Free 1 year license of Panda Internet Security 2011!

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Update: Apparently a few hours after I posted this freebie, the CAPTCHA code required to fill out the first registration form has been changed from English to Chinese. (They may also have disabled the Chinese activation code from working with the English version of Panda Internet Security 2011 – I don’t know.) Users now have to enter the CAPTCHA in Chinese. For people that don’t have a Chinese keyboard, you can try a virtual keyboard (type in the letters in the virtual keyboard then copy + paste it into the CAPTCHA box). If you are unable to use the virtual keyboard – or don’t want to – this promotion is effectively dead for you. Sorry for those that missed it!

Software Description

The following is the description of Panda Internet Security 2011, as per the developer:

Panda Internet Security 2011 allows you to use the Internet for anything, like shopping and banking online, with total peace of mind and without any interruption. It protects you from viruses, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all the other known and unknown threats.

In addition,  it keeps your inbox spam-free, and allows you to browse the web privately and securely with the entirely new Panda Safe Browser. With the Parental Control, your children can browse the Internet safely.

Maximum protection against all kinds of Internet threats with Panda Internet Security 2011

Key features:

  • Antivirus
  • Firewall & Identity Protect
  • Anti-Spam & Parental Control
  • Multimedia/Gaming Mode
  • Home Network Manager
  • Remote PC Access
  • Safe Browser (Sandboxing)

dotTech Advice

I have never personally used Panda Security products nor have I reviewed their programs (aside from the Panda USB Vaccine); so I don’t know how good/bad they are. However, Panda AntiVirus Pro 2011 scores really well in AV-Comparatives’ August 2010 On-Demand Comparative and November 2010 Retroactive/Proactive tests with excellent 99.2% and 61% overall detection rates, respectively; although it must be noted it had “many” false-positives.

On the other hand, Panda Internet Security 2011’s firewall tests very poorly in Matousec’s firewall tests. It must be noted, though, Mautosec’s firewall tests treat the firewalls as standalone; and many firewalls in security suites are designed to work hand-in-hand with the security suite’s other components. So while many firewalls for security suites may fail Matousec’s firewall tests, that does not mean they are crap. That just means you should never run those firewalls alone without the other features of the security suites mentioned.

Taking into consideration how Panda Internet Security 2011 provides many protection features (not just anti-virus and anti-spyware protection) and how it has very good detection rates, if you are not happy with your current security programs – and you don’t like the free ones – grab this one year free of Panda Internet Security 2011. Who knows – maybe you will like the program enough that you become their paying customer after the one year is up.

Freebie details

Note that this one year freebie is through Panda Security’s Chinese operations. However, I will provide you with directions on how to get the English version. To get Panda Internet Security 2011 for free, follow these directions:

Version being given out for free: v16.0.0.0

Free updates: Yes, for one year

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista (32/64 bit)/Win7 (32/64 bit)

Download size: 72.5 MB

Note: There is no information for how long this giveaway is active. However, you must activate your 1 year license within one month of receiving the activation code; otherwise it will go to waste.

  • Visit the promotion page and click on the link shown in the following screenshot:

  • Once you click on it, a box should appear. Enter your e-mail address and click on the blue button:

(After you click on the blue button be sure to keep this web page open because you will need to come back to it very soon.)

  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you entered. Look for an e-mail from The e-mail’s subject will be in Chinese. In the e-mail look for an exchange code in red:

Copy the exchange code.

  • Go back to the previously discussed promotion page. This time fill out the whole form:

The following is a rough translation of the form:

Make sure to enter the exchange code you received via e-mail in the “exchange code” box and the e-mail address you used in the “e-mail” box.

Hit the orange button when you have filled out the whole form.

  • Once you hit the orange button, you may get a couple of popups that say something in Chinese. Just click OK if you do. Eventually you should be redirected to your Panda Security account page. Look for an activation code:

Copy the activation code.

(If you are not redirected to your Panda Security account page, check your e-mail – you are also e-mailed this activation code.)

  • Once you finish step 4 and submit the form, you should get a confirmation message that lists your client number:

Keep that client number safe because you will need it to activate Panda Internet Security 2011.

  • At this time, before you move on, I suggest you open Notepad and paste in your activation code (the one you used for the “Activation Code” box in step 4 of the previously mentioned registration), the client code you were given after finishing the previously mentioned registration, and e-mail address you used in step 4 of the previously mentioned registration:

You will need all three to register Panda Internet Security 2011, so putting them all in a Notepad file will help you better keep track of them. Take special care to use the e-mail address that you used on the English registration – not the Chinese registration.

  • Now check the e-mail you registered with in step 4 of the previously mentioned registration. Look for an e-mail from yourdetail?s@pandasecu? with subject of Welcome to Panda Security.? In the e-mail you will find login details for your Panda Security account:

  • Once you are logged in, download Panda Internet Security 2011:

  • After the download has finished, install Panda Internet Security 2011.
  • After installation you will be asked to restart your computer:

Restart your computer.

