How to speed up Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in 5 easy steps [Tip]

Note 4The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the most recent release of the Note’s series and it’s developed a large user-base. Not all people prefer having a screen that’s larger than the Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone, but some people have other uses where they like the ability to perform tasks often left for tablets on the Galaxy Note 4. Knowing that, it’s important to get the most out of your Sammy Note 4 so you can perform all tasks quickly and efficiently. Here’s some great tips on how to speed up yours:


1. Install Apps

It might sound silly that contributing to more bloatware on your Note 4 can possibly make it faster, but if you download an app such as Greenify it can help a great deal. Greenify’s job is to work out how to make your device run more efficiently by eliminating programs that are using up the resources. You can download Greenify from the Google Play Store.

2.Toggle the Download booster switch on

You might not already know that you have an option from the Settings to toggle on ‘Download Booster’ so that it will download larger files faster. The trick is combining WiFi with LTE networks, which when toggled on, it will do all by itself. Marvelous.

3. Stop using TouchWize and install a different launcher such as Google Now

If you love Samsung’s TouchWiz idea, then you’ll prefer skipping this option. However, if TouchWiz isn’t your thing, you are wise to think about getting rid of it completely. There are many great launchers you can find at the Google Play store that don’t require root access. The Google Now launcher is awesome for speed.

4. Disable Animations from Developer Options

All Android smartphones running a modern OS like KitKat (Android 4.4) or Lollipop (Android 5.0) have a menu called Developer Options. If you don’t see it from your Settings menu, that means you just need to unlock it. Just head to the About Device menu and tap the build number (firmware) seven times. When you start tapping it will let you know how many more times you need to tap so don’t worry if you lost count. Now you will find the Developer Options menu, you just unlocked available from the Settings. Enter it and scroll down until you see “Animation duration scale”. A new menu will pop up and the top option allows you to disable those animations completely. Once done, you’ll have a faster device.

5. Keep Apps up to date

You might hear people always telling you to keep your technology updated. There are numerous reasons why that’s a great idea. Security is at the front of the list. Performance comes in at a close second. By keeping the apps updated you are making sure the app is made to work well with the current version of OS you are running. Generally apps become more efficient as time goes on too, as the developers find ways to better their work. What that said, updating apps isn’t something that usually comes to your device’s display, so you have to go back inside the Play Store to find updated versions. To do that, open up Google Play and select “My Apps.” Now look for the button “Update All” and wait for the apps to update.

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