Windows Vista/7 compatibility.

  • Mike

    @chinaguy: Yep, this was given out at GOTD in an earlier sub-version, on May 20. 

  • Student26

    Agree w/ anemailname thanks for the work as always.

  • Anemailname

    @Ashraf: You letting us know you grabbed it from GOTD is worth a lot actually.
    Thanks! And the Rapid Review was perfect! Quick and to the point!

  • Ashraf

    @janet: No, as ha14 has stated the foreground process is not messed around with. By default “ProBalance” is set to not change foreground process CPU priority, so you don’t need to worry about configuring it.

    @lazyboy: This program doesn’t “speed things up”. It helps you manage things that slow you down, if that makes any sense.

    @chinaguy: I think it was given out while I was on vacation.

  • Ashraf

    @Bruce Fraser: No, what I mean is Process Tamer has one or two features which Process Lasso Free does not have, hence “only available in Process Lasso Pro”. However, I can see where the confusion lies. I will clarify this statement.

    Update: One of the main features I found lacking in Process Lasso Free that Process Tamer has is the ability to blacklist processes. However, now it seems Process Lasso Free can also blacklist processes. After doing a more closer comparison, it appears that Process Lasso Free now is a bit more feature-filled than Process Tamer.

  • Bruce Fraser

    Another text oops?
    See: “although Process Tamer has a feature or two which is only available in Process Lasso Pro.”
    Maybe that should read “… lacks a feature…”?

  • chinaguy

    @janet: Yes you can configure it so that it will exclude any foreground programs from the restraint. You can also set it to boost the priority of foreground programs. It is under the options menu.

  • chinaguy

    Wasn’t this given out on GOTD before? It seems like several months ago. If it was does anyone know what is different in this one as compared to the other one.

  • lazyboy

    I found this program very useful when I had my old computer with XP, Pentium 4 2.8.  Never installed it with the new computer, Windows 7 64 Pro, 8 gig DDR3.  Ashraf, do you think it would speed up anything or should I just let things be?

  • janet

    One thing I have never been clear about with process managers: do they also keep the active program from taking too much CPU? When I am working with any particular program, I always want it to get top priority so I don’t have to sit around waiting during a freeze. Is there a way to set them to always give preference to the active window? 

  • ha14

    Thanks for the review, process lasso is well known but chameleon task manager is also powerful and also the free version do nice job. In the last gaotd i didnt managed well to use a timer in process lasso to, start process with schedule.

  • Ashraf

    @Asghar Mahmood Mirza: I used Process Tamer over Process Lasso Free (I like how Process Tamer is able to automatically kill processes whereas Process Lasso Free cannot). However, Process Lasso Pro > Process Tamer, so I am using Process Lasso Pro now.

  • Asghar Mahmood Mirza

    Procss Lasso Free and Process Tamer both are in my use. I can’t tell whats better.

  • Ashraf

    FWIW, Process Lasso Pro is one of the only programs I have personally grabbed from GOTD in a very long time.

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: Thanks – I fixed it now.

  • Quoteth the Ashraf: “{/rw_text} –>”.  Oops.