  • After you have restarted your computer, activate Panda Internet Security 2011 using your client code, activation code, and e-mail address:

  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting 1 year of Panda Internet Security 2011 for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

Thanks chn_suiss!

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  • Adrian

    the damn captcha
    at least I got past it ~ =]

  • alan


    Does this experience remind you why never again ?

    I would not have risked my recent adventure of an “on-line scan” by Panda if I had not determined beforehand that I was going to restore my Acronis image from the previous week, which gave me the assurance I WILL BE SHOT OF MISERABLE PANDA BY THE END OF THE DAY.

    A few years earlier I learnt to hate and despise Panda for its wanton destruction of my “Work In Progress” due to my employers I.T. department choosing to install it on all company computers.

    I would compose a document/script/’C’ Source code and then see a better sequence in which to express my thoughts or to nest portions of my code.
    So I CUT AND PASTE about 30 lines- and nothing happened –
    I try again – and again – and again – BANG
    The selected section of 30 lines got CUT and lost – AND THE NEXT 90 LINES WERE ALSO ZAPPED
    THAT WRETCHED PANDA had struck again

    Panda would several times a day, WITHOUT ANY WARNING OR INDICATION,
    seize total control for most of a minute whilst it performed a totally unwanted update,
    and every one of my CUT AND PASTE actions was held pending in a buffer,
    just so it could destroy all my work of the morning.
    That got me many times.

    It also got the Technical Director, but only once,
    and then he had I.T. change to a NON-Panda solution.

  • Guus

    When I click on the promotionpagelink, I am redirected to, so I do not see that page you made a screenshot of. How can I get it too?

  • Jimmy

    Thank you Ashraf for the effort you put in to today’s giveaway. I tried with and without Platinum Hide IP. Unfortunately for me, it is not my day; I cannot get to the promo page. Thanks anyway it is appreciated.

  • tejas

    I tried Panda once, and although I don’t remember what the problem was, I do remember that Panda was put on my mental list of ‘never again’.

  • alan

    A little while ago I found and fixed a slight degradation to the port stealth setting of my firewall.
    All the rest of my firewall and A.V. protection was intact, and I saw no evidence of any infection.
    BUT just to be sure I decided to Restore the previous weeks partition image,
    but first out of interest did extensive scans from various online sites such as Sophos and Panda, both of which promised their code would be removed after the scan/analysis.

    Sophos cleaned up afterwards quite well.

    Panda left about 200 MB in Panda folders on the root of C:\, and sundry executables in Windows\system32

    Best of luck to all you guys who think you can clean it up after taking a “free ride” for a year.

    Final thought about the CAPTCHA debacle,
    if you have problems will customer support respond in Chinese ? ! ! !

  • Backtrace

    By using Google Translate, you can get the website in English, and use the Chinese Keyboard to enter Captcha info. This will make it a little bit easier:|en|

  • Ashraf

    Anyone that really wants this freebie can try using a Chinese virtual keyboard: Type in the CAPTCHA in the virtual keyboard and copy + paste it into the CAPTCHA box.

  • Ashraf

    Wow lame. They changed the CAPTCHA to Chinese. Anyone that speaks Chinese know if those are letters or actual words in the CAPTCHA? If they are just letters we may be able to use a virtual Chinese keyboard.

  • Greg

    The Captchas are all Chinese characters. The numbers ones are gone. You can’t complete this unless you know Chinese.

  • the verification code is in chinese. do not know how to jump that.

  • is this only for china people?

  • John


    Sorry Ashraf unless I’m getting something different all I can see is Chinese?


  • Ashraf

    @BuddahBoy: You are welcome!

    @Roland Loo: You are welcome!

    @John: The CAPTCHA? It is in English.

  • John

    What about the verification code at the bottom of the registration, my keyboard does’nt have chinese characters?


  • DrCheap

    Not working for me. Tried three time with different email addresses over the past two hours. No emails.

    I follow step 1, click the link, get the email box, follow step 2 and input my email, then click the button.

    A popup warning appears… in Chinese… and I click OK
    A pause and then a second popup appears… in Chinese… and I click OK

    No email ever comes.

    Here are links to the two popups in case someone might be able to translate:

    And just for the record, yes, I have checked my spam box.

  • Roland Loo

    I have on my toy, Panda Cloud Antivirus. She does give a few false readings, but u can restore the neutralized item. I also use their USB Vaccine. Sometimes she does not boot up properly. Still, when I connect to the USB port, she starts up and does her thing. It took me a while to do what u kindly laid out for yet another freebie. Thanks. I will try her later when I redo my system.

  • Thanks Ashraf!. Really appreciate all the work you do.