How to root Nexus 5 Android M MPZ44Q Developer Preview [Guide]

Android 5.0The Android M MPZ44Q Developer Preview is now up for grabs on most of the Google Nexus range of smartphones and tablets. If you have it running on the Nexus 5 handset, you can easily gain rooting privileges by following the guide after the drop.


  • You’ll find this same Developer Preview available for several Google Nexus handsets. Only try this on the Nexus 5 as each require a unique file.
  • You should be running the Android M MPZ44Q Developer Preview before attempting to root it following this guide.


  • You can download the Google USB drivers from our page. As most developers probably already know, you should reboot the Windows PC to get those drivers working.
  • You can enable the USB Debugging Mode by heading to Settings > Developer Options > checking the box for USB Debugging.
  • Don’t have the Developer Options menu available from Settings? No worries. Point to Settings > About Device > tap the firmware build number seven times to unlock it. Now you’ll get the menu from the Settings.
  • Install TWRP Recovery on the Nexus 5.


  1. Download the Despair kernel for Nexus 5.
  2. Download the new SuperSU 2.49 version made for this release.
  3. Do not extract the files from above.
  4. Connect the Google Nexus 5 to the computer with the USB cable.
  5. Transfer both files to the internal storage SD card.
  6. Completely power down the Nexus 5 now by holding in Power for at least 10 seconds before letting go.
  7. Enter recovery mode by holding in the Power along with Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.
  8. You’ll see the Fastboot menu. Hold Volume Down and highlight the recovery mode from the list before pressing Enter.
  9. Since you pre-installed TWRP Recovery before starting the guide here, you are entering that custom recovery image now.
  10. Select install from the TWRP recovery menu and browse for the Despair kernel. Do the same with the SuperSU file. Note that these should not be unzipped at this stage. The smartphone does that for you.

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  1. Jay

    Even if this exploit works, why follow the link to download TWRP, save it in the ADB folder the finally flash CLOCKWORK-TOUCH thru fastboot? Even noobs are well-aware those are different recovery files. This is a perfect example of how-to-not-flash-in-fastboot.

  2. Chris

    Very, very irresponsible to post a howto without trying it first!!!! Had you tried it, you’d know that it won’t work because SuperSU needs to be revised for M. Like Matt said, you will find yourself in a boot loop. Your instructions are definitely going to screw some people over who don’t know what’s going on or how to fix it.